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Toon Boom Animation Inc.


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Toon Boom Animation Inc., a Corus® Entertainment Inc. company, is the worldwide leader in digital content and animation creation software, delivering products and services online to its global community.

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Toon Boom Animation Inc.

  1. 1. Toon Boom Animation Inc. May 2013
  2. 2. A 2012 Primetime Emmy® Engineering Award Recipient A 2005 Primetime Emmy® Engineering Award Recipient © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 2
  3. 3. A 2013 Ub Iwerks Award Recipient from The International Society of Animated Film – ASIFA-Hollywood © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 3
  4. 4. COMPANY The worldwide leader in digital content and animation creation solutions: - Over 180,000 minutes of animation produced yearly (2012). - Installed base of over 285,500 systems worldwide: New Professional licenses: 18,000/Entry-level licenses: 50,000 in 2012 - Over 7,000 schools teaching using Toon Boom products from elementary to university levels - Presence in 122 countries. - Over 1.8 million unique visitors per year on 80 employees in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa (Canada), Cairo (Egypt), Milan (Italy) and Cape Town (South Africa): - 55% in R&D - 30% in Sales and Marketing - 15% in Administration Worldwide distribution network in the Americas, Asia, Pacific Rim, Africa, Middle East and Europe. Unique patented vector technology implemented in flagship products: - Chosen by the major animation studios i.e. Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, Film Roman, Fox, Alphanim and Nelvana. - Several blockbuster movies and more than 70% of Saturday morning cartoons are done with our proprietary software. © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 4
  5. 5. COMPANY - High-end solutions - Custom development - Industry events - Regular customer visits - Turnkey offerings - Crosscurriculum material - Educational events and workshops © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Industry and Professionals Consumers - Fun apps - Strategic partnerships - Facebook activities - Mommy bloggers outreach programs Education Confidential 5
  6. 6. COMPANY 1994 Founded with the acquisition of TicTacToon, the first and only paperless 2D animation software on the market. 1996 Acquisition of USAnimation. 2000 Release of LightTable and LineTest modules to complete USAnimation and mark the TicTacToon phase-out. 2001 Launch of Toon Boom Studio. 2003 Launch of USAnimation OPUS and Toon Boom Studio Express. 2004 10th Anniversary Celebration and launch of Opus II and Harmony. 2005 Launch of Toon Boom Solo. Toon Boom recipient of the Primetime Emmy® Engineering Award. 2006 Acquisition of Pegs. Toon Boom Studio recipient of an OCTAS 2006, in the Multimedia category. 2007 Launch of Storyboard Pro, Storyboard, Digital Pro and Flip Boom. Toon Boom Storyboard Pro recipient of an OCTAS 2007, in the Technological innovation category. 2008 Flip Boom is a 2008 Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner and a New Canadian Media Award winner in the Excellence in Children’s category. Flip Boom Battat is distributed in Costco Canada and was granted Three Stars, the highest rating by the Canadian Toy Testing Council and a Recommended mention by Protégez-Vous in their 2009 Toy Report. Launch of Animation-ish in partnership with Fablevision and of Toon Boom Animate. © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 6
  7. 7. COMPANY 2009 Acquisition of Cambridge Animation Systems and the Animo product line. Flip Boom is selected as Editor’s Choice by the Children Technology Review. 2010 Flip Boom All-Star is a 2010 Parents’ Choice Silver Award, a NAPPA Honors Award and Tech & Learning Award of Excellence winner. Launch of Toon Boom first app for the iPad: Flipboom Lite 2011 Flip Boom Cartoon and Flip Boom Doodle released in the Mac App Store. Launch of Flip Boom Lite and Flip Boom Draw for the iPad and iPhone. Winner of the HSBC International Business Awards. Flip Boom Classic & Flip Boom All-Star Curriculums winners at the AEP's 2011 Distinguished Achievement Awards and Innovation Award finalist for excellence in educational resources. Toon Boom Studio won Tech & Learning Award of Excellence. 2012 Primetime Emmy® Engineering Award for Storyboard Pro. Frost & Sullivan granted Toon Boom the 2011 Global Animation Software Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award. Toon Boom Studio and Flip Boom All-Star received the 2012 Academics’ Choice Brain Award in the Software category. Toon Boom becomes a Corus® Entertainment company. 2013 The Ub Iwerks Award for the Toon Boom Pipeline from the International Animated Film Society, ASIFA-Hollywood. © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 7
