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City wayfinding for sporting events


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How Legible London wayfinding system was used to enhance the London 2012 visitor experience.

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City wayfinding for sporting events

  1. 1. A Smart City Basemap in support of a major national event
  2. 2. GeoDATA 2013 Measure, Map & Manage Legible London - A Smart City Basemap to support a major national event: Olympic Games, London 2012 Legible London is a world class brand of wayfinding information It was rolled out by T-Kartor across Greater London in support of the London 2012 Olympic Games
  3. 3. The commitment • T-Kartor created a seamless wayfinding basemap covering the whole of Greater London • The established Legible London design was integrated with the Olympic Games brand of mapping in close collaboration with OS*, LOCOG** and ODA*** • The basemap was created from OS data before infrastructure was completed by collaborating with the Geospatial Production Coordination Group * Ordnance Survey ** London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games *** Olympic Delivery Authority
  4. 4. The commitment • The Legible London Wayfinding basemap was created as part of a complete system for effective information production and tracking / maintenance
  5. 5. Cycling and walking information focussed on the ‘Last Mile’ helped visitors link their public transport journeys between venues.
  6. 6. Olympic Games official branding as an overlay to Legible London to show on-street events and ‘live site’ venues
  7. 7. LOCOG detailed spectator maps were set within the context of Legible London to relate the nearest travel options
  8. 8. 70 Ambassador pods acted as temporary tourist information booths, distributing free maps showing London tourist attractions and Olympics venues.
  9. 9. The official Host City Guide produced by T-Kartor (with 5 million copies distributed) linked the Olympic venues with the City and West End
  10. 10. Benefits from the wayfinding database • A powerful information resource to influence behaviour towards sustainable options • A sustainable legacy for London after London 2012 and far into the future • A consistent range of mapping information on a wide range of output media • An authoritative TfL basemap based on specialist London knowledge and information hierarchy
  11. 11. Results • London 2012 was considered a great logistic success, suffering no major disruptions right in the heart of the capital • Legible London successfully integrates the transport, walking and cycling objectives of Transport for London • 94% of people surveyed thought that Legible London maps helped them find their way around • A collaborative approach enabled financial savings and a wayfinding legacy for London