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This is an assignment I had to identify different types of poetry, create a book and add pictures to the photography. I did not write any of this photography and did try my best to credit the authors in the work, I did not take any of the pictures however it was difficult to credit the photographers but I definitely want to say that all work contained in this presentation is the wholly owned by the respective owner, author or photographer who holds the copyright. This presentation is only a compilation of these works and is not authorized or approved by any party other than myself. This presentation was designed for a grade and no financial remuneration has been or will be received.

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Poetry Assignment - DeGonia

  1. 1. Poetry About War Andrew DeGonia Monday, Nov. 4, 2013 8th Period – English II Ms. Hollister
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS My Favorite Poem 3 Why I like this poem 4 Acrostic Poetry 5 Alliteration Poetry 6 Alphabet Poetry 7 Autobiographical Poetry 8 Ballad Poetry 9 Cinquain Poetry 11 Color Poetry 12 Diamante Poetry 13 Free Verse Poetry 14 Haiku Poetry 15 I Wish Poetry 16 Limerick Poetry 17 Lyric Poetry 18 Rebus Poetry 19 Rhyming Poetry 21 Shape Poetry 22 About the Author 23
  3. 3. The 23rd Psalm Book of Psalms, The Holy Bible (KJV) Written by David, King of Israel 1. The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. 2. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. 3. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. 4. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 5. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. 6. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.
  4. 4. I especially love the bible verse because it speaks to me of GOD’s love and HIS nurturing of me. It speaks both of the life I want to lead and the grace GOD has in store for those who believe in HIM. This Psalm, aside from being one of the most powerful and popular verses in the Bible, is an accounting of the love and care that GOD promises to show his believers when they are in the vulnerable transient state coming from finite life on earth to eternal life in heaven.
  5. 5. Edgar Allan Poe Eerie stories and poems Decorate our imagination. Both Good and evil Are challanged along with Reality. Also, Love and insanity Lurk through the pages and Anthologies. You will Never know what is to happen next. ACROSTIC POETRY Problems of murder and mystery, Oddities and wonderment are Expressed with such peculiarity only he could acheive. Written by Christina M. http://www.beardsley.k12.ca.us/int/lessons/acrostic02/acrostic-poem-samples.htm
  6. 6. War has come , War has come War has come , war has come, My home once a gem of beauty , to fires and rage it succumbed, Powerless i watched , the desolation of man How evil overwhelms and greed robs one of all sense Day by Day loved ones fell, Till our lives became nothing short of hell, I prayed in silence fearing my inevitable doom, For the grim reaper lays in wait , Thus i have resigned to my fate.. ALLITERATION POETRY The morning sun arrived, With the heavens granting me another day, The screams have gone silent , with no presence of tyranny, I run through the village searching for a sign of hope, Till my legs grew weary and my vision grew dim, I muster what strength i have, Refusing to become a victim of fate, Footsteps i hear , approaching fast, Men with weapons with black souls drenched in hate, As i look into the eyes of my executioner , with the certainty of death, memories of my life flash , as i take my last breath, War has come , War has come
  7. 7. The Vietnam Alphabet Poem A long, long time, many years ago, Before we had a chance to really know, Christmas year was in the land of Ho, Dealing with leaches and heat, instead of snow. Every December, in the year of Tet, Facing the fears we knew not of yet, Growing much older while sweaty and wet, Having to watch out for your buddy the vet. I can only remember the meaning of fear, Jesus, why do I feel that You aren’t near, Knowing how much I live in fear, of never leaving here. Looking more sometimes for death than life, My heart is broken in this place of strife, Nobody cares, if we live or die, Over in the world of the big round eye. Please try to explain all of this to me, Quickly, while I wonder if I will always be, Remembering those things in the land of the free. ALPHABET POETRY Standing tall with feelings of pride, Thinking back to the times we could cry, Unclear as to why those feelings will die. Victory only comes to those who care, While defeat will come, in times of despair. X-Ray and Bird, are places to remember, You know, during our Christmas, in December, Zebra, Idrang, and Happy Valley, are places you won’t find, in a Rand McNally. Copyright 2000 - Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine http://www.vietnamexp.com/guestpoets/bodine/bodine16.htm
  8. 8. George Washington George, Powerful Husband, farmer, soldier Who loved his Country Who felt happy when he became president Who wanted to cross the Potomac George Washington Who needed false teeth Who gave many speeches Who said “It is better to be alone than in bad company” Resident of Mount Vernon Washington (1732-1739) http://www.ualr.edu/srwhitfield/Interactive%20Poetry%20Tutorial.pdf AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL POETRY
  9. 9. Ballad about the soldier BALLAD POETRY This story is about the soldier, an ordinary guy who wanted to live, didn't want to die. He was a good friend, his classmates said, the things he did were not a regret. He lived and dreamed, breathed the same air with us, he was so much naive and it was his plus. He was the guy of ready sympathy and brave just and ordinary guy who would never liked to be a slave. Nobody could deny that he was a bit of a hesitating guy as he couldn't make his girlfriend a declaration of love, to tell her that she was his darling dove. He didn't want to kill or be killed, just hated the war but he's got an order and had to go for the war without even knowing what for. He was told that he would save the land and military service was a big grand. He was not explained why should he kill, he went to the war against his will. But he was the servant of his country, had to obey the orders and wear the soldiers straps on his shoulders. Have you seen the eyes of his mother when they were to part? She had an embarrassed look when the parting had a start. Have you seen the eyes of his girlfriend? They were the eyes of a frightened creature. She felt as he would never again reach her. Have you seen the guy's eyes? They had a look as he was in a hook. He didn't want to part with his family, friends, beloved, he wanted to live, love and be loved. In a foreign strange land he walked had no time to sleep or talk. He walked and walked through the stormy winds through the hard rains without any complaints. He walked through the mud and blood as he had to obey the orders and remember he was not a cub and had no time for a cud. But... all of a sudden everything around became dark, his body felt a terrible pang and it seemed to him as the bell rang.
