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Arbonne Discover Arbonne


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Arbonne Discover Arbonne

  1. 1. Discover ArbonnePure. Safe. Beneficial.
  2. 2. Our Vision and LegacyIt all began with PetterMØrck’s passion for thebeauty and perfection found only in nature andScience.Its all about quality.The Arbonne Advantage is quality in: Our products PetterMØrck Our business model Our Founder Our people Our opportunityPure. Safe. Beneficial.
  3. 3. Who We Are A Proud Swiss Heritage Arbonne is a highly regarded Ultra Premium company with a strong 33 year Swiss heritage. A Life Changing Experience The Arbonne experience starts with changing your skin, health, and then it’s about changing your life. More Choices, More Possibilities We are a company of people who are here to offer you an opportunity to have more choices and more possibilities in your lifePure. Safe. Beneficial.
  4. 4. Our Home Office Team Kay Napier StianMØrck Dr. Peter Matravers Our CEO Managing Director Our Master Formulator Carrying on his father’s legacyPure. Safe. Beneficial.
  5. 5. Our Products: We have over 360 products. Botanically based Certified Vegan pH correctOur safe formulations contain: NO parabens, NO sulfates, NO PABA NO hormone-altering chemicals NO toxins or formaldehyde NO artificial color or sweeteners NO cholesterol or trans fats NO dairy, soy or whey NO Mineral Oil, NO Animal By-Products Pure. Safe. Beneficial.
  6. 6. Visible ResultsPure. Safe. Beneficial.
  7. 7. Turning an Expense into IncomeWe teach people how to re-direct the money they are already spending on personalcare products to our pure, safe and beneficial products. It’s really that simple! STOP STOP • Buying personal care, health & wellness products from retailers • Giving your money to stores who don’t pay you a commission for referrals START START • Buying superior products at a discount from yourself • Getting paid an override/commission for recommending them to others • Having products conveniently delivered to your door TEACH TEACH • Teaching others to do the samePure. Safe. Beneficial.
  8. 8. Our Business Model: A Smarter Way to ShopAt retail stores, 80% of your money goes toward marketing, packaging and shipping(Source: Paul Zane Pilzer, leading economist) TRADITIONAL RETAIL Manufacturer Wholesaler Warehouser Advertisers Retailer NETWORK MARKETING CONSUMER Manufacturer Arbonne Independent ConsultantBenefits of Network Marketing• marketing and distributing a product via ‘word of mouth’• effective distribution system• flexible• ownership• lifestyle choice Pure. Safe. Beneficial.
  9. 9. Smart Business Decision Direct Sales Consumable Internet Marketplace Person to Products Driven Demand person, Products we Do business Products and educational use daily and anywhere, opportunity experience reorder anytime for every generation Global Rise of New Established The Power Expansion Businesses & Thriving of Time People seek Health & Leverage choices and Wellness flexibility MarketPure. Safe. Beneficial.
  10. 10. Our System for SuccessWe expand Arbonne’s market share by connecting with people through:1. Group presentations – six or more each month2. Personal consultations (one on one’s)3. Purposeful business appointments4. Tester kit drop offs and sample packs Following the system enables you to:  Meet new people – clients, preferred clients and business partners  Book business activities (group presentations and appointments)  Sell products  Earn while you learn  Leverage your time by building a team through duplication Pure. Safe. Beneficial.
  11. 11. The Power of Time Leverage (RESIDUAL income)Building a Network of BB Build a team along Consumers buying the way. personal care Co- products. Worker Target for success: 6. BB C A friend BB You Neighbo C r (115) BB C ReferralPure. Safe. Beneficial.
  12. 12. Support and Encouragement for SuccessOur Team Provides Arbonne Home Office ProvidesSystem for Success Products & PricingTraining and coaching Research& DevelopmentLocal and regional events ManufacturingRewards and recognition Marketing and literatureTeam support & encouragement Back office support (online, customer service & warehouse) Compensation plan, tracking and payment All regulatory oversight Incentives and recognitionPure. Safe. Beneficial.
  13. 13. Generous and Unlimited Compensation 7 Avenues of Income: 1. Retail Profit 2. Bonuses 3. Override commission 4. Monthly campaigns & incentive programs 5. Travel opportunities 6. Mercedes-Benz bonus program 7. Life insurance opportunities (at NVP level) Position Level Average Monthly Override Income Average Time to Position District Manager $240 avg up to $1,500+ 1-5 months Area Manager $1,200 avg up to $3,000+ 5-11 months Regional Vice President $5,000 avg up to $8,000+ 1-3 years National Vice President $21,500 avg to unlimited potential 3-5 yearsPure. Safe. Beneficial.
  14. 14. Three Ways to Win with Arbonne 1 2 3 As a Client As a Preferred Client As a Consultant (retail customer) (save) (earn) Enjoy products at the  $20 join fee  $79 join fee standard retail price  enjoy at least 35% discount  enjoy at least 20% discount off of the standard retail price off of the standard retail price on all products on all products  Share your discount with  unlimited income potential friends and family  Mercedes-Benz program  personal growthPure. Safe. Beneficial.
  15. 15. Where do you see yourself?Pure. Safe. Beneficial.
  16. 16. This is a Business Like Any Other: This presentation was created by an Arbonne Independent Consultant for Independent Consultants and is not official materials prepared by Arbonne LLC. **There are no guarantees regarding income, and the success or failure of each independent consultant, like any other business, depends on each independent consultant’s own skills and personal effort. You should not rely on the results of other consultants as an indication of what you should expect to earn. Arbonne is a product-driven company that strongly encourages consumers to use its products before attempting to build a business. Arbonne publishes a summary of quarterly commissions that are paid to Arbonne independent consultants. This information is updated annually and can be viewed online at You can also obtain a copy of Arbonne’s most recent independent consultant compensation summary by calling Arbonne in the USA at 1.800.Arbonne or if in Australia 1800 650 760 or if in the UK 0800 977 5721 For complete program and incentive details, refer to the ArbonneSuccessplan and policy & procedures manual. All currency is represented in U.S. Dollars.This presentation was created by Arbonne International, Inc. Independent Consultants