Social Media Marketing Strategy - Final Project- Munchery


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Social Media Marketing Strategy Course - UC Berkeley Extension - Final Project on Munchery Social Media Strategy

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  • Company News: founders experience, Day in the Life
    Customer Stories: RT, Repost, Share, User cases
    Promotions: Deals, Referrals
    Lifestyle: Convenience, Health, eco-friendly, recipes, meals
    Customer Support
    Events: food fairs, new items, new menu, new chefs
  • Act Out Use case
    Busy professional at work in a meeting. It’s 6PM and who knows when the meeting will end. Robert McWorkerson goes on his iPhone Munchery app, browses through healthy dinner options and selects an his home address for delivery. Robert gets home and shortly after Robert receives a similar bag as this and has a full meal ready to eat. Simple, affordable, and very efficient use of time for a busy professional who doesn’t have the luxury of extra time to cook healthy meals.

    -Post prior to eating times (lunch and dinner) to have your message top of mind for busy professional who are either leaving work or will be leaving relatively soon We want to be top of mind when people are thinking of ordering food while communicating the value add we’re providing to busy professionals.
    -Twitter – Send a concise message to large US population who skews younger and who are more likely to work longer hours at work. Provide them relevant information about Munchery that is actionable – Free delivery, half off your lunch order today
    -Instagram – Allows us a platform to visually tell the Munchery story to business professionals. Munchery creates food that’s creative and unique that can be difficult to describe in words – pictures allow us to present our offering in a visually appealing way to hungry customers – especially those after a long days work
    -Facebook – Facebook allows Munchery to create a space for our users to engage with our brand with the largest reach and provide targeted messaging to users who meet specific characteristics. This will help Munchery tell our story to the right people at the right time – such as users who might work in consulting and travel, knowing this we can target an ad with a dinner deal when the user is likely to check their FB account. This is relevant messaging to a targeted audience based on user indicated preferences.

  • Jeff is an active user on Twitter, and discovered The Munchery from a tweet by his co-worker Ike Kwon. He immediately checked out the Twitter profile and found beautiful photographs of delicious-looking meals. He showed his wife Rachel the Tweet and this prompted Rachel to Google The Munchery.
  • As an aspiring entrepreneur, Gabrielle has subscribed to several blog sites of new start ups and entrepreneurs to get tips on how to get started with her business idea. Lucky for Gabrielle, she found the Munchery blog and started following them on Medium.
  • After working long hours, there’s scarcely time to cook, not to mention shop for food. Somehow she finds time to work on new ideas for her business. Gabrielle finds just the right fuel at Munchery to keep her creative ideas flowing.
  • Inspired by the Munchery story and their values of using fresh local organic ingredients, in addition to eco-friendly containers, Gabrielle follows all things Munchery. She often uses the app to order meals when she works late. Once her business gets off the ground, there will probably more late nights and more Munchery.
  • After a quick Google search and finding a $10 off coupon, Gabrielle ordered this organic lasagna dish made with fresh seasonal tomatoes. Later that night, while pinning design ideas on Pinterest, she pinned her dinner too!
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy - Final Project- Munchery

