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Academic essay cultural self awareness and cross cultural team building -


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Academic essay cultural self awareness and cross cultural team building -

  1. 1. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Cultural self awareness and cross cultural team building Cultural self awareness is important factor regarding different aspects of cultural studies and rs to do some sort of business operations. It has its importance due to certain factors that are considered important as it helps us to explore, understand, acknowledge, and value our pe cultural and social background regarding race, ethnicity, social class, gender, rationality, sexual orientation, exceptionality, age, religion, spirituality and language. By recognizing these factors we can understand our culture in a better way and it helps us to use our strategies implement in a certain culture according to the compatibility of the culture. It Pa Increases our awareness about our own learning processes, strengths, weaknesses, successes, failures, biases, values, goals, and emotions. By experiencing our own cultures in relation to others, they are illuminated during cross-cultural interactions. It also helps to understand and respond to areas of conflict and tension when we encounter individuals from unfamiliar de cultures. By these means we can be relax with uncomfortable and new cultures too. Cross culture team can be described as a team whose members are from different cultures, backgrounds, and nations. Due to the globalization, now a day cross cultural teams are ra important in the multinational organizations. There are also certain reasons as there is a large trend for the immigration and the mobility of the labour across boundaries. Requirements forpG the diverse business also lead the organizations to build a cross cultural team. There are certain benefits regarding the cross cultural team development. The cross cultural team building is always important for an organization to identify the diversity within multicultural teams and develop a strategy to manage the group of people or customers from differentTo cultures. When we built a cross cultural team it helps us to explore and appreciate thought processes that occur across cultures by different representative employees from different cultures. It also leads a cross cultural team to the more innovative ideas and unique ideas from different cultural values. That may take an organization to the high level of the success. The diverse employees in a team also help to understand and respect more deeply the cultural values and beliefs of those with whom organization has to come in contact. By these means it is very helpful for an organization to overcome conflicts, discrimination and equal employment opportunity needs. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  2. 2. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY In my last practical life experience, once I have to come across the need of a cross cultural team development. I was working as the marketing manager in a leading company of my area. We expanded our business to the capital of the country, but even after the duration of six months we were unable to get a minor share of the market for our product. After analysis rs of the problem and reverse engineering the strategies of other companies, we found a valid reason. The capital city was with a population that has people from different cultures and countries due to the different embassies and multinational organizations. Similarly there were pe people from all over the country from different provinces with a particular culture. In short the capital city was full of diverse people. So the marketing team of my company develop a strategy to build a cross cultural team. After that a marketing team was established that have Pa diverse employees from different cultures. The development of such team would help us to understand the cross cultural values, needs and attitudes of the people to develop a successful marketing strategy. When this cross cultural team came in action, they considered all the major cultures in the development of the marketing strategy. Such a strategy was developed de that was supportive to all cultural values and was not conflicting to any existing cultures. After the short time of the implementation of the strategy, our company achieved major success in the market. rapGTo GET YOUR WORK DONE BY