  10. 10. Continued. BALLAD POETRY Then the pain disappeared and he saw a beautiful park with birds and angels, they sang beautiful song, Then he heard the voice of a gong. Yes, he went to another world were everything was pearled. With the loss of one soldier nothing has changed, But.... Is it really so? For his mother he was the world and it was strange that she wouldn't be able to see him, to hear his voice, and if she had a choice she would give anything for his knock at the door and his voice telling: Don't worry, dear mum! I am in a hurry now, but I'll come back soon before the rising Moon. The soldier's heart stopped beating far away from home in the place with unfamiliar name. Now tell me! Who is to blame that his photo is in the black frame? He was one in the stream of soldiers, the stream of broken destinies and lives, the stream of unappeasable human sorrow which made in the souls a deep furrow. The war happened to be a thief which had stolen lives or made them a big grief. Life is going on; we live, we love, we work building new bridges that were destroyed by war but if we want to build a happy life we have to remember that soldier who was killed in the war. We have to understand: war can only ruin and break for someones crazy sake. It ruins and kills not only humans bodies but destroys our wonderful land, little by little turning it into the sand. We have to remember that soldier if we don't want the war to repeat, we have to remember those losses if we want our land to be complete. We don't have to forget those who experienced the war, they still give a start hearing a thunderstorm thinking it was another bomb. We have to realize that even one soldier is a part of the world and the loss of that soldier means a split in the integrity of the whole world. Larisa Rzhepishevska http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/ballad-about-the-soldier/
  11. 11. Honor selfless heroes = Soldier by Griswold Honor our servicemen who give their lives daily protecting our countries freedom Selfless living a hell none of the rest of us can or will do, I salute them Heroes all of them are expected to give life for an ungrateful populace Soldier http://allpoetry.com/poem/4512145-Honor--selfless-heros---Soldier--Cinquain-Swirl--by-Griswold CINQUAIN POETRY
  12. 12. The Color of War [Iraqi: war poem] COLOR POETRY I saw the other day-A little boy coloring away (With crayons) in a sketch book; With every colored pencil Under the rainbow-And then some... And when I took a second look I thought of the Iraqi war (American and Allied soldiers) And all the colors it stood for: Red was for the blood they've shed; Gray, for depression of their families Far away... Blue was for sad skies; Black and white, for death and life; Green, for the spoils we've not seen; Brown, for the dray and dusty nights All the solders had to fight--on Foreign ground. I pleaded, for the boy to stop, Surprised, he looked up at me-With his deep blue eyes, haunting Me, he said, with a tear on his cheek: "I wanted to color the soldier's feet!" I looked and there it read: 'Peace' Already colored-in, with gray: Said the boy still looking at me: "That's the way it came." #1371 6/16/06 See Dennis' web site: http://dennissiluk.tripod.com Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dennis_Siluk_Dr.h.c.
  13. 13. Obituary Life Wonderous, Mysterious Becoming, Learning, Questioning Writer, School, Cancer, Heaven Grieving, Decaying, Withering Black, Heartbreaking Death Author Unknown DIAMANTE POETRY
  14. 14. The Act of War by Dave Hood FREE VERSE POETRY War is the vengeful act of a fearful man, with a weapon, without a conscience, filled with hatred, who thinks: Kill or be killed War is legalized killing with a gun, bayonet, grenade, handto-hand combat, all in the name of a cause War is an artillery shell exploding, maiming, dismembering, disemboweling, decapitating, annihilating… War is a terrorist steering a commercial plane into the side of an office building, filled with civilians, obliterating, cremating… War is an A-bomb, weapon of mass destruction, dropped from a plane in the grey sky On to a city of innocent civilians, destroying, leaving a graveyard of rumble War is hell, the devils work. It terrorizes like a stalker. It is horrific as witnessing a bloody murder It is lunacy, insanity, the madness of humankind, man in his natural state of existence according to Hobbes. Yet, a necessary evil under certain human conditions. http://writingcreativenonfiction.wordpress.com/2011/05/0 6/a-free-verse-poem-the-act-of-war/
  15. 15. WAR Shadows haunt the line The darkness runs from the light Fear is bought forward Written By: Yasmin Argent http://www.poetry.com/poems/210296-Haiku-WAR HAIKU POETRY
  16. 16. I Wish For Peace By Sharifah Hanna I wish for Peace When times of sorrow Come each day, I always feel sad And sigh away. Always a war, needs fighting Always a life, suffering, Oh, how I wish, I wish for peace. I WISH POETRY Though, I know, ‘tis a test Laid for us by God, That the day comes Of no more burden, No more load. A time of love, A time of ease, Oh, how I wish, I wish for peace. But, what would I give For people to always get along, Instead of shouting curses To, maybe, sing a song? I hope, I will live To see my dream come true, As, I hope, your dreams do to. Right now, I will wish, I wish for peace http://www.familyfriendpoems. com/poem/i-wish-forpeace#ixzz2lMTY12oS
  17. 17. Star Wars in Limericks Young Skywalker was a good lad Until Palpatine made him turn bad There was a palaver And he fell in some lava And now he's robotic and sad. There was a young rebel called Luke Who destroyed the Death Star by a fluke Princess Leia - he kissed her Even though she's his sister And made poor old Chewbacca puke. LIMERICK POETRY http://www.protagonize.com/poem/star-warsin-limericks
  18. 18. War Poem Lyrics Silence falls in no man's land To echo on uncertain steps Sharp of eye & quick of hand Advancing forward to regrets Underfoot the bombs & mortars Sleep awaiting coded warnings From the top the barking orders Light the sky on these dark mornings Seek asylum from the terror Reaching out for what it's worth Shelter from the raging anger Raining down on bitter earth Sympathy for all who's hurting Getting lost between the lines It's the stuff that keeps returning Laughing loud in victor's lies Up above on wind's declaring Soon the cold will whistle through Push aside the warm sierras Fill the sails that carry you LYRIC POETRY Many miles are put between the What once was & what will be Sleepwalk nightmare to sweet dream Each step consigned to history Every whisper sings resistance All emotions hide inside Refugee looks to the distance Out there somewhere lies his pride http://www.elyrics.net/read/u/ub40-lyrics/war-poem-lyrics.html
  19. 19. A Rebus on – 1786 Take the name of that hero who dreadful in war Spread the terror of Rome thro the nations afar, With the King of the fairies that sly jealous sprite Who sleeps all the day but who gambols all night Green caty-dids draw him - a nutshell contains him, His kingdom a meadow & a dewdrop sustains him. What the peasant enjoys when his labor is o'er And the seaboy embraces the hurricane's roar. What the pretty girls cry tho their meaning is yes When swains at their feet ask the boon of a kiss. That period of day when gay Phoebus retires To the arms of his Thetis to meet keener fires. That passion delightful which thrilling imparts Feelings more than ecstatic to congenial hearts, Which arouses to fury - and lulls to repose Is keen as the thorn yet as sweet as the rose. REBUS POETRY The goddess white-robed by whom unbefriended Even beauty and wit pass along unattended. That region where heav'n-born freedom resides Where plenty is found and contentment abides Where scenes all delightful enrapture the mind Where each shepherd is true and each maiden is kind.
  20. 20. That goddess refulgent whose glance pours the day, Where midnight, and error, and ignorance lay. The chief who rush'd bold thro the Granican flood While the fates pale with fear on the shore trembling stood. What each one pursues tho but few can obtain And ever repays its possession with pain. What wrings the kind heart when distress is in view And what each observer discovers in you. And lastly that word which no lover can bear Nor I from this charmer with patience can hear. REBUS POETRY rosy cheeks The initials of these ye lads and ye lasses Will show you a girl that description surpasses. The lily combin'd with the new-open'd rose In her bosom's displayed - on her cheek sweetly glows. Her pencil e'en fancy throws by in despair When fondly attempting to copy my fair. Henry Livingston http://www.iment.com/maida/familytree/henry/writing/poetry/war.htm
  21. 21. I Cry in Fear I cry in fear, I scream with hate. What gave us all This ugly fate? To meet upon The battle field, Where all must fight, And none can yield. I do not want To do what’s right. I want to kill. I want to fight. My brother died. I loved him dear. You took from me Those who were near. RHYMING POETRY I cannot end Or stop this war. I need to fight; Settle the score. - Written by Anonymous Poet http://freepoemsonline.blogspot.com
  22. 22. War Over Now w riting words frustrated a writing unworthy r emains in passing thoughts o vercoming fear of judgment v alidating a soul broken e nters a spirit of one passed r eassuring inspiration driving to continue n ew forms written o vercoming dark with light w anting to change by inspiring love forever Shanity Rain http://www.poetrysoup.com/poems_poets/poem_detail.aspx?ID=505853 SHAPE POETRY
  23. 23. Andrew DeGonia is a sophomore at Wills Point High School. Andrew is an avid fan of hunting, fishing and the outdoors. Andrew’s passion for hunting has recently led him to learning more about conservationism and helping to protect our natural habitats for future generations. Andrew is also an active member in the Wills Point Tiger Band and was with the band during their recent success streak of competitions during the 2013/2014 Marching Season. Andrew is extremely proud to be a WPHS student an involvement in all of the activities he partakes in. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Andrew DeGonia, prepared to go march with the WPHS Tiger Band.