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2010 Totems Call for Entry                                                                                                ...
2010 Totems Call for Entry                                                                                                ...
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Totems Award Categories                                                                                                   ...
Totems Award Categories                                                                                                   ...
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PRSA Totem Awards Call for Entry


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The Totem Award competition is open to all public relations and marketing professionals in the region, PRSA members and nonmembers alike.

Each entry is judged on its own merits, with Totem Awards and Certificates of Excellence being awarded in twenty-four categories and multiple sub categories. Additionally, there’s the Best of Show, People’s Choice and Young Professional Awards announced at the gala.

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PRSA Totem Awards Call for Entry

  1. 1. leaving A Legacy 2010 PRSA TOTEM AWARDS Call for entry Submissions due October 16, 2009
  2. 2. 2010 Totems Call for Entry 2 General Guidelines are scored on a point system with a maximum of 100 points. For more details on how entries are scored, see the judging score sheet/ The Totem Awards honor the best work of communications profes- program categories at http://www.prsapugetsound.org/awards- sionals in Washington State and are sponsored annually by the judging.html Puget Sound chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. Totem Awards recognize professional excellence and ingenuity in more than 24 categories, covering both public relations components Program Category and programs. Program Category entries are judged on the basis of research, planning, execution and evaluation, as presented in the PRSA In addition to the individual category awards, special accolades universal accreditation program. include the Best of Show, Young Professional Awards and the annual People’s Choice Award, to be selected from a field of three Points are awarded as follows: finalists by attendees of the 2010 Totem Awards banquet. • 20 points for research This year’s awards will recognize public relations practices that are • 30 points for planning truly legendary. The public relations landscape and toolkit are ever- evolving and the Totem Awards will showcase those tactics and • 20 points for execution programs that should be emulated. • 30 points for evaluation Eligibility Component Category The Totem Awards competition is open to all public relations and Component Category entries are judged on the basis of research/ marketing professionals in the region, PRSA members and non- planning, implementation / execution and evaluation. Public Relations members alike. Components are individual program tactics that will be judged primarily on effectiveness in supporting a program goal or communi- Work entered in the Program Category may span both 2008 and cating a program message. 2009 to allow time for evaluation and demonstration of measurable results. Points are awarded as follows, The bulk of the work for Component Category entries must have • 25 points for research/planning been completed during calendar year 2009 (exceptions may be • 50 points for implementation/execution granted in advance at the discretion of the Totem Awards committee). • 25 points for evaluation Entry Deadline Planning for your entry Entries must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, Be sure to carefully select the most appropriate category for your October 16, 2009 (no exceptions will be granted). See http:// entry. Keep in mind: www.prsapugetsound.org/awards-totem.html for details. • Works may be entered in one category only. Judging Criteria • The number of entrants per category does not affect judging results. Each entry is judged on its own merits. Each entry will be reviewed and scored by at least two judges from the Houston, Texas PRSA chapter. If the judging scores vary by more • Entries may be disqualified if they have been incorrectly than 12 points, a third judge will be brought in and the scores averaged. The research and evaluation portions of the entries are judged first. Call for entry. categorized. Entrants are encouraged to describe the research and evaluation Preparing your entry Submissions due October 16, 2009 phases as fully as possible to earn the score their work deserves. The following items are required for a complete Totem Award submission: Each entry is judged on its own merits. You’re competing only • Entry form (three copies) against yourself, except in the top award categories. There can • Entry fee be multiple Totem Awards and multiple Certificates of Excellence awarded in each category - or none. • Self-addressed, stamped envelope • Two-page summary Point System for Judging • Supporting materials in a 2” binder Entries in both the Program Category and Component Category • Submitted by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 16
  3. 3. 2010 Totems Call for Entry 3 Entry Form: • Video entries must be in VHS or DVD format, cued to the most representative five minutes and submitted in a sealable pocket For each entry, complete an entry form and make two extra copies page inside the binder. of the form (a total of three copies). • CDs must be submitted in a sealable pocket page inside 1) Attach to the outside of the binder the binder. 2) Enclose as the first page in your binder • Slides and 3D objects are not allowed. If materials do not fit 3) Clip inside the front cover of your binder along with your pay- inside the binder, submit photographs. ment and a self-addressed, stamped envelope (for return of your To view award-winning entries, see http://www.prsapugetsound. judging sheets after the Totem Awards banquet). org/awards-entry.html. Entry Fees (payable to PRSA Puget Sound Chapter): Remember the Deadline! • PRSA members: $75 All entries must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. Friday, (Project lead must be PRSA member) October 16, 2009—no exceptions. Drop off location details at • Nonmembers: $95 http://www.prsapugetsound.org/awards-totem.html. • Full-time students: $30 Failure to follow these instructions may result in low scores or disqualification and forfeiture of your entry fee. Note: If you pay for more than one entry with a single payment, attach a list to the payment clearly indicating the title, category, and project lead name and company of each entry. Learn More about Winning a Totem Award Two-page Summary: To aid you in preparing your entry, see http://www.prsapuget- • Summaries may be no longer than two typed pages and printed sound.org/awards-entry.html for the following resources: in no smaller than 10-point type; please include this piece in the front of your binder. • Totem Awards entry tips • You will be automatically disqualified, and your entry fee • Two-page sample summaries from winning entries forfeited, for any summary of more than two pages or type • Judging instructions smaller than 10 point. • Judges’ scoring sheets • Summaries should address research, planning, execution, and evaluation. Questions About Your Entry? • The two-page summary is one of the most important elements Contact Totem Awards committee co-chairs: to aid the judges in evaluating the merits of your work. Melissa Duque at meli.duque@gmail.com or Supporting Materials: (562) 537- 5198 • Place your entry in a standard-size, three-ring binder Tonya Gustafson at tonya.gustafson@yahoo.com or (no more than 2” spine) (206) 384-5252. • Label the front of the binder with name of the entrant, company, entry title, and category. Text only - no other decorative Call for entry. Awards Gala: Celebrate with friends and colleagues, take home2009 Submissions due October 16, your Totem elements are allowed on the binder. Binders with anything other than text will be automatically disqualified. and award-worthy binder! The gala location will be announced in • Component entries may be submitted in portfolio-type folders if October 2009. all entry elements are effectively contained—no loose, unidentified pieces. • Written materials must be on 8.5” x 11” paper or paper folded to those dimensions. Avoid items that hang over the edges of the binder or take additional space.
  4. 4. Totems Award Categories 4 I. PUBLIC RELATIONS COMPONENTS C-2 Newsletters (Categories A through J) C2-a One to Two Colors Each entry must include an entry summary of no more than 2 typed C2-b Three or More Colors pages, at 10-point type or larger (entries with summaries longer than 2 pages will be disqualified) and supporting materials. Be sure to D. Special publications include these elements: One-time components published for a special audience (other than • Research/Planning— situation and research media), event, or purpose. • Implementation/Execution— budget, challenges/solutions, D-1 Brochures evidence of strong project management and quality of piece D-2 Direct Mail • Evaluation/Effectiveness— whether objective was met, use of D-3 Advertising resources, quantifiable results D3-a Print A. Writing D3-b TV (submit on VHS) An original single article, speech or series. Note: for news writing, D3-c Radio (submit CD/DVD and script) see Category I. D-4 Posters A-1 Scripts D-5 Books A1-a Audio