  8. 8. COMMUNITY Strong presence in Social Media: Valuable services: © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 8
  9. 9. TOON BOOM GLOBAL © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 9
  10. 10. COMPANY The lion’s share of our sales comes from Europe, Asia and North America. Growing presence in new regions such as South America, Africa, The Caribbean and the Middle East. 2012 Worldwide Sales Distribution 2011 2010 2009 2008 Asia/Pacific 2007 North America 2006 South America 2005 Europe 2004 Caribbean 2003 Middle East/Africa 2002 Oceania 2001 2000 1999 1998 0% 10% 20% © Toon Boom Animation Inc. 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Confidential 80% 90% 100% 10
  11. 11. COMPANY Over the years, China, Taiwan, Korea, The Philippines, and India have turned out to be major markets for Toon Boom. In addition to acting as leading sub-contracting partners by studios in North America and Europe, they produce content for their respective local markets. 2012 Sales Distribution within Asia 2011 2010 China 2009 2008 India 2007 Korea 2006 2005 Phils./Thailand 2004 2003 Taiwan 2002 2001 Others (i.e. Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan ) 2000 1999 1998 © Toon Boom Animation Inc. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% Confidential 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 11
  12. 12. AWARDS © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 12
  13. 13. COMPANY Critically Acclaimed “The adoption of Harmony technology for production and development, enabled us to increase the quality and expressiveness of our work while remaining cost-effective.” Scott Dyer - Chief Technology Officer, Corus Entertainment, Canada. “I recently used Toon Boom’s Storyboard Pro to storyboard a live-action feature and I was amazed how quickly I was able to board the movie. Plus, I was producing animatics with my boards at the same time!" ,” Mark Simon – President, Animatics & Storyboards, Inc., USA “It was important to me and Aly that our operation be as effi cient as possible. That is why we chose Toon Boom as the way to create a smooth workflow between our three offices. Every individual on our team is also capable of doing many different things. So for example, an animator will design props or backgrounds and vice versa. By being fl exible we adapt quickly to the changing needs of the market.” Shabnam Rezaei - Co-Owner, Big Bad Boo, Canada. “As a studio and a producer, I would not be comfortable doing something this big using Flash. So the decision to use the Toon Boom pipeline was validated by the Animation Director but also by the Executive Producer. We feel safer with everything related to Harmony’s back-ups and centralized library.” André Breitman - Executive Producer, 2DLab, Brazil “Toon Boom Harmony has helped us achieve paperless animation and faster results. We have an entire term training the students in Harmony on how to deliver a concept as final output within deadlines and without compromising on creativity. Toon Boom Storyboard Pro helps animation students to storyboard even live action projects.” Gokul. K - Head of Department, Animation, Whistling Woods International, India. © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 13
  14. 14. CUSTOMERS © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 14
  15. 15. CUSTOMERS Major Studios Major Studios North America Europe US: Fox, Disney, Warner Bros., MGM, Universal, DreamWorks, Film Roman, Bento Box, South Park, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, O Entertainment, Klasky Csupo (Paramount Pictures), Sony Asian-Pacific-Latin AmericaAfrica-Middle East Canada: Nelvana/Corus Ent., Mercury Filmworks, Atomic Cartoons, Cookie Jar, Ubisoft, Big Bad Boo, Yowza Europe: Cromosoma, Imira Entertainment, Hahn Film, Alphanim, LuxAnimation, Xilam, Atlantyca © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential Korea: Emation, RDK, Yeson Animation China: CCTV, Changzhou Animation Base, Golden Bridge Animation Philippines: ToonCity, Cutting Edge, Holy Cow! Animation India: Toonz Animation, DQ Australia/New Zealand: Ettamogah Ent., Flying Bark, Flux Animation Brazil: HGN, 2D Labs, Lightstar, 44Toons Mexico: Batallon52, Animex, EsComic Argentina: Illusion Studios, Metrovision, HookUp! Animation Egypt: Stryx Digital, Cairo Cartoon South Africa: Minds Eye Creative Jordan: Rubicon Post-production Studios Laika Ka-Chew Calabash Red Rover Duck Soup Wild Brain Pascal Blais Studio 15
