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Proper gutter cleaning


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See the best ways to clean and maintain your home's gutters

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Proper gutter cleaning

  1. 1.
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  3. 3. …make them look like thisin a few easy steps.
  4. 4. Tools for the job… Decent pair ofwaterproof gloves,
  5. 5. A bucket or two, And a hose..
  6. 6. Make sure you have asturdy ladder tall enoughto reach the gutters.
  7. 7. A bucket hanger makesthe job of gutter cleaning a lot less work.
  8. 8. Try a bleach solution of 1 part bleach, 3 parts waterThis is best used in a utility squirt bottleTo treat mildew and gutter stains.
  9. 9. Gutter attachments for your leaf blower can make quick work of the chore.A reconditioned Toroleaf blower can save timeand money!
  10. 10. Clean the debris by handor with gutter cleaningattachments and hoseextensions. This helpsmaintain safety andkeeps your feet firmly onthe ground.Rinse and spray residuefrom the gutters.
  11. 11. Now you are ready to install the snap-ongutter covers to make easy work ofgutter cleaning maintenance.
  12. 12. Finally, check your downspoutsfor debris every seasonand do a little check on thegutters to maintain properwater flow.Visit us at Reconditioned Tools Onlinefor new and reconditioned tools.