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Press Release

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Information about this must read book, "Legacy: The Power Within"

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Press Release

  1. 1. Press Release Legacy: The Power Within May 3, 2007 Contact: Tony DeLiso (352) 681-6022 In New Book, Northcentral Florida Author Explains How to Meet Goals, Overcome Fears, Create a Satisfying Life In “Legacy: The Power Within,” Tony DeLiso Uses Own Life Experiences to Tell Others How to Attain Personal Power Ocala, Fla. – In today’s hectic and stress-filled environment, what we need most is honest and concise information about how to make our lives better, more peaceful and prosperous. Northcentral resident Tony DeLiso provides that and much more in the second edition of “Legacy: The Power Within,” a unique book that tells readers how to create a more peaceful and satisfying life, overcome fears, and set and attain goals. The book is a metaphysical, philosophical, psychological and academic view of life and the attainment of personal power. DeLiso, who spent 26 years studying personal power through metaphysics, philosophy and psychology, also introduces readers to sub vocalization, an internal and powerful form of communication that we indulge in every day and that can change our behavior, create balance and enable us to think clearly. ”This book is sure to help anyone who is seeking personal growth, wisdom, peace and prosperity,” said DeLiso, who has lecture throughout South Florida to audiences about how they can attain their goals. “From the standpoint of a business person and a teacher, the two things I find most important in life are recognizing the innate ability to realize a goal, and that learning is truly accomplished through discovery.” DeLiso came to the United States as an infant from Italy, with his immigrant family. He was raised in Chicago and has made his home in South Florida for the past 30 years and now resides in Northcentral Florida. He has worked as an aircraft mechanic, real estate marketer and salesman. Drawn to education, he became a public speaker and an advocate of drop-out prevention in Broward County, Florida. After leaving the corporate world and returning to college where he received a degree in business and later a degree in teaching from Florida Atlantic University, he tought conversational English, communication, reading, goal-setting and workforce development to immigrants. Order your copy of “Legacy: The Power Within,” through Barnes and Noble, Borders Books and Music,, or your favorite local bookstore. For review copies, please call the number above, or order by e-mail at Legacy: The Power Within, ISBN: 0-595-13520-X Written by; Tony DeLiso Publisher;, 2004

Information about this must read book, "Legacy: The Power Within" For much more information, TOC, about the author, book reviews, etc, go to: www.PowerLegacy.Com


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