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Geo Therm Ltd - Company Profile Booklet

Geo Therm company profile booklet providing a basic overview on the company, its formation, personnel and services sectors to aid existing maintenance regimes, condition monitoring for industry offshore, maritime and energy sector compliance needs.

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Geo Therm Ltd - Company Profile Booklet

  2. 2. Est. 2002 Our Company 03 What We Do 04 Who We Are 05 Our Business Process 06 Our Global Reach 07 Vision, Mission & Values 08 Our Innovative Approach 09 Inspection Services 10 Inspection Services 11 Additional Services 12 Anytime, Anyplace & Anywhere 13 Case Study 1 14 Case Study 2 15 Geo Therm Limited is an inspection and services company providing thermographic and condition monitoring surveys worldwide. Founded in a humble manner from the CEO’s home port town of Lowestoft in 2002. Some 20 years later Geo Therm business activities have outperformed all expectations. Successfully conducting inspections on super yachts, on board ships, factories, drilling rigs and wind turbine service barges. Quality surveys and services have been executed safely over six continents. As far north as the Arctic Circle and as far south as the Falkland Islands. The company headquarters are based in the UK and has satellite offices in Florida USA, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. COMPANY INFORMATION Geo Therm Ltd Unit 2, Reydon Business Park, FountainWay, Reydon, Southwold, Suffolk IP18 6SZ United Kingdom Registered Address Riverside Business Centre, Riverside Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk NR33 0TQ United Kingdom Telephone: +44(0) 1502 723241 Fax: +44(0) 1502 530271 Email: Website: The company logo reflects the sectors that Geo Therm serve, performing quality inspections in industry, offshore and maritime sectors across the globe. CONTENTS OUR COMPANY 02 03
  3. 3. WHO WE ARE 04 05 An independent, third party inspection service company with global reach. Our name and services are synonymous with quality, reliability, and affordability. Renowned to mobilise rapidly at short notice to meet your preventative maintenance and service requests punctually. Keeping your business, assets and activities operational and compliant. An approved service supplier for the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Lloyds Register (LR). We are capable, credible and compliant. The company is ISO 9001:2015 registered. Safe Contractor approved. Achilles FPAL registered. A member of the Waveney Chamber of Commerce in the UK and company members of the IADC and EEEGR. Our marine surveyors are all members of the IIMS. WHAT WE DO Dr Adrian Durrant European Country Manager Over 30 years’ experience in engineering troubleshooting and issues resolution, worldwide. Adrian’s keen eye and methodical approach help keep the organisations thermal and CBM service inspections compliant. Greg Przybylski Australasian Regional Manager Over 30 years’ experience in the superyacht industry as a leading engineering projects manager and consultant for the design, construction and maintenance of superyachts and senior thermographic surveyor for GeoTherm AustAsia Pte Ltd. Capt. James Dale North America Country Manager 25 years’ experience in the yachting sector, heralding from a commercial fishing background. James is based in Florida, USA and Geo Therm USA LLC’s first point of contact for yacht thermographic surveys in North America. Jaimie Lacey Electrical & Inspection Manager 25 years of hands on industrial and offshore marine experience and our most experienced thermographic and ex surveyor bringing a vast knowledge to which has been put to great use within Geo Therm and its operational regions. Brian Cartwright MEIA Regional Manager A supply chain and logistics expert with over 15 years exposure. Brian is based in Dubai and the first point of contact for all Geo Therm’s condition monitoring service requests in the Middle East region. Anthony Dale CEO Provides a wealth of surveying experience in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Nearing 30 years of experience in the maritime and offshore energy sectors. With 20 years performing thermographic and CBM surveys on board the latest superyachts to worlds largest drill-ships and rigs.
  4. 4. 06 07 OUR BUSINESS PROCESS OUR GLOBAL REACH IRT Thermal Imaging IRW InfraredWindow Retrofit Ex/Elect Electrical Survey PAT Portable Appliance Testing UST Ultrasonic Testing From the 300 recent surveys performed, by far the most utilised equipment is the thermal camera for European maritime use, on offshore jack-up rig surveys. Company Thermographic Survey utilisation by asset type Company CBM service utilisation Service utilisation by maritime asset type Company service ultilisation by region Company service sector comparision semi-sub semi-sub Maritime assets EuropeIRT ship jack-up Onshore facilities AfricaIRW jack-up rig platform Middle EastEx/Elec platform ship S. AmericaPAT factory Asia/AustUST The ‘Geo Therm’ company name is derived from the geographical term for a line or surface within or on the earth connecting points of equal temperature.
  5. 5. VISION To be internationally respected and drive our business forward, increasing the market share that we serve. To continue to be professionally managed while employing high calibre surveyors to eke-out success with every service endeavour. To strive and exceed expectations, undertaking every quality survey in a professional, impartial, safe and convivial manner. MISSION Our mission is to provide a professional, cost effective and reliable thermographic and condition monitoring inspection services worldwide. The mission is fulfilled through innovative inspections, using calibrated equipment operated by qualified experienced surveyors, delivering quality reports in the pursuit of excellence. VALUES To uphold all business actions and transactions with integrity and honesty, with a client-centric approach. We operate to exacting standards, embracing diversity and equality, while adopting a no-nonsense attitude to unethical behaviour. VISION, MISSION & VALUES 08 09 ‘’The steppingstones for success are quality, reliability and affordability. We strive to achieve this through our vision, mission and values.’’ A Dale CEO ‘’Innovative, dynamic inspection and maintenance solutions across manufacturing, offshore drilling rigs and maritime sectors’’ OUR INNOVATIVE APPROACH
