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‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’
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‘Installation of IR windows is the safest
means to view inside electrical cabinets
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Geo Therm Ltd main company brochure

Thermal imaging & ultrasound inspection services to aid facility and technical managers in maintaining operational efficiency, saving time, money whilst preventing breakdowns

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Geo Therm Ltd main company brochure

  1. 1. ‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’ geo therm Thermal Imaging Surveys & Condition Monitoring Services Quality Services Without Compromise T: +44 (0) 1502 723241 Offices in Europe • North America Middle East - Africa • Asia Pacific Geo Therm Ltd is a UK based inspection and services company, founded in 2002. Since this time we have supported numerous companies, SME’s and individuals, with the provision of our thermal imaging and ultrasound condition based monitoring (CBM) services and inspections, including the supply and installation of infrared inspection windows and the Delta T Alert™ temperature probe. Locating heat and sound deficiencies in LV/HV electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydro-carbon systems all non-invasively. We are ISO 9001, Safe Contractor accredited and FPAL registered. Follow us geo thermgeo therm A G E O C E N T R I C C O M P A N Y Ultrasound Surveys ‘Ultrasound - the high frequency noise in HV systems indicating partial discharge’ We install and configure Partial Discharge (PD) sensors mounted to HV switchboards monitor for PD remotely from anywhere in the world. We utilise handheld ultrasonic probes to detect high frequency noise escaping from compressed air and hydro-carbon lines. We are also capable of detecting worn pump and motor bearings using this technology. Our ultrasonic devices detect: • Arcing, tracking and corona in HV electrical distribution switchgear • Escaping gases, passing valves, cavitation, vacuum leaks, steam trap mal-functioning in industrial piping • Poor lubrication and bearing issues in mechanical and reciprocating machinery. Compressed Air Leak Detection We use the latest ultrasonic equipment to pin-point the smallest compressed air leaks, even in the nosiest environment. Compressed air is considered the forth utility, typically this vital resource is undermanaged and inefficient, representing a substantial energy cost component to any manufacturing or process facility. The benefits of air leak detection include: • Immediate reduction of electricity costs upon leak identification and repair • Reduction in Carbon foot print • Improves workplace safety • Improves compressor reliability and longevity. ‘Air is free - until it’s compressed’ Facilities Management OffshoreProcess Renewables
  2. 2. Infrared (IR) Window Installation ‘Installation of IR windows is the safest means to view inside electrical cabinets without having to shut the system down’ Thermal Imaging Surveys We retro-fit IR inspection windows to remove the hazards relating to inspecting energised electrical distribution equipment. Installation allows safe viewing without opening panels and exposing personnel to the potential of electrocution and arc flash. We supply and install all types of IR windows (IRISS, CorDEX, FLIR and FLUKE), because we know accessing LV and HV equipment for regular PM needs come at a risk. The benefits of IR windows include: • Improved survey thoroughness, frequency and access on equipment that would otherwise have been missed • Installation removes the need to open or power down equipment • Able to withstand 11kVA arc flash. IP65/IP67 rated for outdoor use • Inexpensive, short installation time, clear view crystal or polymer lens, available in bespoke sizes • Installation removes high risk behaviours • Maintains closed and guarded condition, reduced manpower to survey • Successfully used in the processing and manufacturing industries, food sectors, offshore industries and utilities to help maintain operational efficiency and employee safety. ‘The human eye cannot see heat until a component is glowing cherry red’ Quality Services Without Compromise Geo Therm Ltd perform infrared (IR) thermographic surveys to detect and monitor extreme temperatures in electrical distribution and mechanical equipment to prevent downtime in industry, identifying hot spots in vessel engine rooms and energy losses in commercial and domestic buildings. Improving heating deficiencies, effectively directing maintenance strategies to successfully prevent asset downtime, safety and compliance with regular preventative maintenance (PM) needs, vessel class prerequisites and insurance risk assessments against fire and consequential losses in: • Production and manufacturing facilities • Refineries, offshore oil gas and maritime industries • The nuclear and energy sectors • The built environment: domestic and commercial buildings, coldstores and warehousing. Delta T Alert™ We supply, retro-fit and configure the Delta T Alert™ wireless system, the latest self- contained remote temperature-monitoring sensor available to-date. The Delta T Alert™ monitors and alarms the end user to any pre-programmed temperature deviation, indentifying the early onset of potential failure. Benefits of the Delta T Alert™ include: • Alarm - audio, visual and email allowing immediate notification as issues arise • Reporting - up to 8 readings per day for trend analysis • On demand status reports • Provides standalone, remote temperature monitoring of vital systems. ‘Heat is the early precursor to equipment failure, monitoring elevated temperatures in vital systems will direct maintenance attention fast’ IR Gas Find Surveys We utilise the optical infrared gas-find camera to non-invasively monitor fugitive gas emissions within petrochemical refineries, offshore process platforms and storage facilities. Scanning for hydro-carbon leaks at a safe working distance; targeting high risk process systems to remove risks of polution and fire. IR Gas Find benefits include: • Locating leaking gasket joints, valves and storage vessels holding volatile products • Improve upon site best practices • Maximise productivity and profits • No disruption to operations • Environmental and regulatory compliance.