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Posizionamento google

  1. 1. Page Ranking And Importance- Web marketing In digital marketing- Page ranking is the most important term and this term is used more frequently. Page ranking is set by the search engine for specific web page of a particular web marketing firm and this page rank is given by Google, posizionamento Google (positioning given by Google). This page rank helps a web page in many factors, such as positioning of website in top ten ranking, page ranking invites many viewers and clients to visit the web page. WHY PAGE RANKING IS IMPORTANT? Page ranking gives importance to a web page, Google emphasizes the approximity of web page that it’s popular or authoritative. Search engines and search results boosts up the website with page ranking as it is important for a website to posizionarsi nei motori di ricerca (position in search engine). Google calculates the page rank; as it has its own formula to calculate the page ranking of a specific website. For any digital / internet and web marketing agency, it is important that his page rank and website is on top and this is solely determined by viewers and visitors. Therefore, it is necessary for website to be attractive and advertise best products. Page ranking is done by search engine optimizers that are through SEO (search engine optimization). SEO services that are search engine optimization; is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines through publicity or unpaid search results. SEO services are offered to the clients (web marketing clients), which helps in ensuring innovative advertisements. SEOs sole purpose is to optimize the digital marketing website for the clients, which fosters the growth of the company. It is said that “being visible on search engines is compared with wider mass drove towards the specific website”. The common SEO service available to clients is ‘keyword search’; the SEO groups / companies review their client’s website and go through the challenge, which the digital company has to face globally and begin the search for suitable keywords. A SEO company pays more interest in their client’s website by distributing press releases and articles to create in-bound links. The search engine optimization drives more traffic to a particular website, which is a part of the link building services through keywords. Articles and press releases can also be provided to other sites for free as part of building quantity back links. This e- marketing (digital marketing) has a string of creative and technical aspects of the internet, including development, design, advertising and sales; it is also known as placement of media along many different stages of the customer engagement cycle through SEM (i.e. search engine marketing), SEO services (i.e. search engine optimization), banner ads on specific websites, email marketing, mobile advertising and many more strategies posizionamento Googleposizionamento Google (positioning given by Google) is very important and leads the business to a wide platform.
  2. 2. SEO is the source of digital marketing, which helps in growing the web access with customers and clients. Page ranking is thus important for every digital marketing company, which is further helped by SEOs.