    1. 1. Andrew Altman Vivian Baker PatrikBakonyi Ali Deleon Angela Teodoro CarlaTerry Linda Vu Tony Woodall
    2. 2. EAT BETTER 2 Overview Goals Content People Measurement
    3. 3. EAT BETTER 3 Overview Goals Content People Measurement
    4. 4. EAT BETTER 4 MUNCHERY OVERVIEW Munchery Inc. is an online marketplace for consumers to purchase meals directly from local and professional chefs. It was founded in 2010 by a couple of busy fathers, Tri Tran and Conrad Chu and is based in San Francisco, California.
    5. 5. EAT BETTER 5 MUNCHERY IS … New menus daily. Fresh options each night. Order from diverse daily menus, with options for all kinds of eaters, and get it delivered that night. Handmade. By the best chefs in town. Crafted from scratch each day. The finest ingredients. No shortcuts Your better dinners start with the best ingredients — local, organic & sustainable whenever possible. Same-day delivery. By pros at being prompt. Order that day, or days ahead of time, and schedule delivery to your home or office each night. Order Dinner, Give a Dinner For every order, Munchery provide a meal for someone in need by donating to the SF & Marin Food Bank Fastdinners.Forbusyfolks.
    6. 6. EAT BETTER 6 Overview Goals Content People Measurement
    7. 7. Goals •Create brand awareness via growing Instagram followers to +1,500. •Grow Twitter followers to +5,500 Brand Awareness • Increase orders & reorders • Increase Monthly Account Activations • Increased website traffic • Increase membership via boosted Facebook posts and tweets Lead Generation • Create an engaged community • Gauge Interest for New Markets / Services • Increase blog frequency (1-2/month) on their website Community Building • Increase communication via twitter • Maintain 4.5-5/5 star rating on Facebook Customer Service EAT BETTER 7
    8. 8. EAT BETTER 8 Overview Goals Content People Measurement
    9. 9. Content Pillars EAT BETTER 9 Company News Events Customer Stories Customer Service Lifestyle Promotions
    10. 10. Content Matrix EAT BETTER 10 Company News Customer Stories Promotions Lifestyle Customer Service Events Low High Mod High High Mod Low Mod Mod High High High High Low Low Low Low Mod Low High Mod High High Mod Low High Mod High Low Low Blog High Low Mod Mod Low Low Email Mod Low High Low Low Mod
    11. 11. Facebook •Discounts/Promot ions •Daily Specials •Feedback and Engagement with customers •Content from other channels Twitter •Deals and Promotions •New Dishes •Company News •Upcoming Events LinkedIn •Recruitment for new chefs •Working at Munchery •Entrepreneurship •Content for busy professionals Instagram •Pictures of meals •Behind the scene •Customer photos Platforms 11 Pinterest •Recipes •Chef Spotlights •Healthy living snapshots •Behind the scene Blogs •Feature of Chefs & Benefits •Information about the company (successes, growth, culture) •Customer stories •News •Meals & Recipes Emails •News •Chef & Customer Stories •Meals & Recipes •Promotion Website •Information about the company •Sign up for discounts, emails & newsletters •Customer support: Contact information & FAQ
    12. 12. Content Calendar EAT BETTER 12 Platform / Target Aud Chef Professionals Singles/Couples WED: Check out this talk on the farm-to- table delivery movement! FRI: Before the weekend, here’s our article on the benefits of less processed food! MON: Tech + Lunch, two things we’re passionate about http://munchery/co m/jobs Singles/Couples Moms Women MON: We love the way our specials look this week! (PHOTOS OF SPECIAL MEALS) WED: We feed your pain! No type: launching a startup when you have a family with kids http://blog/muncher THURS: Kids LOVE our Fresh Organic Vegetables with Hummus (PICTURE OF MEAL) Singles/Couples Professionals THURS: FREE Munchery Delivery for Tomorrow Only! Use Code: FREEDELIVER09 TUES: Health, Stress, and Food! The connection that won’t surprise you. http://blog.blogging. com FRI: Got a busy day? We can get you a fresh organic meal with no hassle (PHOTO OF ITALIAN SAUSAGE WITH FARFALLE) Entrepreneurs Professionals Chefs MON: No Dinner plan? Try Chef Urban’s Juniper Crusted Salmon: TUES: We used social media to do help our start-up business, how do you use it? (PHOTO OF DELIVERY PERSON WITH FOOD) THURS: They’re doing what they love most – cooking http://blog.muncher Weekly Example
    13. 13. EAT BETTER 13 Overview Goals Content People Measurement
    14. 14. People: who is our target audience EAT BETTER 14 Chefs Busy Professionals Entrepreneurs Couples Moms
    15. 15. 15 EAT BETTER People: why did we select them? Busy Professionals •Delivery to office •Convenience (easy to order) •Fresh, healthy, good food Couples •Impress partner with fancy food •Convenient and cost effective •Healthy eating (locally sourced/organic) Entrepreneurs •Delivery to office/home •Cost effective and healthy •Share similar company vision Chefs •Be their own boss •Make more money •Work during day-time Moms •Convenience •Healthy Eating •Cost-Effective
