Victoria's Photo Album The Clark Edition


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Victoria's photo album, the Clark edition from 1916 until the second world war.

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Victoria's Photo Album The Clark Edition

  1. 1. Victoria’s Photo Album The Clark Edition The hand written descriptions above the photos are Victoria’s. Comments and information below photos have been added to assist in describing the photo and family history.
  2. 2. Mum & Dad’s Wedding 1916 The Wedding of Ernest Edward Clark and Agnes May Heading in Stanmore, Middlesex.
  3. 3. Fireman Dad Ernest Edward Clark Fireman of the London Fire Station Brigade
  4. 4. My First Photo Victoria May Clark Born in 1917 and the first of seven children born to Ernest and Agnes Clark
  5. 5. Westhorne Ave, Eltham The Clark Family Home
  6. 6. Dennis, Me, Joyce, Joan & Hazel at Westhorne Ave in 1931 Victoria with her brother and sisters at their home in Westhorne Ave, South London Victoria Dennis & Joyce Joan Hazel
  7. 7. A Teenager At 14 Years Victoria
  8. 8. Mum, Me & The Three Js The three Js are Joyce, Jean and Joan with their mother Agnes and Victoria at the rear.
  9. 9. Me, Dennis & Joyce at Allhallows in 1932 Allhallows, Rochester, Kent
  10. 10. Hazel & Joan 1932 Seaside scene not known?
  11. 11. My First Job In Service at Stanmore Hall At 15 Years Old Victoria in 1932 Stanmore Hall was a Mid 19 th Century Tudor Style House in Middlesex. Which is now apartment flats.
  12. 12. Hazel, Jean, Eric & Joan Westhorne Ave, Eltham, South London
  13. 13. Hazel, Eric & Me Westhorne Ave, Eltham, South London
  14. 14. Joyce & Me At Avery Hill College Avery Hill College, Greenwich which is now the University of Greenwich
  15. 15. Me Before The War Victoria possibly between 18 and 20 years old
  16. 16. Victoria between 18 and early 20s
  17. 17. 1935 Aunt Alice ‘sitting’ with Aunt Amie standing. Mum’s Sisters
  18. 18. Eric And Me On Osea Island 1939 Osea Island, Essex
  19. 19. Eric At Westhorne Ave, Eltham, South London
  20. 20. Mum and Hazel Agnes Clark with daughter Hazel
  21. 21. Grandma Heading, Aunt Lil, Dad and Mum Grandma Heading’s name was Hannah. Her maiden name isn’t known, but records show she was born in St Albans, Hertfordshire in 1865.
  22. 22. War Time September 1939. Sad dad, seeing our children away to a safe place in Harberford. Believe it to be Joyce looking back towards camera.
  23. 23. Visiting Joan, Hazel & Eric in Harberford, Devon
  24. 24. Me, Eric, Friend, Joan & Hazel at Harberford, Devon in 1941
  25. 25. Eric, Me, Joan, Friend & Hazel in Harberford, Devon
  26. 26. Mum & Aunt Ethel
  27. 27. Mum With Brother & Sisters Ethel, Amy, Lil, Jack, Agnes (Mum), Alice and Lizzie Agnes Clark (nee Heading) with her brother and sisters minus their sister Grace
  28. 28. Joan, Jean, Hazel, Irene, Daphne, Eva, Ethel, Irene’s Mum & My Mum
  29. 29. Joyce & Me
  30. 30. Dennis & Me Possibly at the Basin, Maldon, Essex
  31. 31. Daphne, me & Joyce Sunbathing
  32. 32. Joyce, Joan & Hazel
  33. 33. Mum and Aunt Alice Taken at a family wedding
  34. 34. Mum & Dad Agnes May (nee Heading) and Ernest Edward Clark