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Impact of L+D in the Boardroom


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This presentation outlined a case study in which HR (strategic business partner) proved its value in improving business results.

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Impact of L+D in the Boardroom

  1. 1. Tonkin’s 5th Annual Learning and Development ConferenceMeasuring the success of L+D programs for the boardroom Tony Wiggins Queensland Health 28 June 2012
  2. 2. My Contribution Today… discuss the HR strategies used at the QueenslandBuilding Services Authority (BSA) and possibly yourorganisation to influence boardroom decisions throughL+D initiatives
  3. 3. Key Points• Examine current research about HR presence in the boardroom• Discuss the BSA case study that shows L+D supporting boardroom decisions• How the “Mars Bar” influenced the BSA boardroom / executive management
  4. 4. Research• Boards - comfortable with people who get the numbers.• Perception - HR is short on this, and always has been.• Survey < 1% UKs senior executives have HR expertise• Hmmm, “So what?”• Board members need to be great leaders. Leaders of people, leaders of innovation, leaders of their industry. Does this require HR expertise?• HR role - tools and skills - successful with their people.• HR leaders are finding other ways to interface.• Korn Ferry Institute
  5. 5. HR has a long history ofbeing a supportdepartment, rather than abusiness player that canprovide a measurable ROI.
  6. 6. Getting to the Boardroom• HR must be more than HR partners to get to the boardroom• HR must be players • Coach • Architect • Designer • Facilitator • Leader
  7. 7. How can HR define success?What are the issuesthat can position HR inthe boardroom? • Attract, retain and motivate talent • Change management • Innovation • Leadership • Strategic clarity
  8. 8. Elevating HR to the Boardroom
  9. 9. BSA - A Snapshot• established 1992• Queensland government statutory authority• sets QLD home building construction standards• coordinates completion of defective work• provides support, education and advice on homes• funded by builders fees• 326 employees (2006)• head office - Brisbane + 7 regional offices• staff - building construction, insurance and legal• learning + development function - head office
  10. 10. Integrated Systems Framework Cross FunctionalBSA Board Improvement Teams Quality Quality CouncilExecutive Quality Assurance Business Certification Approach Team Approach People Learning and Development Customer Customer Continuum Value
  11. 11. L+D Framework - BSA style Drives Business Results HR Metrics Leadership Relationship OrganisationalDevelopment Management Capability Benchmarking and Research Learning and Development Initiative Smart State Workforce Strategy
  12. 12. The journey begins ...
  13. 13. Taking the first step ...Theory• Kirkpatrick Model (Levels 1-4) Outcome + Baseline Data• Phillips and Stone (Level 5) • Outcome data - measure behavioural and actual • Baseline - data availableEvaluation Strategy• Courses (L4 + L5) Factors/Indicators• Period (6, 12, or 24 months) • Current market return on cash invested with QTCIsolating Factors Course Design• +ve (6) workplace • Involve stakeholders in course culture, course content design with external• -ve (1) job performance facilitators
  14. 14. Take a reality check ... • Set realistic targets - people and metrics • Level 4 + 5 consume the most resources • ROI reserved for impact business strategies % Programs Evaluated Levels of Evaluation Research BSA Model Model Level 1 Reaction 100% 100% Level 2 Learning 75-90% 75% Kirkpatrick Level 3 Application 40-70% 50% Level 4 Impact 0-20% 20% Phillips + Level 5 ROI 0-20% 20% Stone
  15. 15. Making Sense of the Data • Biased free evaluation design, collection and reporting – UQ • Solid ROI evidence > 24 months • Link - design, development, delivery (70:20:10 Rule) • ROI - Mediation Skills (QUT) • L3 30-50% Learning Transfer 12 monthly refresher courses • L4 • L5 ROI 750% = $1.89 million
  16. 16. BSA 2006/07Operating Surplus $8.1 (Savings $1.9M ) x 2 modern homes x 17 building inspectors/12 months x 30 call centre staff/12 months
  17. 17. Success @ TimeNational RecognitionHuman Resource Magazine Awards• Best Learning & Development Strategy 2004 + 2005• Best HR Champion (CEO) 2005• Best Change Management Strategy (Finalist) 2005• AHRI QLD HR Award Finalist 2005Organisational ROI Benefits• Linked to performance management competencies• Lifelong learning culture• Leadership Development Pipeline
  18. 18. Critical Success Factors• Small flexible agency - change ready• Visionary General Manager – people as assets• Board and Executive sponsorship• HR business linked to business goals• In-house HR expertise
  19. 19. HR Boardroom Touchpoints Recruitment - Onboarding Leadership and Involve Cultural Fit Culture Everyone Recognition and Interesting and Rewards Fun WorkplaceSource: BCG Creating People Advantage 2008
  20. 20. Tony WigginsTeam Leader-Special ProjectsChief Health Officer, Queensland HealthEmail: