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he AlphaSphere is a new musical instrument that opens up music making to a new generation of musicians. Designed for composition, production, performance and learning, each of the tactile pads are pressure sensitive and ergonomically mapped around the surface of sphere. Underlying the design is a geometric notational logic that allows the custom mappings to be created between different pads.

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  1. 1. AlphaSphere
  2. 2. Our vision: Make Music Accessible to Everyone, Everywhere
  3. 3. 0 75 150 225 300 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21 AlphaSphere elite soft-launched AlphaSphere nexus retail launch iOS App introduced Android App introduced AlphaU mass production AlphaSphere me mass production BetaLoop (IoT product) launch GammaDisc (TBD) launch Product roadmap / sales forecast
  4. 4. Market We are already selling this device to DJs, pro-musicians & enthusiasts worldwide. One of our customers is the Japanese market leader in Karaoke. AlphaSphere me is designed to be accessible to kids getting into music. AlphaU is a handheld as a music device for everyone.
  5. 5. Opens up a new musical experience for users, and a content revenue model. Music Gamification
  6. 6. Content/Data All of the AlphaSphere are linked to a cloud server, which hosts Content, which can be downloaded & uploaded by the users. Data is monitored for market insight. $199 AlphaSphere me $1500 AlphaSphere elite $599 AlphaSphere nexus $69 AlphaU AlphaLive
  7. 7. Henry’s cool AlphaRemixes Content Online Vocal Melody Bass Beats Top row selected Pad playing Content is provided from the labels as the original master recording. Vocal Melody Bass Beats Where Are Ü Now? Offline Content is arranged into sections which can be played in the App Curation
  8. 8. The AlphaSphere unites two markets to create a new one. Customisation of content is part of a trend spearheaded by apps such as Instagram. Music Making Music Listening Music Customisation US$17 billion US$15 billion
  9. 9. Adam Place CEO Henry Tsang COO Luke Saxton iOS developer Fred Goldring Hollywood God Andrew Silberstein EDM market Diego Alcala VP, Sales Team Tony Chan CFO Felix Godden UX Specialist Ben Watson CMO
  10. 10. Thank You!