    16. 16. Chef EAT BETTER 16 Name: Josh McCooker Occupation: Executive Chef Josh is a professional chef with a passion for cooking. His specialty is elegant southern cooking and Mexican Flair
    17. 17. EAT BETTER 17 Unicorns Wanted! Who we're looking for: Unicorns: rare, amazing individuals that are believed not to exist in this world. Munchery, the place to hang your hat!
    18. 18. Our Kitchen, Your Kitchen! EAT BETTER 18
    19. 19. Cook like nobody’s watching! EAT BETTER 19 You just do what you do best, cook!
    20. 20. 20
    21. 21. Busy Mom EAT BETTER 21 Name: Sharon McMom Occupation: Stay at Home Mom Kids: Thomas (18 mos.) and Anna (4 yrs) Age: 33 – 45 Characteristics: Heath Conscious (Eats Organic and Locally Sourced), Cooks Most Meals at Home, Stay-at-Home Mom or Works Part-Time
    22. 22. EAT BETTER 22 Looks interesting!
    23. 23. EAT BETTER 23 How convenient!
    24. 24. Yum! That Was Delicious EAT BETTER 24
    25. 25. Busy Professional Name: Robert McWorkerson Industry: Finance Age: 24-38 Characteristics: Works 50+ Hours a Week, Orders Out for Meals, Technology Savvy, Organized, Health Conscious
    26. 26. You’re busy? We Understand
    27. 27. Food Delivered Right to your Door!
    28. 28. Eating Healthier Just got Easier
    29. 29. Busy Couple EAT BETTER 29 Name: Rachel and Jeff McCouple Industry: Director of Global PR for Sephora and Director of Global Media for Intel Age: Mid-30s Characteristics: Busy Work and Social Calendar, Technologically Savvy, Foodies
    30. 30. EAT BETTER 30 delicious-looking meals
    31. 31. EAT BETTER 31
    32. 32. EAT BETTER 32
    33. 33. EAT BETTER 33 The Entrepreneur Name: Gabrielle McDesigner Occupation: Medical Device Regulatory Rep by Day, Aspiring Entrepreneur by Night Age: late 30’s Characteristics: Creative, Innovative, Enthusiastic, Health Conscious, Environmentally Conscious
    34. 34. EAT BETTER 34 Blogs for start ups and entrepreneurs
    35. 35. EAT BETTER 35 Work. Eat. Design. Repeat.
    36. 36. EAT BETTER So many choices!
    37. 37. Stuffed! Stick a fork (or pin!) in me, I’m done!
    38. 38. People: Munchery Team Social Media Coordinator: Manage & Generate Short- Form Content Content Coordinator: Manage & Generate Long- Form Content EAT BETTER 38 Communications Manager: • Sets Vision & Strategy •Builds Partnerships •Assign Stories •Edits Content to Ensure Consistent Brand Voice • Facebook • Twitter • Pinterest • Instagram • LinkedIn • Blogs • Website • Email/Newsletter
    39. 39. EAT BETTER 39 Overview Goals Content People Measurement
    40. 40. EAT BETTER 40 Tools for Measurement Managing workflow, monitoring and analytics for Munchery’s social media campaigns Workflow •HootSuite •TweetDeck •Buffer •Tweriod Active Listening •Sysomos •Topsy •BrandWatch •SproutSocial Analytics •Google Analytics •Google Trends •Facebook Insights •SimplyMeasured
    41. 41. Munchery: Measurement process 41 Channels/Platform Current Objective Facebook 15,465 likes, 195 ratings, 153 talking about and 4.8/5 stars via public reviews Grow to 50,000 likes, 500 ratings, 500 people talking and maintain 4.5-5/5 stars Twitter 3,332 tweets, 214 photos/videos, 3,856 followers, and following 638 profiles Expand to +3,500 tweets, +300 photos/videos, follow +1000, and grow followers to 5,500 LinkedIn 458 followers, 38 employees on LinkedIn, last blogs posted 6 months ago Grow followers to +1,000, include all chefs on LinkedIn, have chef’s post monthly blogs Instagram 513 followers, 15 (!) posts, and following 43. No new post since September, 2013 Grow followers to +1,500, and increase posts +100. Recurring posts 2-5 times/week Pinterest 385 followers, 101 following, 14 boards, 175 pins, 0 likes Increase followers to +600, grow pins to +350, and have +100 likes Blogs Consistent blogs as of February 2011 via, chefs + promotion Grow blogs to consistent frequency (1-2/month), include blogs on e.g. LinkedIn Website/Emails In last 30 days: 524,400 site visits, 44,5% bounce rate, 2.79 daily page views/visitor, 2:28 time on site Grow website visits to +700,000/ month, 25% bounce rate, 3,5 page views/visitor, +3min on site
    42. 42. Conclusion EAT BETTER 42 We have used social media technologies and strategies to actively engage with target customers We created content samples, which we believe would resonate with customers online We established content pillars, provided measurements for success and created a social media calendar showing frequency of content distribution We organized the Munchery team, and decided on what technology to use to reach set goals
    43. 43. EAT BETTER 43 Thank You!