A1-b Video/Film E. Visual Presentations Video, slide, and film entries must be converted to a VHS format. A-2 Technical Writing E-1 Videos A-3 Speech Writing (submit final in author’s name) E-2 Slide or Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations A-4 Feature Writing A-5 Editorials/Op-Ed Columns F. Emerging Technologies A-6 Public Service Announcements Web sites for internal or external use. (Web) blogs and all other internet-based communications are accepted. B. Internal Publications F-1 Internet (submit URL and sample screen shots) For periodicals, submit three consecutive issues. F-2 Intranet (submit screen shots and appropriate links) Note: for “E-Zines” see Category F. F-3 “E-Zines”/Other On-line Publications B-1 Magazines F-4 Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) B1-a One to Two Colors B1-b Three or More Colors G. Multicultural Communications B-2 Newsletters Any periodical, brochure, promotional flyer, newsletter, video pre- B2-a One to Two Colors B2-b Three or More Colors Call for entry. sentation, or public service announcement for non-native audience. H. Annual Reports October 16, 2009 Submissions due B-3 Handbooks/Manuals For external or internal audiences reporting on the previous year’s activities. C. External Publications H-1 For Profit For periodicals, submit three consecutive issues. Note that “E-Zines” see Category F H-2 Non-Profit C-1 Magazines C1-a One to Two Colors C1-b Three or More Colors
  5. 5. Totems Award Categories 5 I. Media Relations Components I-1 News Releases (print) THE BEST OF THE BEST... I1-a Consumer Media Think you’ve got the goods to be the best of the best? Entrants may I1-b Trade Media also be eligible for the following awards: I1-c Business/Financial Media Best of Show Award I-2 Bylined Articles The Best of Show winner, chosen by the PRSA chapter judging the I2-a Consumer Media Totem Awards, is drawn from a field of top entries submitted in the I2-b Trade Media Public Relations Programs categories K through X. The winner’s entry fee for the national PRSA Silver Anvil Awards is paid by the PRSA I2-c Business/Financial Media Puget Sound Chapter—a value of up to $325! I-3 Media Kits I-4 Video News Releases (submit VHS) Young Professional Award I-5 Audio News Releases (submit CD/DVD) The Young Professional Award, selected by the PRSA chapter judging the Totem Awards, is given to a professional with three or fewer years I-6 Public Service Announcements of experience whose performance has taken him or her to the highest I6-a TV (submit VHS and script) level of professionalism on an entry submitted in the Public Relations I6-b Radio (submit CD/DVD and script) Programs categories K through X. All young professionals are eligible for this award providing they were the lead person on the project sub- I6-c Print (with script) mitted. Please note your young professional eligibility on your entry form. J. Communications Audits People’s Choice Award To evaluate the effectiveness of communications among The People’s Choice Award, which will be selected from a field of internal and/or external audiences. three finalists by attendees of the Totem Awards banquet. The award will honor the public relations campaign that excels in creativity despite II. PUBLIC RELATIONS PROGRAMS having limited resources (such as time, budget or staff.) Was your (Categories K through X) deadline pushed up by a client, causing you to re-work your whole campaign and still pull it off successfully? Did your campaign garner Each entry must include an entry summary of no more than six-course results on a fast food budget? Or was your successful 2 typed pages, at 10-point type or larger (entries with campaign for that multi-million dollar corporation completed solely by summaries longer than 2 pages will be disqualified) and you? If you believe that your campaign qualifies for this award, please supporting materials. Be sure to include these elements: include an explanation as to why you are eligible in 25 words or less, along with your binder, and note your application on your entry form. • Research/Planning—situation and research • Implementation/Execution—budget, challenges/ solutions, evidence of strong project management and quality of piece • Evaluation/Effectiveness—whether objective was met, use of resources, quantifiable results K-3 K-4 Call for entry. Government Associations/Non-Profit Organizations Submissions due October 16, 2009 K. Community Relations L. Institutional Programs To enhance relationships, improve cooperation, and advance an To affect an organization’s stature, reputation, or relationship(s) with objective in a community. “Community” in this category refers to its publics or key elements of its publics. a specific geographic location or locations. Campaigns designed to promote products should be entered in Marketing Consumer L-1 Business/Manufacturing Products or Services. L-2 Business/Services K-1 Business/Manufacturing L-3 Government K-2 Business/Services L-4 Associations/Non-Profit Organizations
