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NHS England Open Source Event: Connecting Leeds: Open Platform


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Exploring efforts to Connect Health & Social Care in Leeds , while building towards an Open Platform

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NHS England Open Source Event: Connecting Leeds: Open Platform

  1. 1. Connecting – Leeds Work towards an open EPR/platform Dr Tony Shannon, CCIO, Leeds NHS Richard Pugmire, Technical Architect, Leeds NHS
  2. 2. 200+ CUI Clinical Portal TIE A B C 1 2 3 4 5 PAS Orders Results Clinical Docs Summary Care Record Leeds: Starting Point & Options
  3. 3. 21st C NHS – Open Platform required
  4. 4. 3 key levels •Single Patient –Clinical Care – One on One •Multiple Patients –Patient Cohort –Managing Ward, Clinic etc •Aggregate Patient Data –Research & Audit
  5. 5. LeedsTH EPR: PPM+ Platform
  6. 6. PPM+ Letters
  7. 7. PPM+ (inc. Order Comms)
  8. 8. PPM+ MPV
  9. 9. PPM+ MPV
  10. 10. Scale of Challenge The LTHT Electronic Patient Record The Leeds Care Record initiative ( Patient Pathway Manager (Regional Oncology) ~10,000 LTH users ~1,000 GP, community and social care users ~300 YCN users Our “One patient, one record”
  11. 11. •Refactor EPR using modern, scalable and standards-based technologies •Flexible approach to electronic data capture and persistence •Open source vision •Responsive ‘Agile’ development process The Challenge
  12. 12. Our solution
  13. 13. Flexible Persistence… Unstructured Computable Structured/Normalised Structured and Archetyped SQL XML Store File system Clinical Data Repository (e.g. openEHR) Data Capture Form
  14. 14. Team set up Developers Development cells SCRUM Sprint Scrum Master EPR (core) Tech Co- ordinator Senior Dev Senior Dev Senior Dev Senior Dev Senior Dev eForms Development Lead Senior Dev Junior Dev
  15. 15. website
  16. 16. eForm in action
  17. 17. eForm in action
  18. 18. PPM+ multi-patient view (wards) 100 wards – 79% of admissions have modified record
  19. 19. PPM+ - July 2014 13,509 uses 1.89 M patients
  20. 20. PPM+ Reporting View
  21. 21. 200+ LTH Clinical Portal Integ Engine A B C 1 2 3 4 5 Orders Results ePrescribing Summary Care Record Leeds Care Record- Approach Leeds Care Record
  22. 22. PPM+ Leeds Care Record Viewer
  23. 23. Leeds EPR/LCR Development •Clinically Led •User Centred •Agile Development –2 weekly Sprints •Joint NHS & Commercial SME Team –Answer Consulting & XML Solutions –Service Based Model
  24. 24. Leeds & Integration Pioneers •Open Requirements •Open Governance •Open Citizen •Open Source Viewer •Open APIs •Open Record Architecture
  25. 25. Towards an eHealth ecosystem International Standards Local Frontline Innovators National eHealth Bodies & Vendors Regional
  26. 26. Thank you @frectally