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SAP Mobile Platform: Accenture Mobility "The Always On Enterprise"


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To unlock the potential that SAP mobile applications offer
businesses, having a robust and efficient deployment approach is paramount. Accenture’s implementation services for SAP mobile applications delivers a predictable, more rapid, end-to-end deployment approach that enables an enterprise to get started with mobility at a fixed price, scope and timeline while reducing

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SAP Mobile Platform: Accenture Mobility "The Always On Enterprise"

  1. 1. The Always-on EnterpriseAccenture Implementation Services for SAP®Mobile Applications FPO
  2. 2. Mobility transforms the way an organization operates by extending business processes to any device— for anytime, anywhere access. Giving employees more secure mobile access to the information and systems they need most helps drive agility, improve productivity and sharpen a company’s competitive edge.2 | Accenture Implementation Services for SAP Mobile Applications
  3. 3. To unlock the potential that SAP mobile applications offer The Benefits of Taking Businesses Mobilebusinesses, having a robust and efficient deployment approach The market is ready for—and already being transformed by—is paramount. Accenture’s implementation services for SAP mobility. Mobilizing a business presents the opportunity tomobile applications delivers a predictable, more rapid, end-to-end leverage the demand and adoption of mobile technology to helpdeployment approach that enables an enterprise to get started accelerate business processes and enhance productivity fromwith mobility at a fixed price, scope and timeline while reducing day one. The end-to-end solution from Accenture helps extendrisk. Our implementation services bring together the heritage of the value of enterprise applications with mobile accessibility toAccenture’s SAP practice with the focus of Accenture Mobility help facilitate better communication and collaboration among aServices, to offer a clear path to the successfull implemention of business’ employees, partners and customers.SAP mobile applications. Unwiring an enterprise helps increase employee satisfactionLeveraging an Accenture Mobility Business Integration Services offer, as they can now work from anywhere and concentrate onour standardized implementation services for SAP mobile applications the important areas of their work while balancing otherhelps lower the cost of implementation and accelerates time to value. commitments. As a result, decision making in the field—at allWe can better deliver mission-critical capabilities to organizations to levels of the organization—tends to improve the deployment of customizable SAP applications. With instant access to business information and the ability toMobility Business Integration Services provides large-scale, execute decisions remotely, mobility has become a game changerintegrated solutions using the full complement of Accenture that can help enable a business to gain a competitive edge andMobility Services’ capabilities to service enterprise mobility needs, expand to new areas through innovation. Mobility also offersincluding business to employee, business to business, and business to potentially immense and immediate benefits with limited riskconsumer solutions. We deliver integrated business and technology because the traditional channels of an enterprise continue tomobility services through a vertical or functional domain. work as it progresses towards mobilization.3 | Accenture Implementation Services for SAP Mobile Applications
  4. 4. A More Complete, End-to-EndMobile SolutionSAP mobile applications help accelerate the pace of business andbring greater flexibility to the working day. The standardized set ofproductivity applications (see Table 1) can also run on the AccentureManaged Service for SAP Mobility Platform (formerly knownas Sybase Unwired Platform) to reduce set-up time andon-premise infrastructure.The SAP applications, which include process mobile applications,people productivity mobile applications and consumer mobileapplications, can be downloaded to mobile devices from publicapplications stores and run in demo mode with connectivity tothe SAP environment.The implementation services can include installation, customizationand deployment—as well as technical architecture, support andmaintenance—of the SAP mobile applications on premise or onthe SAP Mobility Platform.In collaboration with SAP, we offer end-to-end, rapid-deploymentsolutions which allow more predictability, out-of-the-box integrationand adoption choices as business demands. This includes extensionsinto client landscapes, integration with back-end systems andintegration with other applications.4 | Accenture Implementation Services for SAP Mobile Applications
