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Content Campaign Strategy


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This is the slide deck from a talk that was give at the SL Circle on Nov 17, 2015.

This talk discussed the components of a planning, executing and tracking a content campaign. A few examples are given of successful awareness campaigns.

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Content Campaign Strategy

  2. 2. OVERVIEW Planning – • Campaign Strategy begins with extensive research into demographics, psychographics, and possible channels Execution – • Skill, tools, timing and approach Reporting – • If it doesn’t get reported, it didn’t happen. • How to tie up metrics for key observers
  3. 3. WHAT ARE THE ELEMENTS OF A GREAT CAMPAIGN PLAN? • Research • Demographics, Targeting – know your user on every level • Wants and needs of the users • Competitive analysis • Channels to reach users – What existing channels can we leverage? • Evaluate your value proposition • How do my target users behave • When do they need my product/service • How do we reach them in a way they respond
  4. 4. SYDNEY RAILWAY SAFETY – 100 MILLION+ VIEWS • Dumb ways to die appealed to a large number of viewers and has been shared millions of times. • The campaign was meant to raise awareness for safety around railways. • Initial planning and research helped develop a creative that reached a greater number of people. • The video has had a cult following and continues to create awareness.
  5. 5. OBERMUTTEN – 44.6K LIKES • City of Obermutten had a goal to grow their presence on Facebook and ultimately create a reason to visit the town of 80 people. • The town committed to post the profile picture of anyone that liked their page. • On a budget of less than $10,000 they were able to boost tourism with their 44K likes.
  6. 6. MONTGOMERY TUNNEL – SF BART • Have you ridden BART in San Francisco?
  7. 7. Bart tunnels have a very distinct feel and smell. Common advertising on the walls can easily be ignored because it is in the same location and people pass through the tunnels every day.
  8. 8. STRUCK - 2014 Struck in Salt Lake City created a walk through environment that was impossible to miss. They designed a strategic feel that would capture the attention of anyone in the tunnel.
  9. 9. 97TH FLOOR – OC TANNER OC tanner hired 97th floor to develop a campaign that would show how they “APPRECIATE”. As the video shows, companies from all over the country we highlighted and the social exposure was phenomenal.
  10. 10. EXECUTION Elements of a solid execution: • Need a written plan • Summary • Calendar • Media Buying Schedule • Campaigns need a principle driver to be successful • Needs Stakeholders • You will usually need design, development, video, ads, content and more. • Have key stakeholders in on your plan.
  11. 11. EXECUTION IS A DAILY TASK You should work everyday to execute on your plan. Begin each day checking metrics • The first 15mins of your day should be looking at social metrics, analytics, any other tracking • Develop a spreadsheet to track daily results • Report results to your team • Plan the days activities according to the calendar and adjustments needed
  12. 12. SUMMARY Much like an artist that spends intense hours mastering their medium to produce their vision in art, campaigns need to be founded on great execution to achieve success. However, execution without strategy doesn’t produce the results you desire in a campaign. Creativity and planning are on crucial to campaign execution to raise awareness.