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  1. 1. Tool Factory More Musical Monsters Quick Reference Guide Minimize - (Windows Only) Minimize the game to the Windows taskbar. Loop - Play your song as a loop. The Monsters - Each monster has a different musical instrument assigned to it and owns 2, 3, or 4 clouds. Click on each cloud to write a song for your monster to sing. Tempo - Slide the bar up or down to make the tempo faster or slower. Whiteboard Scroller - This button will lower the grid for smaller children. Quit Teacher Controls Save Stop Playback Clear Grid Whiteboard Scroller - Restore the grid to its original position. Save as Midi Load Help Files Save Stop Playback Forward/Rewind Clear Grid Monster Grid - Place the monster clouds into the grid to make your own song. Drag the monster higher or lower in the cell to control the volume of the monster’s tune. Placing the monster in a higher cell makes the tune higher pitched, and a lower cell plays back a lower pitched tune. Cloud Grid - Place notes of different lengths into the cloud grid. Drag to reposition them and drag the notes out of the grid to delete them. Raise and lower the note to make the note louder or quieter. Notes - Notes are 1 to 4 cells long. Click to choose what to place into the cloud grid.
  2. 2. Tool Factory More Musical Monsters Recording Your Own Sound Clips 1. Select the Teacher Controls on the left-hand side of the screen. When in the pop-up menu, select the Monster of your choice to have his song be your recording. Click on the “sounds” bar next to your monster and go to the bottom of the pop-up menu to choose “Sound Sample”. 2. Return to the Monster Grid and click on one of the clouds belonging to the monster you have assigned “Sound Sample” to. This will open a Sound Sample Cloud Grid like the one shown on the right. 3. You can record your own sounds in this cloud. After setting up your microphone, click the “record” button and record your voice or other sound into the microphone. 4. Click on “stop” to stop the recording. Recordings can’t be longer than the length of the Cloud Grid size being used by other monsters . 5. If you want to access the sample sounds provided on the disk, open the folder Sound Samples on the disk. You can also download other sounds that you have saved as .wav files. 6. After recording a sound adjust the pitch by sliding the Pitch Slider up and down. The lower the pitch the slower you will sound. 8. After recording your sound, click the check button to close your cloud and return to the Monster Grid . Drag your Sound Sample Cloud into the Monster Grid , as shown to the right. 7. Play your sound clip to check how it sounds by pressing the playback button. If you don’t like how it sounds, press the clear grid button and start over again.