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Print in the Digital Age


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My presentation on our POD strategies internationally, and our Early Adopter textbook program.

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Print in the Digital Age

  1. 1. Printin aDigital World
  2. 2. Digital/Inkjet PrintingNo plates.Instead, files, which can be sent electronically.This also means one-offs are possible.No warehousingNon-sequential printing.No, or reduced, international and intra-nationalshippingWhy ship books when you can transfer a file and thenprint close to the customer?
  3. 3. Kinds of PODHow they PrintSRDP (really just humble digital printing)One-offs (True POD, both with toner and inkjet)How they DistributeDirect Channel Partners (Lightning Source)Drop shippingPrint in warehouseDistributed Printing (or Freelance/Contract Printing)
  4. 4. Direct Channel Partners(Lightning Source)&Distributed Printing(Amazon/CreateSpace)
  5. 5. Direct Channel Partners: US VersionDirect Channel Partners: US Version
  6. 6. Direct Channel Partners: UK VersionDirect Channel Partners: UK Version
  7. 7. Direct Channel Partners: Australia VersionDirect Channel Partners: Australia Version
  9. 9. (Near)Death of the Split RunLibrary Market vs. Adoptions, Individuals, AuthorsPricing for market—specifically, for institution orstudent or general reader.Cake—Now, also available with the eating of said cake,all for one low unit cost!AdoptionsGalleysContributors
  10. 10. Paperback ISBN Decision Tree
  11. 11. EU/UK Sales Growth14.14% Increase in Units14.14% Increase in Units15.21% Increase in Net $15.21% Increase in Net $
  12. 12. Why Net $?ShippingWholesaler cut (When CreateSpace edition is sold)Foreign distributor cutUnit cost very close to offset for the majority of the list,but only POD subtracts printing cost before net $. Abetter analysis would also subtract printing costs tooffset sales net $ in 2008, making the increase evenhigher.CreateSpace on the most important parts of the list caneliminate the need of the so-called “Amazon Advantage”program.
  13. 13. Marketing1. Notify Author2. Make a postcard3. Bring it to conferences4. Give it to people5. Profit!
  14. 14. Early AdopterProduction Workflowfig. 1 fig. 2
  15. 15. Problems with the ModelMarket Leakage (Kirtsaeng)Requires International Distributor Non-exclusivityCreateSpace/Excel Interface (You guys are a tech giant,right?)Amazon Marketplace Über Alles!!!Ayn Rand might be running this part of Amazon’s site.Upsets textbook chains and textbook Web sites.Maybe not a bug but a feature.A very hands-on process. Hard to automate Early Adopter.Doesn’t Scale. Better for small or mid-sized presses.