  5. 5. Table 1. A Sample of Mobile Applications from SAPProcess People Productivity SAP HR Approvals mobile application Lets managers approve employees’ SAP Material Availability mobile applicationSAP CRM Sales mobile application HR-related requests Enables users to search for materials, view FinanceGives on-the-go sales teams fast, reliable details, and make reservations from a mobile SAP GRC Access Approver mobile application SAP Interview Assistant mobile applicationaccess to data in the SAP Customer device Enables managers to review and approve Allows managers to access documents,Relationship Management (SAP CRM) time-sensitive and operation-critical access capture information during interviews, and SAP Customer and Contacts mobileapplication anytime, anywhere—from any requests collaborate during the hiring process applicationmobile device Lets users access customer and contact SAP GRC Policy Survey mobile application SAP Leave Request mobile applicationSAP Field Service mobile application details directly from a mobile device, Enables managers to keep track of the latest Lets employees create new and reviewGives field personnel anytime, anywhere providing all necessary customer information policy changes within their organizations existing leave requestsaccess to relevant information from mobile and sales order history, so they are betterdevices, so they can get to customer sites and complete policy-related surveys SAP Manager Insight mobile application prepared for meetingson time, complete more orders more quickly, SAP Payment Approvals mobile application Provides managers with quick access to SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet mobileand reduce processing time; by maximizing Allows cash managers or financial executives HR data, reports and key performance applicationfield service features in SAP CRM, it helps to check and process payments that need indicators Lets sales reps or account executives checkfield engineers be productive and improves approval anytime, anywhere—from any SAP Timesheet mobile application the financial situation of customers from athe overall efficiency of service operations mobile device Enables time-entry capturing immediately mobile deviceSAP Retail Execution mobile application SAP Travel Receipt Capture mobile as work is performed anytime, anywhere— SAP ERP Order Status mobile applicationHelps consumer products companies application from any mobile device Enables sales reps to track the status of amaximize the value of retail visits and Lets business travelers record expenses on Manufacturing and Procurement sales order on the spot, anytime, anywhereincrease the productivity of on-the-go a mobile device as they incur them, helpingmerchandisers and sales reps reduce the administrative overhead of SAP ERP Quality Issue mobile applicationSAP Syclo EAM mobile application sorting through their receipts and scanning Allows employees to log a quality issue Supply ChainGives field technicians the information they them into the system after they return anytime, anywhere, which is sent to SAP Managementneed while at a work site, letting them make ERP, where a quality notification is created SAP Travel Expense Approval mobile SAP Transport Notification and Statusbetter-informed and timely decisions while application SAP Cart Approval mobile application mobile applicationexecuting work assignments more efficiently Lets managers approve travel expense Enables managers to approve employees’ Allows drivers to display details of assignedSAP Electronic Medical Record mobile reports from a mobile device shopping carts freight orders and report the statusapplication Human Resources Sales SAP Transport Tendering mobile applicationProvides healthcare professionals instant Enables a trucking company to receive,access to their patients’ electronic medical SAP Employee Lookup mobile application SAP Sales Order Notification mobile accept, and reject requests for quotationsrecords Provides access to employee details and application for a potential freight delivery organizational chart information in the Lets salespeople subscribe to sales SAP ERP application to any employee orders and automatically receive change notifications to subscribed sales orders5 | Accenture Implementation Services for SAP Mobile Applications
  6. 6. Pricing Structure ofImplementation Servicesby Application ComplexityAccenture categorizes the SAP mobile applications pricing structureby implementation complexity. There is an incremental engagementmodel to install, customize and deploy the applications on premiseor on the Accenture Managed Service for SAP Mobility Platform.6 | Accenture Implementation Services for SAP Mobile Applications
  7. 7. Pricing Structure of Implementation Services by Application ComplexityApplication Complexity Standard Complex Very Complex • Employee Lookup • Travel Capture Receipt • Syclo EAM mobile application • Leave Request • Time Capture • CRM Sales • HR Approvals • Sales Order Notification • Scheduler for SAP Order Management • Cart Approval • Customer & Contacts • Service Management • Supplier Search • Material Availability • In Transit Asset Tracking • Travel Expense Approval • Access Approver • Asset Visualizer • Payment Approvals • Order Status • Customer Financial Fact Sheet • Equipment Fact Sheet • GRC Policy Survey • Account Management • Virtual Boardroom • Manager Insight • Interview Assistant • CRM Mobile Retail Shopper • iPeople • Transport Tracker • Skillscanner • Transport Tendering • Compliance and Regulatory InsightDuration to Implement Pilot 1 month 3 months 4-6 monthsPilot Implementation Cost <$170,000 / <¤160,000 <$375,000 / <¤350,000 <$1 Million / <¤1 MillionPricing Structure for SAP Mobility Platform ImplementationDuration to Implement Pilot 2-3 weeksPilot Implementation Cost <$60,000 / <¤55,000 ** All pricing is as of June 2012 and is subject to change at Accenture’s sole discretion. Additional requests or changes requested by the client or mandated by a certain7 | Accenture Implementation Services for SAP Mobile Applications engagement may require an increase in implementation costs.