  16. 16. PRODUCTIONS TV Series Blockbuster movies Commercials Disney: Tron, Stella and Sam, Fish Hooks, Disney: The Princess and the Frog, Winnie the Coke (Quebec) Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Kim Possible, Kick buttkowski, Rescue Heroes, Phineas and Ferb, The Emperor's New School, Lilo & Stitch: The Series, Recess, The Proud Family Fox: The Simpsons, King of the Hill, American Dad, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show MGM: Pink Panther and Pals Nelvana: Detentionaire, Scaredy Squirrel, Sidekick, Spliced, Ruby Gloom, Grossology, 6Teen Cookie Jar: The Doodlebops, Gerald McBoing Boing, Caillou, Paddington The Bear Atlantyca: Geronimo Stilton Alphanim: Robot Boy Kratt Brothers: Wild Kratts Nickleodeon: The Fairly Odd Parents, Maggy and the Ferocious, Jimmy Neutron Beast, SpongeBob Mercury: Toot & Puddle, Jimmie Two Shoes, Yvon of the Yukon, D’Myna Leagues Imira Entertainment: Lucky Fred © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential Pooh Jungle Book 2, Piglet’s Big Movie, 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure, Peter Pan in Return to Never Land, Beauty and the Beast II, Pocahontas II, Lion King II, The Tigger Movie, Little Mermaid II, Recess: School’s Out Alphanim: Santa’s Apprentice Fox: Simpsons The Movie Xilam: Go West – Lucky Luke Animex: La Leyenda de la Nahuala, Nikté Animagix: The Three Robbers Prima Linea: Zarafa Cromosoma: Arrugas Nelvana: Clifford the Big Red Dog, Franklin Nickelodeon: SpongeBob The Movie Mariscal: Chico & Rita Universal: Curious George Warner: Looney Tunes: Back in Action, Power Puff Girls IFW: Tatsumi Armateurs: Les Triplettes de Belleville, Kirikou and the Sorceress Klasky Csupo: Rugrats: The Movie, Rugrats in Paris, The Wild Thornberrys Dreamworks: Joseph: King of Dreams Quaker (Cap’n Crunch) Syngenta (Helix) Spinmaster Toys (Candy Bubbles) Nabisco (Spongebob) Globe Telecom (Charlie’s Angels) Kellog’s Frosted Flakes ADT (Big Bad Wolf) Burger King (Simpsons) Cumberland Farms Kraft Foods (Flinstones) General Mills Wrigley’s Winterfresh Gum 16
  17. 17. © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential
  18. 18. MARKET DATA Animation: A Tried and Tested Genre • The output value of global animation industry has reached US$222.8 billion. • The animation-related derivatives have exceeded US$500 billion. • The animation industry has gradually become a pillar of the national economy and new economic growth engine in some countries. • The global gaming market is likely to be worth $117.9 billion by 2015. © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential Sources: Research and Markets, April 12, 2013 / Transparency Market Research, October 2012 19
  19. 19. MARKET DATA Animation: A Tried and Tested Genre The animation and gaming market will hit $242.93 billion in 2016 from 2010’s $122.20 – that’s a compound annual growth rate of 12.94% (Manila bulletin, October 2012) • One of the few entertainment that transcends all ages • One of the fastest growing industries in the world • Offers longer shelf life ensuring continuous revenue generation in the form of licensing and merchandising • Worldwide Animation Market (2010): Segments Ranked by Revenue Contribution Rank Segments Global Animation Industry (2010): Ranked by Area of Applications Rank Applications 1 2D Animation 1 TV 2 3D Animation 2 Movies 3 Web Animation 3 Advertising 4 Others 4 Corporate Applications Source: Animation Software, A Global Strategic Business Report, by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., October 2011 © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 20
  20. 20. MARKET DATA Region % Share North America 31.8 Asia 27.6 Europe 24.3 Rest of World 16.3 Total Global Distribution of Animation Studios (2010): Percentage Breakdown by Region 100 Technological Capabilities % Share 2D Animation 48.5 Web Animation 21.4 3D Animation 12.6 Special Effects 9.2 Others 8.3 Total World Animation Industry (2010): Percentage Breakdown of Animation Studios by Technological Capabilities 100 © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential Source: Animation Software, A Global Strategic Business Report, by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., October 2011 21
  21. 21. MARKET DATA Current & Future Analysis • • • Worldwide market for animation software, in terms of revenues, is estimated to be $US854.2 million in 2011, as compared to US$753.6 million in 2010. Revenues are projected to total US$2.04 billion by 2017, registering a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.9% over the period 2009-2017. The US represents the largest market for animation software, accounting for a share of about 40% of the global revenues in the year 2010. Revenues for the region are estimated to be $US338.3 million for 2011, and are projected to reach US$769.2 million by 2017, reflecting a CAGR of 13.8% over the period 2009-2017. Asia-Pacific is projected to witness the fastest growth during the period 2009-2017, registering a compounded annual rate of 18.7% for the period. From an estimated US$103.5 million for 2011, revenues from Asia-Pacific animation software market are projected to reach US$296.9 million by 2017. Source: Animation Software, A Global Strategic Business Report, by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., October 2011 © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 22
