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Long range hybrid drone and tethered drone system | UAV aeromagnetic survey | UMT


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UMT is an innovative aerospace company actively developing, testing and supplying long-range multi-rotor UAV systems and long-endurance tethered drone systems that are cost-efficient , fully-autonomous and use-friendly.
The long-range drone Cicada-M is capable of staying in the air up to two and a half hours and carries up to two and a half kg of payload when operating. This may be a typical payload like a video or a thermal camera or a specially mounted sensor like a magnetometer or a GPR. The opportunity to use both external and internal devices opens a large spectrum of applications during humanitarian mine action missions.

The tethered drone is intended for command, coordination and retranslation application in demining operations. In simple words, this apparatus acts as the “EYE IN SKY”. The UMT Cobra is capable of taking up to 3 kg of payload when operating at 100 meters or 5 kg when operating at 50 meters. This may be video equipment for observation or monitoring the perimeter of the demining area, or be equipped with a signal repeater or booster for closed communication between operating teams or UGVs.

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