  6. 6. Ultrasonic (UST) Leak detection in hatch & doors: American Bureau of Shipping and Lloyds Register accredited service supplier for ship and yacht enclosure integrity testing, for water and weather tightness in doors and hatches. A preferred means to locate failing seals to prevent water ingress and prevent stability issues due to deck wash in heavy seas. Ultrasonic (UST) Compressed Air Leak Detection: Air is free until it is compressed. Noisy air leaks are easily heard and repaired, however, it’s the continuous, less noisy incipient leaks that dent the bottom-line. Immediate energy savings gained after detection, tagging and site repair. Reducing your carbon footprint while improving compressor reliability as your system cycle’s less often to feed the air leak. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT): the in-service inspection and electronic testing of handheld power tools, power cables and fixed appliances. The process of examining electrical appliances and equipment to confirm that they are fully operational and safe to use. It involves a series of visual checks and electronic tests, which help establish a specific appliance fulfils the legal obligations to ensure a high standard of electrical safety. Thermal Imaging: our American Bureau of Shipping and Lloyds Register approved services to detect elevated temperatures in energised electrical systems, to prevent power outages and electrical fires. Extensively used for ship and rig engine room hotspot detection, to mitigate hot surfaces becoming an ignition source in the event of a fuel/oil line leak - a SOLAS requirement. Electrical / Ex Surveys: used to great effect throughout industry, logistical warehousing and sea going vessels and rigs. Reporting on electrical defects that pose a risk of injury to people or damage to the industrial complex and offshore asset in hazardous and non-hazardous zones. Ultrasonic (UST) High Voltage Partial Discharge: our American Bureau of Shipping and Lloyds Register approved services utilised to detect high frequency noise indicative of partial discharge in terrestrial high voltage power lines, and offshore drilling systems >1000V. Used to locate cable insulation deterioration, tracking and corona presence, to prevent a flash-over event. INSPECTION SERVICES 10 11 ‘’Extreme temperatures high frequency sound are precursors to equipment failure, periodic surveys detailed reports will direct maintenance needs fast’’ ‘’Adopting a planned maintenance approach, with regular inspections at the core, to minimise risk and avoid unexpected costs’’
  7. 7. ‘’Adopting a planned maintenance approach, with regular inspections at the core, to  minimise risk and avoid unexpected costs’’ We are passionate about what we do and every project is undertaken in a professional, punctual and courteous manner. The very core of our business is to find equipment deficiencies to maintain your equipment uptime. Ensuring your asset longevity, employee safety, insurance and audit compliance. Enhancing your bottom-line profit. ANYTIME, ANYPLACE ANYWHERE 13 ‘’Inspect critical electrical assets that cannot be turned off’’ Retrofitting and procurement service of infrared windows for electrical cabinets. Installation removes the risk of arc-flash and electrocution. Providing a safe and effective means to thoroughly survey both visually and thermally inside secure cabinets without shutting critical systems down. ADDITIONAL SERVICES
  8. 8. Geo Therm services performed a combined thermographic and electrical Ex survey for a major paint manufacturing plant operating in the Middle East as part of their preventative maintenance and safety improvement program. The site comprised of a wet and a dry powder paint process factory, warehousing, and offices. The equipment surveyed included main switchboards, transformers, site- wide distribution boards and equipment starter panels. All completed within just three days, by two company surveyors. In total six deficiencies were found warranting attention. Four moderate deficiencies were repaired and rechecked at time of the survey, whereas the two major deficiencies rested with the electrical utility supplier; the main transformer and main incomer panel powering the entire facility. Through our services this leading paint manufacturer mitigated catastrophic failure that would have shut down the entire production plant had we not been called. A leading yacht management company requested our services via a listed supplier, requiring a thermographic survey at short notice on a 2018 Cayman Island registered new build superyacht, to identify thermal electrical and cladding deficiencies before expiration of its warranty. A Geo Therm surveyor was mobilised to the south of France immediately. Our surveyor performed the electrical and engine room survey under actual sea going conditions. From the electrical panels surveyed including the main switchboard, HVAC and ancillary equipment, seven electrical deficiencies were raised. Including deficiencies with the non-contiguous cladding at its two main engine exhausts, the three auxiliary engine exhausts and emergency generator exhaust, exposing surface temperatures above SOLAS guidelines and a potential ignition source in the event of a fuel oil leak. Our detailed report highlighted the need for electrical and exhaust cladding corrective maintenance attention, with those actions being acknowledged and performed by the builder under warranty. INDUSTRY SUPER YACHT 14 15 CASE STUDY 1 CASE STUDY 2
  9. 9. ‘’The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. Call or email us now.’’ Est. 2002 Geo Therm Ltd Unit 2, Reydon Business Park, Fountain Way, Reydon, Southwold, Suffolk IP18 6SZ United Kingdom Telephone: +44(0) 1502 723241 Fax: +44(0) 1502 530271 Email: Website: