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  1. 1. Africa Focused with Global Strength
  2. 2. History / Introduction Established in 2001 in Paris, France, EHS commenced business providing intercontinental transport and delivery services by air to West & Central Africa to Express Integrators such as UPS,TNT,Fedex,Aramex.Ourroleatthattimewastoensurethesafetransportanddelivery of our client’s goods in West & Central Africa on an express basis. We were a provider of expertiseinAfricatotheExpressIndustry. Today, still headquartered in Paris, France, EHS has transformed into a company with owned offices across West & Central Africa and a Worldwide Network of partners, providing International Transport & Logistics solutions by air and sea to direct clients who areAfricanbased. Our clients benefit from our experience and expertise in West & Central Africa, where we offer the ability to transport goods from anywhere in the world to West & CentralAfrica&fromWest&CentralAfricatoanywhereintheworld,byseaandair. Ourfocusisongivingasolutionthatourclient’swantandnotwhatsuitsus. Welisten,Weanalyse,Wepropose,Wecomit,Weaction,Wesatisfy. Our brochure is merely to give you an introduction to EHS and display a simple guide to some of the services we provide. Our scope of activity far outreaches what you will find in ourbrochure. Ifyouhavealogisticsproblem,ifit’sAfricarelated,discussitwithus. Welookforwardtoservingyou. Africa Focused with Global Strength
  3. 3. Sectors MiningServices Our Mining services clients demand consistent performance and innovative solutions.Wecontinuetomeetthereneeds.Communicatingateverystep. Mining&MiningInfrastructure Ensuringtheaccuratecustomsclearanceandmeetingalllocalregulationsprovideassurance forourclientsinthissectorthatweareinfullcontrol.Communicatingateverystep. Oil&Gas EHSisnowcreatingadedicatedOil&GasTeam,experiencedinthissector. Welookforwardtoservingourclientssoon. IndustrialGoods Organizing police escorts, out of gauge transport for projects, are just a few elements we offer to our clients in this sector. Keen to ensure the secure arrival of Industrial materials fromStorageTankstoHydroPowerequipment. ReliefAgencies&NGOLogisticsSupport DuringtheEbolaCrisis,ourLiberia&SierraLeoneofficeshavebeenheavily involvedinthelogisticssupportforsuchclientsasMSF,ECOWAS. We are proud to be providing services to clients active in the following industry sectors: Africa Focused with Global Strength
  4. 4. Impex import service • Areyouaregularimporterofgoodsfromabroad? • Do you want to reduce the cost of transporting your goods from supplier to you andimprovetransittime? • Doyouwanttoexercisegreatercontrolofyourgoods? • Do you prefer to pay for your international transport in your local currency and avoidbankcharges? EHSIMPEX,putsyouincontrol,savesyoumoney.Hereishowitworks - Youorder - Wecoordinatewithsupplier - Weorganizecollectionfromsupplier - Wetransportfromsuppliertoyourportorairportoranywhereyouinstructusto - Wecancustomsclearandalsodeliveroncearrivedattheportorairport - Yousettlepaymenttoourlocaloffice EHS wishes to revolutionise the way our African importer clients organize the import of their goods. With your imports under our control from time of ordering, EHS will save you time, money and energy, thus freeing you to focus on developing your local business activity. • Assuringcorrectdocumentationbeforearrival • Swiftprocessingthroughcustomsproceduresuponarrival • Swiftdutyandtaxpaymentuponassessment • Swiftrecoveryofgoodsoncecustomsclearancehasbeenmade Do you know how much money you can loose just by your customs agent using incorrectcustomscodes? EHS clients can do business confidently knowing the correct customs codes and licensesareappliedeverytime. With port and airport operations, our customs clearance capability is built on: Customs Clearance Africa Focused with Global Strength
  5. 5. Lowercost Fastertransittimes Morereactivity Consistentcommunication Wewillworkwithyouandforyoutoattainyourgoalsinthisarea. Our strong airline relationships both locally and globally enable us to provide swift and secure transport by air of our client’s goods. Airfreight services Sea freight services Transporting your goods by sea is a cost effective way of doing so. How can EHS support you in meeting your needs in this area? LCL service WhatisLCL? Ifyouhavegoodsthatyouwishtoexportbysea,butthevolumedoesnotfilla full container, then there is nothing to worry about. With our LCL service, we can ship any volume of cargo which is less than a full container. You will only pay for the actual volumeofyourcargoandnotforafullcontainer. Note:subjecttocountryrestrictions Africa Focused with Global Strength
  6. 6. Insuringyourgoodsduringthetransportationprocessgivesthataddedsecurityandpeaceof mind. EHSwillbehappytoprovideyouaddedInsurancecoveronacasebycasebasis. Insurance Bio pharma services Through our European HQ, we service the Bio Pharma and Clinical Trial Sector. Transport of UN3373 and UN1845 is a regular occurrence within our network. We can supply the necessarypackagingandconditioning(DryIce,LN2Containers,...). National logistics services Talk to us about your local and national transport needs. You may be surprised with the alternative solutions we could propose. Our aim is to improve the service levels that our clientshavebeenhistoricallyexperiencingandprovidecostbenefits. Corporate responsibility EHS understand the important role it plays in doing business in West and Central Africa. OurcommitmentislongtermandisaimedatraisingthestandardswithinourIndustry, throughinvestingintrainingandawareness. Africa Focused with Global Strength
  7. 7. EXPRESS HANDLING SERVICES Contact EHS HEAD OFFICE Le Dôme, 1 rue de la Haye, BP 12910, 95731 Roissy CDG, France Tel: +33 1 40 86 45 37 EHS has representative offices in all major cities of North & Eastern Europe ,Asia, Africa , Australia North and South America