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Movie title sequence review

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Movie title sequence review

  1. 1. Movie title sequenceThor (Action)0:16There are dark grey clouds to denote that there will be a storm. This could connotethat with this story about the Greek god Thor, god of thunder there is anger or conflictalong with this being above the ocean, which is rule by Perciden. This shows thatthere may be a battle between the gods. The ocean is also ruff, which shows thatshows that this will be a difficult time and not be calm. The word ‘Thor’ is in a woodthis give a Viking affect along with the way that the word has been built. The rainsignifies unhappiness between the clouds and the ocean.The music is slow pace and medium pitch with the sound of horns to accompany thesound of thunder to give the impression of battle with a Viking theme. The word is in the centre of the shot to show that Thor is the main aspect of this filmas well, along with the word Thor being brought to the for ground signifies that hisimportance is increasing.0:23This then fades into darkness for a few seconds to build tension while the music isstill playing to assist with the tension.0:30The darkness quickly goes into a picture of Thor with the main aspect being hishammer that he is holding. This signifies that the hammer is of great importance toThor because he is holding up high and also of great importance to the story becauseit the first thing that is shown to the audience.
  2. 2. The camera then pans down to show the head of Thor as he looks up to his hammer;this further signifies the importance of the hammer because a god is looking up at it.Thor is also showing no emotion, this show that the character Thor is a seriousperson.0:38This picture then fades out to show another image of Thor battling a large, muscularopponent, wit Thor in the fore ground; this show that Thor is of greater importancethan is opponent. Thor’s hammer is surrounded by lightning to connote the hammerspower.0:59The picture then fade to a person in full armor with a sinister look created by his headbeing tilted forwards and shadows on his face and a smirk, this is also done with hison helmet having horns. This show that he will be the main villain in the story.1:36The red cape shows that Thor is a hero this also shows that he has a passion for whathe does. There are also gold circles on his armor to show he is of high value.
  3. 3. Grease (musical/Romance)0:03The radio shows the genre of the film is music and by having the radio as a cartoongives the radio a friendly impression. Also by having the radio pulsate shows the ideathat the music is so loud that it is having a physical affect on the radio by making itchange shape.0:06This shows the person in this scenes personality, the mess signifies that the person isunorganized and stereotypically a student. The uniform on the end of the bed alsoshows that the person is a student. The use of vinyl disks under the radio shows thatthe time period this was set in is the 1970’s.0:54This scene show a contrast to the last character personality by showing no messaround the room. And the characters hair is already neat before she leaves her bed.The bed also has frame work to signify that the person is of high class. The use ofthese two characters being shown one after another shows the main story will beabout these two people.1:46
  4. 4. This scene shows the average main plot male in the film. The leather jackets, jeansand chain shows the fashion of this type of person by signifying a cool appearanceand the use of having their hair and clothes the same shows that this was the fashiontrend of this period.Shaun of the dead (Horror/Comedy)0:00The close up shot shows that this is the main character in the story and is also used tohighlight the emotion on his face. The background shows the bar of a pub , this showsthat it is set in modern times and that this is the location that the character is mostlyassociated with.0:13 The use of a pan shot show that all of the people in this scene are female and all havethe same absence of emotion to give the idea that they are already zombie like. All ofthe people are also carrying out the same action at the same time with no change inemotion; this signifies that some of them fell trapped in their current position. The useof balloons are use to contrast against the lack of emotion because balloons areusually associated with celebration.0:19
  5. 5. The use of three business people simultaneously using their phones to check the timeshows that business people like to be well organized and punctual. This scene alsocontinues the feel that these people are already similar to zombies in the sense that allof these actions are automatic and that very little thinking goes into these actions.0:22This scene shows a group of teenagers walking down a street. The use of hoodedjackets and jumpers allows the audience to identify these people as being teenagersbecause of the stereotype that all teenagers wear hoods and look scruffy.This scene also continues the theme of zombies by waking the group all walk on thesame direction aimlessly while nodding at the same time.Star wars (sci-fi)0:02In opening of the title sequence there is only this line of text with no back ground, thismeans that all of the audience’s attention will be on the text that has been placed atthe centre of the screen. The use of the words ‘in a galaxy far, far away’ allows theaudience to imagine what might be possible outside of our own galaxy and not tocompare it to our own. The use of the line ‘a long time ago’ shows that this is whathas already happened and that this is being shown as some telling us a story. The useof the ellipsis shows that there this piece of text will continue to tell the story.0:08
  6. 6. After the first section of text fade out the words ‘star wars’ enters the screen from thesides and begins to move towards the background. By this being the only piece of textas the music begins suggests that this is the title of the film. This also shows that thiswill be the main point of interest in the film. The use of font shows that this film willappear to be futuristic this is a contrast to the original piece of text that said ‘a longtime ago’.After the words ‘star wars’ have faded out into the background a long list of textbegins to scroll in from the bottom, this is used as narration. There is no voice overfor the narration to make the audience read the text themselves and help get themengrossed in what is happening. There is still no background to make sure that theaudience’s attention will be fixed on the scrolling text. The use of the narration givethe film the feel that this is a story being told because it has already happened andthis also allows the audience to know what has happened in the previous films. Thewords ‘A new hope’ are larger than the rest of the text to show that this is the title ofthe film.1:32On the text has faded into the background the blackness begins to have stars appear,this allows the audience to know where the film is set and the set the genre of sci-fi.This also make the audience feel like they are gazing into the stars and along with thechange of music for the scrolling text to this part where the music has slowed down intempo helps give a calming feel to the audience.

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