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Example Bird Survey Report Summary


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Example Bird Survey Report Summary

  1. 1. Report dated ** **** 2015 Hedgerow Bird Survey findings from the ******* Estate in ********* during the 2014 breeding season Dear ******, During the courseof my ** daytime visits to the abovesite, I noted an amazing tally of ** bird species. These are listed in their entirety on the attached Summary printout. All species were detected either by sight or sound. This being a hedgerow survey, often a combination of both methods was used. In order to proof of breeding, I confirmthat I did not deliberately set out to search for nests. On the main Records printout (** pages in total), as and when I acquired proof of breeding for a specific species, I haveincluded this using the appropriate BTO standard coding. The main Records printout also includes maximum counts per species per visit and additionally there are a few observation notes under the comments section. Another printout entitled Other Wildlife simply confirms any other wildlife that I came across during my visits including different plant species, insects and mammals for instance. Of interest, there were ** Butterfly species noted. If there was any degree of uncertainty in establishing the true identity of a species, I havequestion marked it. I just wanted to draw your attention to the probability of said species being on your land. Finally, importantly I enclose a Species Status & Breeding Proof printout which shows the bird’s currentconservation status within an international context and whether it was observed as having bred on your land. In total, ** species were noted as having bred successfully within the walked transects. By utilising all the data provided, I hopeit will assistyou in any decisions over future habitat management practices and additional targeted conservation efforts. Given my knowledgeof adjacent bird populations, I firmly believe
  2. 2. there will be opportunities for other species to move onto your patch to breed in the future. In time, you may wish to discuss this conservation aspectfurther, perhaps with a view to re-visiting your patch at a later date and to assess any changes in the bird communities. I trustthe aboveand its associated findings meet with your approval and again, I thank you for allowing me to undertake these studies on your land. Best Wishes Tony Powell Seasonal Bird Surveyor/Researcher Created by me and About me