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Tassia W Portfolio

  1. 1. Self Branding 5 Address Place Sometown EH11 EE1 t:0765432100
  2. 2. Thistly Cross Cider Rebrand en Fruit F en Fruit F en Fruit F hav ar hav ar hav ar el m el m el m B B B Thistly Cross Thistly Cross Thistly Cross ‘Strong and Scottish’ ‘Strong and Scottish’ ‘Strong and Scottish’ ‘Strong and Scottish’ Original Cider Strawberry Cider ginger Cider 7.2% vol 4.0% vol 4.0% vol
  3. 3. Bijou Cinema Branding, Stationery & Flyers Dear sir/Madam, Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas nunc eros, inter- dum sed ullamcorper non, tincidunt at nisi. Quisque vel bibendum quam. Morbi cursus porta turpis eget sagittis. Praesent justo odio, accumsan convallis aliquam euismod, rutrum et orci. Pellentesque eu tincidunt velit. Praesent in dui est, quis condimentum justo. Proin tristique elit sit amet arcu vehicula ullamcorper. Phasellus leo ipsum, lobortis in molestie at, suscipit et enim. Proin semper nibh vitae enim consectetur interdum. Vestibulum fringilla ornare mi nec vehicula. Proin bibendum magna non velit viverra accumsan. Nulla sit amet nisl arcu. Mauris fermentum convallis lorem, et suscipit metus convallis non. Integer ac dolor dolor, ac porta ipsum. Nullam imperdiet, nibh sit amet molestie congue, risus massa sagittis velit, a molestie diam arcu et augue. Sed ut ipsum ut elit fringilla tempus at cursus orci. Nullam arcu ipsum, adipiscing id auctor quis, interdum id odio. Proin sodales convallis quam a convallis. Praesent sodales, enim ut consequat mattis, mauris turpis blandit ligula, eu ornare libero ipsum aliquet risus. Donec fermentum, justo sed malesuada eleifend, risus libero adipiscing neque, quis pharetra lectus dolor sed lacus. Nullam dapibus sagittis felis eu auctor. Nam metus elit, feugiat vitae sodales non, pellentesque at ante. Duis venenatis sagittis diam, posuere scelerisque massa vestibulum a. Cras luctus, metus eu feugiat ultricies, metus diam feugiat turpis, ut tempor tellus diam vel nisi. Nulla augue nisl, lobortis in sollicitudin ac, iaculis a felis. Integer vitae justo magna. Integer ut neque purus, cursus lacinia nulla. Proin urna massa, egestas ut sollicitudin sed, posuere sit amet enim. Sed tincidunt tempus viverra. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Nulla ut velit at enim feugiat rhoncus. Sed nec ligula nec erat dignissim dictum eu sed nisi. Nullam laoreet, ligula vel hen- drerit gravida, purus lectus commodo massa, in porttitor orci dolor in nisi. Donec in ligula urna, at iaculis tortor. Yours Faithfully, Tassia Woodger
  4. 4. Magazine covers
  5. 5. Neighbourhood Watch leaflet for Lothian & Borders Police “ ”“ ” NORTH EDINBURGH SAFER Having problems with Having problems with NEIGHBOURHOOD ENVIRONMENTAL ANTISOCIAL TEAM issues? behaviour? North Edinburgh Safer Neighbourhood Contact Contact NORTH COMMMUNITY SAFETY TEAM Granton Jan Grant Team is a collection of di erent groups NORTH ENVIRONMENTAL WARDENS janet.grant@edinburgh.gov.uk which work together to help you deal City of Edinburgh Council City of Edinburgh Council with local issues 8 West Pilton Gardens 8 West Pilton Gardens West Pilton John Mainland EH4 4DP EH4 4DP john.mainland@edinburgh.gov.uk t: 0131 529 5050 t: 0131 529 5050 We include Youth issues Janice Russell • North Community Safety Team Antisocial behaviour is any behaviour that janice.russell@edinburgh.gov.uk Environmental issues are ones that make (antisocial behaviour) a mess of the area you live in. This can causes you fear, alarm and/or distress. • North Environmental Wardens include littering, dog fouling, business Our team take reports of antisocial (environmental issues) waste and abandoned vehicles. behaviour in the neighbourhood and • Forth Safer Neighbourhood Team Our team works jointly with police, DVLA investigates them. We may work with the (community issues) and other council departments police to do this. We give out penalty notices for minor tackle antisocial behaviour. o ences, and report more serious o ences to the Procurator Fiscal. If antisocial behaviour is proven we can take action on the people and household LOTHIAN AND BORDERS FIRE AND RESCUE We want to We also advise the public, commercial responsible. • Spend more time in your community businesses and schools. We deal with council tenants, private lets • Reduce antisocial behaviour Working together in the North and owner occupiers. Neighbourhood area to: • Reduce the fear of crime area are: • Improve your quality of life your area are: • Team Leader • Mark Bannon Team Leader mark.bannon@edinburgh.gov.uk Kirsty Rodger For a free Home Fire Safety visit, or you have any questions regarding Senior Warden Kevin Jones Muirhouse: Alan Bellett Crewe Toll or kevin.jones@edinburgh.gov.uk alan.bellett@edinburgh.gov.uk freephone 0800 169 0320.
  6. 6. Modern Robert Burns Interpretation
  7. 7. Glayva Liqueur - Advertising MIX IT UP the best liqueur in the world tm
  8. 8. Glayva Liqueur - Advertising the ability to mix the drink in cocktails to a younger audience
  9. 9. Glayva Liqueur - Advertising the ability to mix the drink in cocktails to a younger audience
  10. 10. Illustration