  6. 6. Totems Award Categories 6 M. Special Events and Observances Q-1 Healthcare Products (7 or fewer days) Q-2 Technology Products Q-3 Food and Beverage Products (packaged items) To observe/promote commemorations, openings, national or local observances, celebrations, and other events that ran 7 days or less. Q-4 Other Packaged Goods (i.e. socks, batteries) M-1 Business/Manufacturing; Products/Consumer Goods Q-5 Non-packaged Goods M-2 Business/Services Q-6 Other Products M-3 Government R. Marketing Communications— M-4 Associations/Non-Profit Organizations Consumer Services To publicize or promote new or established services. N. Special Events and Observances (8 or more days) R-1 Travel and Tourism/Hospitality Services R-2 Healthcare Services To observe commemorations, openings, national or local observances, celebrations, etc. that ran 8 days or more. R-3 Technology Services N-1 Business/Manufacturing; Products/Consumer Goods R-4 Financial Services and Products N-2 Business/Services R-5 Other Services N-3 Government S. Marketing Communications— N-4 Associations/Non-Profit Organizations Business to Business To publicize or promote new or established products, services O. Public Service or ideas to a business audience. To advance public understanding of a social issue, problem, or concern where the principal motivation of the sponsoring S-1 Professional and/or Financial Services organization is altruistic or philanthropic. (Includes PSAs if they are S-2 Products the essence of the program. Stand-alone PSAs can be entered in Media Relations Components.) S-3 Other O-1 Business T. Global Public Relations O-2 Government Any type of program designed to improve relations with O-3 Associations/Non-Profit Organizations countries or publics outside of the US. O-4 Partnerships (funded jointly by businesses and other organizations, including non-profit, government) U. Crisis Communications To deal with or prepare for disasters, crises, or emergencies. P. Public Affairs Can be business, government, or association/non-profit. To influence public policy and/or affect legislation, regulations, politi- cal activities or candidacies at the local, state, or federal Call for entry. V. Internal Communications government level, so that it benefits the entity funding the program. To promote internal efficiency October 16, 2009 to affect Submissions due through communications or relations with employees. P-1 Business P-2 Business/Services W. Investor Relations P-3 Associations/Non-Profit Organizations To improve relations with shareholders, advisors, and financial investors. Q. Marketing Communications— X. Multicultural Public Relations Consumer Products To specifically target cultural groups (any type of program, i.e. To publicize or promote new or established products. institutional, marketing, or community relations).
  7. 7. 2010 Totems Entry Form 7 Entry Category (mark one): Entry Prepared by Component Program Eligible for the Young Professional Award? Name/Company Applying for the People’s Choice Award? Email Please include 25 words or less about why you are eligible for the People’s Choice Award: Phone Names to Appear on Award certificate Award certificates have space for a maximum of five names. One copy of the certificate is provided for each winning entry. Additional certificates may be ordered following the event for $5 each. Entry Information Name Organization Category Number & Name Name Component/Program Entry Name (as will appear on award certificate) Organization Developed for (Organization and/or Client Name) Name Organization Agency (if applicable) Name Project Lead & Company (one name only) Organization Address Name City, State and Zip Organization Email Phone Memberships: PRSA IABC AWIC AMA STC ____
  8. 8. 2010 Totems Entry Form (cont.) 8 Entry Fees PRSA Member: $75 per entry Non-Member: $95 per entry Full-time Student: $30 Total Entries in Payment: Total Payment Enclosed $ Payment Method Check Purchase Order Visa or MasterCard (contact PRSA at (206) 623-8632 to charge) Submission Deadline is October 16 by 5:00 p.m. See http://www.prsapugetsound.org/awards-totem.html for mailing address and deadline-day drop-off locations. Before you submit your entry, don’t forget: • Include three copies of the completed entry form with each entry binder. • Entry fee and payment attached or confirmed through PRSA • Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope • Two-page summary • Supporting materials in a 2” binder Call for entry. Submissions due October 16, 2009