  8. 8. Accenture and SAP CollaborationThe strong collaboration between Accenture and SAP drives Our mobility knowledge, which is showcased at the Accenture-business transformation by helping empower an enterprise to SAP Co-Innovation Centers, spans across devices, technologies,adopt mobile technology more quickly and efficiently. Innovative applications and platforms. Our best practices, methodologyand ahead of the market, Accenture has deep experience and know-how about applying mobility facilitate a deeptransforming leading companies’ businesses and deploying SAP understanding of how mobile accessibility is applicable to amobile applications to thousands of users. Collectively, Accenture business’ unique needs. We can help drive more transformationand SAP have more than 30 years of alliance experience helping to businesses immediately without an upfront investment onour clients around the world achieve high performance with technology and skills by leveraging the Accenture Managedhighly skilled industry specialists. Mobility offering in the cloud. Moving into mobility more quickly and securely on Accenture’s platform enables a company to tap into the vast potential of mobility across the entire enterprise. At a fixed price, scope and timeline, the Accenture implementation services for SAP mobile applications helps increase efficiency, streamline processes, boost productivity and engage a workforce the way they want. Along with SAP, our complete solution helps enable a company to more quickly and easily execute a mobility strategy that meets its specific business needs. We help clear the path to an enterprise’s mobility vision and drive more high performance to its business.8 | Accenture Implementation Services for SAP Mobile Applications
  9. 9. About Accenture About Accenture ContactsMobility Services Accenture is a global management Greg Jenko consulting, technology services andAccenture is focused on enabling its outsourcing company, with more than Senior Executiveclients to achieve breakthrough growththroughout the rapidly changing mobile 246,000 people serving clients in more than Global Lead—Application 120 countries. Combining unparalleledecosystem. The Accenture Mobility experience, comprehensive capabilities Development & MaintenanceServices group provides five mobility offers across all industries and business functions, gregory.j.jenko@accenture.comincluding consulting, software services— and extensive research on the world’s +1 312 693 0163applications, software services—devices most successful companies, Accentureand platforms, managed services, and collaborates with clients to help thembusiness integration services. These are Ankur Mathur become high-performance businesses anddesigned to help organizations embrace governments. The company generated net Senior Executivebusiness to employee (B2E), business toconsumer (B2C), business to business (B2B) revenues of US$25.5 billion for the fiscal Delivery Lead—North America year ended Aug. 31, 2011. Its home page isand machine to machine (M2M) business ankur.mathur@accenture.comopportunities. Accenture offers mobility +1 312 693 1387and embedded software services acrossa wide range of industries and platforms,including Symbian, WinMo (Microsoft For more information, visitWindows® Mobile), Windows Phone, andAndroid™, Blackberry®, iPhone®, Java™,, Meego™.For more information on Accenture MobilityServices please scan the 2D barcode.Copyright © 2012 AccentureAll rights reserved. Rights to trademarks referenced herein, other thanAccenture, its logo, and Accenture trademarks, belong to their respectiveHigh Performance Delivered owners. We disclaim proprietary interest in the marksare trademarks of Accenture. and names of others.