Ethp Explaination Summary


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Heat pumps need to be explained. Hopefully this might help.

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Ethp Explaination Summary

  1. 1. Sophisticated yet simple. Ecotec heat pumps lift heat from low-temperature renewable sources (air, ground or water), to a high useful temperature. Ecotec heat pumps are unique because of their ability to upgrade low-temperature heat to useable heat. Low-temperature heat. Simply put these are naturally found in the air we breathe and the ground - just below the surface. These natural heat sources are continually replenished by the sun and rainfall, year in, year out. It never ends. Useable heat. This is the heat we all need to keep warm in the winter and to wash and bathe with (domestic hot water). Ecotec heat pumps utilise the inexhaustible energy resource stored in the air and the ground below our feet. These natural resources permanently regenerate themselves through solar irradiation, rainfall and the earth's heat. If it is not used; it just sits there as it has done for millions of years. The potential is truly limitless. Every single square metre of the earth surface receives 1100-1200 kW of solar energy every year. Ecotec heat pumps utilise this free energy to maximum effect and with a very high degree of efficiency: 25% electrical energy 75% free renewable heat One quarter of electrical power extracts three quarters of free environmental energy. That means: three quarters of the useful heat costs nothing at all! (c) Ecotec Heat Pumps Ltd.
  2. 2. Your options: Why choose an Ecotec heat pump? Why not keep your existing oil-boiler or gas boiler? Good questions. If energy prices were as low as 15 or 20 years ago, we could recommend you keep them. However, one thing is for certain, energy prices are high. The following table is designed to help your decision making process. The boilers shown represent 98.5% of heating in UK residences. A ‘typical’ 3- bedroom house has been used for this comparison. So, let us say you currently need £1000 (£19.24 per week) to run your gas-boiler this year, an Ecotec heat pump will only cost you £310 (£5.96) by direct comparison. You also reduce your CO2 emissions by 30%. Saving you money and saving the planet at the same time. The efficiency column. A gas- The input energy column. Heat boiler is 15% more efficient than pumps consume 69% less energy an oil-boiler. This means only 5% than either a gas or electric-boiler of your heat is ‘lost’ compared to and 74% less than an oil-boiler. 20% ‘lost’ with an oil-boiler. Type Heat Efficiency Input Specific CO2 Annual CO2 demand (%) Energy emissions (kg emissions (kg) (kWh) (kWh) CO2/kWh) Oil-fired boiler 15000 80 18750 0.274 5138 Gas-fired boiler 15000 95 15790 0.202 3189 Electric boiler (EU 15000 95 15790 0.472 7454 electricity mix 2005) Electric heat pump SPF=3 15000 300 5000 0.472 2360 Electric heat pump SPF=6 15000 600 2500 0.472 1180 Electric heat pump, 15000 300 5000 0 0 electricity from renewable Source - International Energy Agency (IEA) SPF=3 is typical of heat pumps today SPF=6 represents efficiencies that are on their way Average European CO2 emission of 0.47kg CO2/kWh for electricity generation. EU Energy in figures, Residential properties. In the UK, with a moderate to cold climate, residential buildings with an Ecotec heat pump will have a truly energy-efficient way of heating and hot-water with low emission levels. Commercial buildings. Space heating and cooling are two vital elements for creating comfort in the work environment. An Ecotec heat pump provides both heating and cooling whilst providing considerable savings in running costs. (c) Ecotec Heat Pumps Ltd.
  3. 3. In the UK Heat pumps could save 50% off the buiilldiing sector’’s totall CO22 emissions, and 5% 50% o the bu d ng sector s tota CO2 5% off the iindustriiall sectors.. o the ndustr a sectors What does that mean? 1.8 BILLION TONNES OF CO2 PER YEAR COULD BE SAVED BY USING HEAT PUMPS. This corresponds to almost 8% of the TOTAL GLOBAL CO2 EMISSIONS! An 8% reduction in CO2 emissions is equal to:  Reducing petrol consumption by 780,000,000 litres or,  Taking 52 million cars off the road or,  Planting 50 million hectares of trees (England is 124 million hectares, Wales 20 million!) Eco Tec Heat Pumps Ltd Unit 4 Pennygillam Industrial Estate Launceston PL15 7ED 01566-779869 (c) Ecotec Heat Pumps Ltd.