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Victoria’s Photo Album The Collins Edition


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Victoria's photo album, the Collins edition from the second world war until the 1960s.

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Victoria’s Photo Album The Collins Edition

  1. 1. Victoria’s Photo Album The Collins EditionThe hand written descriptions above the photos are Victoria’s.Comments and information below photos have been added to assist in describing the photo and family history.
  2. 2. Harry As Lance Corporal Harold as Lance Corporal in the Suffolk Regiment
  3. 3. Reg At 31/2 Years As Mai West 1941 The above photo of Reg was taken at Keynsham Gardens, Eltham, London in 1941, where he was being fostered with Agnes and Ernest Clark after the divorce of Harold from his first wife. Harold had been conscripted into the army for the Second World War.
  4. 4. Me, Harry And RegAt Keynsham Gardens Sept 1942Victoria, Harold and Reg at Keynsham Gardens, Eltham, London in1942. Harold was now a Corporal and this was where he first metVictoria, who became his second wife.
  5. 5. Ivy & Alan’s Wedding 1943Harold’s sister’s wedding with their father Charles Collins on the right.
  6. 6. Reg At Five Years Old
  7. 7. Harry Getting His Orders Abroad Harold saw active service in North Africa, Sicily and Italy serving in the Northamptonshire Regiment.
  8. 8. Harry & His Mates Waiting For Demob, Austria 1945 Harold is third from left at the rear.
  9. 9. Our Wedding 1946From the left: Harolds mother Maria Collins. Bridesmaid Hazel, Victorias sister. John GilmoreBest Man who married Victorias sister Jean. Beside Bride: William Clark her Uncle, who gaveVictoria away as her father Ernest Clark had already died. Youngest bridesmaid not known,possibly Brenda Neville? Bridesmaid Joan, Victorias sister. Victorias mother Agnes Clark.
  10. 10. Groom & Bride Harold and Victoria were married on 12th January 1946at the Congregation Church, Eltham, South East London.
  11. 11. Best Man John Congratulating Us John Gilmore who married Victorias sister Jean.
  12. 12. Harry & Reg Our Holiday After The WarTheir holiday together after the war was spent at Babacombe in Torquay, Devon.
  13. 13. Reg & MeAt Babacombe in Torquay, Devon
  14. 14. Mum Collins, Harry, Tony & Reg Maria Louisa Collins (nee Swan), Harry, Tony and Reg. Believe it to be at Harolds parents home in Landport, Portsmouth, Hampshire.
  15. 15. Mum & Dad CollinsMaria Louisa (nee Swan) and Charles Collins Harold’s parents
  16. 16. Reg, Harry & TonyPossibly taken at Keysham Gardens, Eltham, London
  17. 17. The children are in front of a WW2 garden air raid shelter. Brenda is standing at theback and possibly Sandra is the girl on the right. This was Joyce & Fred’s prefabhome in Plumstead, near Woolwich. Victoria, Reg and Tony lived with them andHarold at the weekends until they moved to St Albans where Harold had found workagain as a Print Compositor and was given Council accommodation.
  18. 18. Joyce, Fred, Brenda and Sandra at the front door of their flat,in Churchbury Road, Eltham, where they moved to from Plumstead. Tony spent some of his summer school holidays with them.
  19. 19. Our First Home in Lecton Lane, St AlbansOne of the many prefabs (post Second World War prefabricated homes) built to house the returning forces and their families.
  20. 20. Reg & Tony With Cousins From the left at the back is a Heading cousin from Stanmore and Reg.Not sure who the girl on the left is, but Tony is centre with Sandra Neville on the right.
  21. 21. Outside Our Home In Lecton LaneCan You Mend My Trousers Please Victoria, Harold, Reg and Tony.
  22. 22. Reg At SchoolReg is standing in second row indicated by the arrow.
  23. 23. Reg’s School Photo
  24. 24. Maureen,s Christening At 4 Months
  25. 25. Maureen At 5 Years
  26. 26. Tony’s School Photo
  27. 27. Reg As A Teenager
  28. 28. Maureen, David? & TonyMaureen, David? & Tony at one of the Men’s Club Christmas parties.Nobody was ever totally sure whether it was David in between them, but it has now been agreed that it must be!