  22. 22. MARKET DATA Current & Future Trends • Rapid technological advancements combined with large-scale improvements in infrastructure boost revenue generation in the market. • In addition to North America, Asia and Europe, new growing markets include Latin America, Middle East, Africa and The Caribbean. • The surge in demand for animation software results from the increasing proportion of individuals taking up animation as a hobby. • Widespread adoption of animation software across various market verticals is expected to be the driving force for the industry – Increased use in advertising, corporate communications, training and instruction programs, enhanced demand for illustrating and offering support for web pages, growing need to provide effective and interesting animations for video games, and expanding requirements of broadcast and media environment are major contributors. Source: Animation Software, A Global Strategic Business Report, by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., October 2011 © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 23
  23. 23. PARTNERSHIP North America and Europe Strong collaboration with major studios such as Disney, Nelvana, Film Roman, Mercury Filmworks, Alphanim and Bento Box. Development of custom-made technology. Singapore Great implementation of Toon Boom products in the five largest vocational colleges and universities. Animation contest sponsored by Media Development Authority. © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 24
  24. 24. PARTNERSHIP India Local productions getting international success: Hanuman, the feature Three four-part TV feature on Krishna, which is one of the top three shows of 2007 across all Cartoon Network channels. Leading higher education schools training students in animation, such as Whistling Woods, Aptech, Thumbnail School of Animation & Arts and Animaster. Aniguru Animation Ltd, India’s premium training company, has adopted Toon Boom products to impart quality animation education from primary to high school across the Indian subcontinent. Hundreds of studios specialising in animation and gaming. © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 25
  25. 25. PARTNERSHIP Africa Over 50 Studios throughout the continent Projects in Madagascar, Kenya, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana and South Africa. Several training sessions throughout Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. Leading schools adopting Toon Boom products to teach animation, such as AFDA and The Animation School in South Africa as well as Makerere University in Uganda and the Dar es Salaam University in Tanzania. Close collaboration with local Film Commissions and active partners to reach out to rural areas and students. Strong players ramping up, including Sea Monster in Cape Town and Cairo Cartoo in Egypt. © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 26
  26. 26. PARTNERSHIP Latin America First focus on Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia Work closely with local players. Promote studios to large studios i.e. HGN working on Disney feature. Implement Toon Boom curriculum in local animation schools. Additional initiatives in Panama, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Uruguay, Peru. Strong government support to facilitate co-productions and local content production. Examples: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina Major players interested in: Local content production: Jobi (BR), Boogie el aceitoso (AR), La Nahuala, Nikté, Batallón52 (MX), Condorito (CL), … National and international co-production Work for-hire for local studios © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 27
  27. 27. PARTNERSHIP Caribbean Trinidad Full Circle Productions, pioneering studio in Trinidad, University of Trinidad and Tobago adopts Toon Boom products. Barbados A series of master classes and introductory workshops in collaboration with the National Council of Science and Technology. More than 60 animators have been trained. Working closely with the University of West Indies Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination and has a project to set up a Digital Media Learning Center. Caribbean Digital Media Centre is on board with Harmony. Guyana The Brainstreet Group has become the first Harmony installation. Jamaica Ideal Studio and GSW Animation Limited have become the first Harmony installations. Additional initiatives Dominican Republic, Grenada, Suriname,Cuba © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 28
  28. 28. OFFERINGS Custom Workflow Solutions Studios (Production Studios) Professional Animators (Professional Users) Consumer/Prosumer Animators (Artists, Hobbyists, Web Designers, Students, Game Designers, Training Instructors, etc.) Music Healthcare Adult Entertainment Religion Mobile Games Education Television Film © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 29
