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Lr Msm V2 Part1


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Part1 - LR\'s Service Management Journey

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Lr Msm V2 Part1

  1. 1. We did it my way: LR’s journey of how they utilised MSM over the last 3 turbulent years to provide service excellenceTony Truscott. Land Registry, Information Systems
  2. 2. Who are Land Registry? Largest property database in Europe, Land Registry underpins the economy of the United Kingdom Provides state guarantee to the ownership of many billions of pounds worth of property Land Registry receives no government funding, and finances itself from registration and search fees and the sale of our services Around £1 million worth of property is processed every minute in England and Wales As of October 2011 over 23 million registered titles representing 77.5% of the land mass of England and WalesLand Registry 2
  3. 3. LR Geographical Footprint 14 offices across England and Wales (reduced from 24) 4500 members of staff (reduced from 9500) Information Systems based in Plymouth employ about 450 staff Divided into 2 Development Centres and the IT Service Centre Creates, builds and maintains all IT systems and infrastructure used by LRLand Registry 3
  4. 4. LR – IT overview Provide 65 IT Services 4500 internal customers ¼ million registered external professional customers Complex IT Infrastructure including 23,000+ IT Assets Largest on-line transactional DB in Europe Weekly breakdown of calls: 1125 Incidents 1000 Requests for Service 200 Changes All logged and managed via MSMLand Registry 4
  5. 5. Everything was going fine, but then…. Economic downturn hit Land Registry hard. No-one buying houses, no income! Happened at a time of changing customer dynamic with onset of more e-services against a history of paper based applications LR Management Response was to bring forward its plans to close offices and reduce staff levels Closed 10 offices, merged others and removed local IT SupportLand Registry 5
  6. 6. What this meant for LR InformationSystems…. No longer filtering of IT Support calls by local IT presence Internal customers would now come direct to Service Desk All of IT now at risk of out-sourcing More redundancies to come, morale at all time low Have to prove what a good job we do! Performance of our IT Services under greater scrutiny Reputation was on the line…Land Registry 6
  7. 7. Our Teams Response Team of 6 responsible for Change, Config, Metrics and support of MSM What could we do within our team’s remit?? Go together and devised a plan…Land Registry 7
  8. 8. The Plan PHASE 1: Design and Implement new MSM Web Logging system PHASE 3: PHASE 2: Expedite work Utilise MSM being done on Web offerings CMDB to in other areas improve of business efficienciesLand Registry 8
  9. 9. Phase 1: Using MSM to provide IT Support Portal for all internal customersUsing Web Customer MSM our team designed a userfriendly call logging mechanism that could be used by allLR staff across our estate to log IT support callsPiloted this offering to user groups, gained feedback andincorporated suggestionsGradual roll out across each office, coincided with officevisits and communications to customersKey was to make system simple to use and showbenefits to users (i.e. expectations managed, trackrequests)Called the system myISLand Registry 9
  10. 10. myIS The system allows customers to report IT Incidents So upon clicking this option the user can then select the relevant option to report the IT Incident they are experiencing…..Land Registry 10
  11. 11. myIS The options the customer can then select from are all explained and use terms they are familiar with…. Each form is then designed to capture the exact information we need to deal with the Incident and is auto- classified against the relevant Service from our IT Service CatalogueLand Registry 11
  12. 12. myIS So this is the form our customers fill in to report a Printer problem Users are prompted to populate the necessary information. All of which is fed into the Marval record created Upon filling all of the form in and clicking submit, the customer receives an auto- email from MSM to inform them of their reference numberLand Registry 12
  13. 13. myIS The Incident Record is then sent to the Service Desk who strive to resolve the issue at first line. However if they are unable to resolve they will prioritise the call against their priority matrix then move the status to Accepted. This will invoke a further email to the customer who will then be given notification of the target SLA fix time for their requestLand Registry 13
  14. 14. myIS The details captured in the form are populated in the The incident is logged against the relevant History Notes and any Service from our Catalogue and thus tied to relevant Config Items are the relevant SLA fix time attachedLand Registry 14
  15. 15. myIS Our Customers can also use myIS to log any Request for Service. Again, the options they see use terms the users would be familiar with and avoid any jargon. By filtering down the options based on choices it makes it easier for the customer to navigate to the form they requireLand Registry 15
  16. 16. myISLand Registry 16
  17. 17. myIS Again, each page is tailored to captured the exact information that is required, but for Request for Service pages we also manage the customer expectable by advertising the Upon filling in the form and clicking submit, the the target customer will receive email confirmation that their turnaround time request has been logged and the request will be auto- for each given classified accordingly and sent to the relevant request support team for action with the relevant SLA tied to itLand Registry 17
  18. 18. myIS All users of myIS can also track the progress of any requests they have raisedLand Registry 18
  19. 19. myIS From here users can get a list of all Open records which they have logged via myIS Furthermore, by clicking on the Request Number hyperlink they can access the History Notes for the given requestLand Registry 19
  20. 20. myISLand Registry 20
  21. 21. myIS Also included is a mechanism for users to log general complaints and compliments, as well as general feedback and suggested enhancements to the systemLand Registry 21
  22. 22. myIS The myIS CAB is made up of relevant stakeholders and meets on a bi- monthly basis to discuss and approve any enhancements to the myIS system. All approved enhancements are then included in the next myIS Release Upon filling this form a request is sent to the myIS service owners for consideration. If the feedback is a suggested enhancement to the system it gets added to the myIS CAB agendaLand Registry 22
  23. 23. myIS The contents of each myIS Release is advertised on the homepage of myISLand Registry 23
  24. 24. myIS And of course all of these records are managed within our MSM tool!Land Registry 24
  25. 25. myISLand Registry 25
  26. 26. The success of myIS 95% of all RFS logged via myIS 60% of IT Incidents reported via myIS Alleviated pressure on Service Desk Highlighted previously masked issues that had been dealt with locally These now added to Known Error DB to increase first time fix rate Very positive feedback, expectations managed, easy to use Engagement with users to implement their enhancements to the systemLand Registry 26