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Geo Therm Ltd - FM business leaflet 2016

The new Geo Therm Ltd leaflets, emphasizing our buidling, electrical switchgear and data centre condition monitoring service provision for Facilities Managanement is now available. For your free copy including our 2016 literature pack please Call Geo Therm Ltd on +44 (0)1502 723241

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Geo Therm Ltd - FM business leaflet 2016

  1. 1. Risk Surveys it is almost impossible to be running a business in the UK and not use electrical power in some way. Therefore, in order to manage risks and comply with the law, you need to inspect your electrical equipment and fixed wiring systems regularly. The Electricity at Work Regulations (EAW), 1989‘, impose a duty of care on all employers, employees and self-employed contractors to make sure that all electrical equipment or systems are safe to use. Leading insurers are increasingly recommending regular, periodic inspections of all electrical assets as part of the requirements of their cover. Indeed, at Geo Therm Ltd we have seen an increase in demand for our services, providing companies and organisations with independent, third party lnfra-red (IR) thermal imaging electrical surveys. FM Global, Zurich, RSA and Aon are some of the leading insurers recommending regular electrical surveys to reduce the risks to your business. When the introduction of the amendments to the Insurance Act comes into place in August 2016, companies must be open and honest about any past fires or injuries. Our services and documented ’ evidence, in the form of detailed survey reports will help you increase employee and visitor safety, improving the effectiveness of your maintenance programme, reducing breakdowns, electrical fires and insurance premium costs. Industry statistics from 2013/14 highlighted 30 — 40% of large fires were caused by electrical faults. Although the companies involved received large fines, the true cost is much higher when other factors are taken into account; interruption to business, legal costs, management time, employee relationships and brand/ client damage, loss of key assets. Geo Therm Ltd, are a specialist, independent inspection company, performing professional third party thermal imaging surveys across all sectors of industry, manufacturing and the logistic supply Chain. For more information or to book a survey, please contact Dr. Louise l/ lacCormac on: T: 01502 723247 /07922 891373 or louisemaccorma . eothei'm| td. co, uk Thermography is an effective, non-invasive method of detecting extreme temperatures, to prevent catastrophic electrical failures. Periodic inspections not only ensure legal compliance. but will also add value to business operations. The electrical system is a critical cuinponenl to any business, if a main component fails, then a business could suffer a complete and unscheduled shutdown, with substantial loss of revenue. Commonly surveyed equiprneiit include. Equipment control panels Distribution boards Fuse boards PLC systems Motor control centres High 8 low niairis voltage systems Electrical switchgear Bushar systems Transformers UPS battery systems To assist you in your risk rrianagerrieiii process, Geo Therm Ltrl’s expert surveyors will perform an infra-red thermal inspecliori on all your electrical installations and compile a comprehensive report, detailing any deficiencies or anomalies. Adopting a planner! maintenance approach, with regular thermal inspections at the core. ensures you minimise rislr and avoid unexpected cnsts. www. geotherm| td. co. uk T: +44ioi 1502 723241 inloimgeollierniltd. co. uk E, -5%
  2. 2. Help Reduce Your Insurance Premiums ,5? by utilising Geo Therm Ltd technolgies To improve due diligence, safety and legal compliance, Geo Therm Ltd recommends the introduction of one or more of . our service options listed below; it / Independent annual infra-red (IR) thermal imaging surveys to detect extreme temperatures and failing / T3,. components. Assisting you with targeting maintenance needs in a direct and effective manner / Supply and installing IR inspection windows to electrical cabinets, removing the risk of arc fIas__h and i ‘ electrocution. Providing a safe iand "effectiv‘emea“ns . thoroughly surve’y<bo’th visually-an‘! the(maily, i«n§R{e . ,.‘*-2:. ‘ i‘. .. J 7 less Iempe aturtfioni ring , I secure cabinets / / I lnstallthe year round, wi e ensur all y ur cri‘i‘ca'l system, the Delta T Alert” to electrical assets are tnonitorfd 24/73- pro iding an audio/ visual andT'emezi_i alarm» o direc ycgr engiriéeis ml ’ ’ 1 Vs T- T <; s.», .~—. ~,. sl, .. ., to the location of theffault j :3 . / Install and configure the E-sgentry tagging system, a‘ E} 4 i’ , -;-: .:‘. :'. :-, c‘ 1-: small credit card sized NFC data tag for in—situ retrieval ~» ' on a. I : , _ _ , o"'. 'o"* 'v, 'c‘: '.". '-, ’-'3 "' and u loadin of asset information when erformin fl p: :a§': ¢ «L '. '.0_oJ . _ — p = », g _, _ v: .'_o. :.' , :, thermal ima in surveysrat IR window locations r you‘ I We also undertake electrical CompEx and compressed air leak ultrasound surveys Regular inspection is an integral part of any electrical maintenance programme. The main purpose of a routine in-service inspection is to report defects that pose a risk of injury to people or damage to propertyz. To assist you in your electrical maintenance strategy, Geo Therm Ltd provide expert surveyors to undertake IR inspections of all your electrical installations, compiling an independent comprehensive report detailing assets inspected and anomalies detected. T: +44 (0) 1502 723241 info@geothermltd. co. uk