  29. 29. Reg In Malaya 1959 Reg in the 3rd East Anglia Regiment during national serviceabroad in Malaya towards the end of the communist uprising.
  30. 30. Reg In Malaya 1959Reg on the right with Tammy after And in full dress uniform two weeks in the jungle
  31. 31. Reg’s Christmas In Malaya Reg is on the right with fork in mouth!
  32. 32. Maureen At 8 Years Old Maureen in the Brownies.
  33. 33. Youth Club, Plus Bert & May From PortsmouthVictoria and Harold ran a youth club for many years at Tavistock Sunday School, St Albans. This was an outing to Southsea in 1961. Harolds brother Albert fromPortsmouth is sitting between Harold and Victoria, and his wife May is sitting left of Harold. Their daughter Joan and her husband are in the deckchairs on the left.
  34. 34. Reg, Victoria & HaroldTony & Maureen withDavid between them. The Collins family in the early 1960s in the garden at Cottonmill Lane, St Albans.
  35. 35. Reg & Brenda’s Wedding Their marriage in 1962
  36. 36. David As Page Boy David at about 5 years
  37. 37. Maureen As Bridesmaid Maureen at about 9 years old
  38. 38. Harry with Ivy Killick (Brenda’s Mother)
  39. 39. Len Killick Brenda’s Father with Victoria
  40. 40. David & Tony Maureen & Rita Brenda’s Sister At Reg & Brenda’s Wedding Reception
  41. 41. Sisters Alice and Agnes (Nan Clark)
  42. 42. Bert (Harold’s Brother) & His Wife May From Portsmouth
  43. 43. Dennis (Victoria’s Brother) & His Wife Joyce
  44. 44. Ethel & Grace (Agnes Clark’s Sisters)
  45. 45. Fred & Joyce (Victoria’s Sister)
  46. 46. Hazel & Eric (Victoria’s Sister & Brother)
  47. 47. Ivy (Harold’s Sister) With Her Husband Alan
  48. 48. Ethel (Agnes Clark’s Sister) With Her Husband Jack
  49. 49. Sisters Janet & Susan Daughters ofDennis (Victoria’s Brother) & Joyce
  50. 50. Jean (Victoria’s Sister) With Her Husband John And Their Son Michelle
  51. 51. Sandra & BrendaDaughters of Joyce (Victoria’s Sister) & Fred
  52. 52. Joan (Victoria’s Sister) With Her Husband Tommy
  53. 53. Uncle Will (Ernest Clark’s Brother) or Snozz as he was nicknamed.He must have had a tough old nose and head, as in later life he walked through a plate glass entrance door at Mandeville Primary School in St Albans. As the glass fell around him, he just shook his head and walked on!
  54. 54. Harry, Victoria, Maureen and David
  55. 55. David At 5 Years OldDavid in the garden at Cottonmill Lane, St Albans.
  56. 56. Maureen 1963 At 11 Years Maureen in the garden at Cottonmill Lane, St Albans.
  57. 57. Maureen With David David and Maureen in 1963
  58. 58. Agnes (Nan) Clark Child Unknown?
  59. 59. Nan (Agnes) Clark on holiday with Brenda and Reg with Adrian and Bridget
  60. 60. Harry & Me Helping At Fete (David with his back to camera?) Harold on left and Victoria on right, helping at one of the Sunday School Fetes.David has his back to camera and possibly Brenda with specs and hat on just behind Victoria. Tavistock Interdenominational Sunday School, St Albans.
  61. 61. Me, Brenda & Harry Helping At Fete Victoria, Brenda and Harold in 1964, helping at one of the Sunday School Fetes in Mandeville School, St Albans. (Tavistock Interdenominational Sunday School)
  62. 62. Maureen with The Youth ClubMaureen is just below the Olympic gold medals Linda Ludgrove won for swimming possibly in the year 1966?
  63. 63. MaureenMaureen at 15 years old.
  64. 64. Maureen With Her Workmates At The Waterend Barn The Waterend Barn Pub Restaurant, St Albans
  65. 65. Harry Play ActingAt Men’s Club Party Harold is second from the right.
  66. 66. Harry Receiving An Award At The Men’s ClubThis may possibly be for a knobbly knees contest, as he always won them!
  67. 67. London Airport At Start Of Holiday At Heathrow Airport dropping off a French student to catch his plane.It is surprising how many people plus luggage could get into a Morris 1000 those days! This was also the start of the tragic family holiday in the New Forest where Maureen died from thrombosis at the very young age of fifteen years.
  68. 68. David, Maureen & Victoria when the family stopped for tea and cakes aboard The Windsor Castle liner which was docked in Southampton harbour.
  69. 69. Harold Leonard Collins and Victoria May (nee Clark)