  29. 29. ENTERPRISE SOLUTION The animation solution for studios and professionals: Work in a single integrated pipeline. Ideal for creating animated episodic and feature-length projects. Powerful tools to support traditional and digital methods Gain 10 up to 20% in production savings Available as a network or stand-alone version © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 30
  30. 30. ENTERPRISE SOLUTION The perfect production tracking system Advanced tool to monitor daily activities, production pace and the state of asset completion Easily accessible via any regular web browser The digital storyboarding software Professional storyboard creation Real-time animatic generation Efficient pre-production management Enjoy up to 25% cost and time savings © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 31
  31. 31. PROFESSIONAL OFFERINGS The high-performance animation software The most complete animation software for professionals High productivity with low operating costs Support by animation experts The easy-to-use animation software The best animation toolset, period Fast ramp-up Perfect for Flash animators An easy addition to the existing arsenal The premiere line testing software Advanced tool to capture, test, draw and animate Great for learning animation principles Real-time playback with sound and camera moves © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 32
  32. 32. CONSUMER OFFERINGS Digital storyboarding for everyone Excellent to start sketching ideas Intuitive and user friendly interface Multi-technique animation software Powerful drawing tools Time-saving lip sync tools Innovative 3D camera and scene planning tools Comic book creation software with Jim Davis Flexible from a 3-panel comic strip to a complete comic book Easy to import visuals and record sound Exclusive Jim Davis Video © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 33
  33. 33. CONSUMER OFFERINGS Animation software for teens Easy import of images and sound Over a 1000 ready-to-animate templates Direct upload to Facebook, YouTube and iTunes Animation software for kids Introduction to traditional animation Fun and easy to use Easy to use software to create comic strips Perfect tool to tell your jokes Library of templates to get started in seconds © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 34
  34. 34. MOBILE OFFERINGS - iOS Flip Boom for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Use your fingertips to doodle, scribble or draw with these friendly apps! Available as a free and premium versions, award-winning software Flip Boom Cartoon makes it easy to create simple smoothlooking animation. © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 35
  35. 35. MAC APP STORE OFFERINGS Drawing tools Voice recording Sound library Connect with family members thru iCloud Export to YouTube, Facebook and iTunes Fun and Easy to Use Animation Software Drawing tools Export to YouTube, Facebook and iTunes (In progress) Exclusive to Japan Drawing tools Voice recording Export to YouTube, Facebook and iTunes © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 36
  36. 36. MOBILE OFFERINGS - ANDROID Featured in Sony Select for Xperia Free © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Free Premium Confidential Premium 37
  37. 37. MOBILE OFFERINGS – WINDOWS 8 © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 38
  38. 38. 2D/3D INTEGRATION Import 3D models and 3D scenes into a unique application. Combine and animate all your 2D and 3D elements into a unified environment. Render them all together! © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 39
  39. 39. STORYBOARD PRO WORKFLOW © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 40
  40. 40. HARMONY WORKFLOW © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 41
  41. 41. WHITE PAPERS 2D-3D Integration Pipelines Gaming Pipeline Cut-out Workflow Tradigital Workflow Traditional Workflow Harmony and your IT Department Harmony and the Art Director Production Considerations © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 42
  42. 42. OFFERINGS More power © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 43
  43. 43. EDUCATION © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 44
  44. 44. EDUCATION Over 7,000 schools and training centres worldwide include TBA products in their curriculum: Canada: Sheridan Institute, Seneca College, Algonquin College, Max The Mutt, Ontario; Cegep de Matane, Cegep du VieuxMontréal, Québec; Vancouver Film School and VanArts, Vancouver; SCETCH, Saskatoon; Alberta College. Korea: Han-Seo University; Kyung Jr. College; Sejong University; Taegu Health College; Hansung University; Dajeon Vocational Training Institute; Sunwoo Academy; Animan; Jungsoo University; Animation High School Singapore: Institute of Technical Education; Nanyang Polytechnic; Republic Polytechnic Taiwan: Chihlee Institute of Technology; Chin Hwa junior high school; Ling Tung College; Shih Hsin University; National Hsinchu University of Education; National Taiwan University of Arts; Tak Ming Institute; Transworld Institute of Technology; Hsiuping Institute of Technology Malaysia: Kolej Kominiti Kuantan, Kolej Kepala Batas, Kolej Komuniti Segarrat Australia: Griffith University USA: ALL Art Institutes; Full Sail University; USC School of Cinematic Arts; UCLA; Academy of Arts College; Columbia College; International Fine Arts College; DeAnza College; Pratt Institute; Skidmore College; Savannah College of Art and Design; Brooks College; Illinois Institute of Art at Chicago, Long Beach Unified School; Edinboro University of Pennsylvania; Rocky Mountain College; Columbus College of Art & Design India: Aptech; Thumbnail School of Animation & Arts; Animaster; Whistling Woods; Aniguru Africa/Middle East: City Varsity; NEMISA; The Animation School; Centre for Fine Art Animation and Design (South Africa); Fusion (Egypt); Princess Sumaya University (Jordan) Europe: Universidad Autonóma de Barcelona (Spain); The Arts Institute at Bournemouth, University of Teesside, National Film and Television School (UK); EMCA, Supinfocom and École Émile COHL (France); University Volda (Norway); Hogeschool Rotterdam (Netherlands); ETIC and Uni. Catolica Portuguesa (Portugal) Latin America: ITESM, UPAEP and UAD (Mexico); Academia Barros Melo, CTAV, Universidad Anhembi Morumbi, Melies Escola de Cinema 3D e Animacao, Alpha Channel, SENAC - Sao Paulo, The Art Academia, Fundaçao de Apoio à Tecnologia, Centro de Estudios Superiores Positivo, Art&Cia Cursos (Brazil); U Las Ameicas, Instituto Sto Tomas, UNIACC (Chile); Corporación de Tecnologías Digitales, Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador); Image Campus (Argentina) Russia: Aptech and VGIK © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 45
  45. 45. CERTIFICATION Why Get Certified? •Validate your skills and knowledge •Open up career opportunities •Boost your credibility within your field •Highlight your resume with a Toon Boom Certificate and logo •Get referred in Toon Boom Certified database © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 46
  46. 46. CERTIFICATION Master By invite only: Products: Storyboard Pro, Storyboard Pro 3D, Harmony Professionals and Instructors with work experience Products: Storyboard Pro, Storyboard Pro 3D, Harmony Professional High School, vocational, college and university students Products: Animate Pro, Storyboard Pro, Storyboard Pro 3D, Harmony Associate © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 47
  47. 47. CERTIFICATION Key Benefits • Receive a 1-year license for the software • Access the Toon Boom Learning Curriculum and teaching resources • Use the Toon Boom Certified Logo • Display your Toon Boom Certified qualification • List your name in the Toon Boom Certified database • Get support for local Toon Boom User Group © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 48
  48. 48. INCUBATOR PROGRAM • Pair participant institutions with award-winning industry leaders who are using Toon Boom Animation products in real world projects. • Deliver a tactical training designed to bridge the gap between industry needs and higher education. • Establish an on-campus Incubator Lab where students can: 1) further the mastery of their skills. 2) explore and learn the skills required in the creation of market-ready products in a real studio environment. © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 49
  49. 49. CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE • Prepare students for careers in the animation, film and media arts industries. • Develop student talent blending traditional artistic development with digital tools. • Complete turnkey package to ensure graduates are market-ready and promoted to leading studios. © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 50
  50. 50. PARTNERING WITH TOON BOOM A consultative technical team Technical expertise Thorough understanding of Animation Production Sensitivity to artists’ demands Adapted in-house and on site Training A partner in production Networking Mentoring Development © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 51
  51. 51. PARTNERING WITH TOON BOOM A company proud of its customer-driven philosophy: Innovating and improving its products, taking into consideration clients’ requirements (55% of employees in R&D). Working closely with its clients. Listening and responding to clients’ needs. A company expert in quality control throughout the production process. A company offering consulting services in production assistance, from pre- to post-production stages. © Toon Boom Animation Inc. Confidential 52
  52. 52. Thank you!