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Manged print services 1

  1. 1. Intro to Managed Print Services Ken Cleveland Tim Whitmore Tony Barton
  2. 2. Managed Print Services Business Process Services Communication Services Sustainability Management Services Production Printing Services IT Infrastructure Services OpticsHardwareApplication Services 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  Proactive Managed IT Services  Engineered IT Solutions  Backup & Security Solutions  Production Hardware is available  Mobile Printing Solutions  Output Management Solutions  Printer/Copier Management & Security Solutions  Enterprise Content Management Solutions  Scan and Capture Solutions  Business Process Consulting  Forms Management Solutions  Microform to Digital Conversion  Unified Communications  No offerings available  See Hardware Portfolio in Ricoh Offerings  No offerings available  No offerings available Completes the RAC Portfolio Where Managed Print Services fits in our Services Portfolio
  3. 3. Services Information Sheet (SIS) Scan and Capture Solutions
  4. 4. Services Information Sheet (SIS) Scan and Capture Solutions
  5. 5. Services Information Sheet (SIS) Scan and Capture Solutions
  6. 6. By providing a single, cost-effective output management solution that makes it easy for organizations to…. • Add document output security to their compliance/regulatory strategy • Strengthen the safeguard practices that ensure the privacy and integrity of paper based information • Provide personnel with secure and convenient access to output capabilities wherever needed • Optimize and manage the use of output devices • Reduce print waste • Allocate print costs to specific departments and even recover allowable print Why Managed Print Services Helps
  7. 7. • Cost Preview & • Usage Reporting - End user cost awareness - Cost management - Optimize printing environment • Print Rules & Routing - Least cost printing - Waste reduction - Affect user printing behavior • Authentication – Access control & audit trail – User convenience • Follow-You Printing® – Security – Mobile, convenient printing – Waste reduction – Integration with distributed scanning applications (GSNX, eCopy, Autostore, etc) Functionality Overview
  8. 8. Cost Preview What it does: -Calculates the cost of a print job, and displays it to the end user -Allows end users to cancel a print job, after reviewing the cost -Increases end user awareness of printing costs
  9. 9. Usage Reporting What it does: • Accurately charge documents to specific department to cost center codes • Accurately charge documents to specific client or matter codes – Legal • Tracks the costs of document attributes such as file or paper size, media type, color, duplexing, stitching and more • Creates different charging schedules for internal and external customers • Provides better visibility into usage • Increases revenue opportunities for the customer
  10. 10. Monitor, Measure and Manage Costs Excessive Color Use Over utilized Under utilized
  11. 11. Print Rules & Routing What they do: • Modify end user print behavior • Gives administrator ability to predetermine who may print to which devices, based on attributes of a print job (color, number of pages, etc). • Enables administrator to enforce duplex, black and white or re-route jobs to more efficient print devices.
  12. 12. Printing Rules - Benefits • Greater Cost Control • End User Behavior Modification • Implement Print Strategies in line with Corporate Objectives (reduce waste, green strategies) • Control color and application-specific printing (Email, Internet, etc) • Helps make Help Desk life easier
  13. 13. Print Rules and Routing Re-route job based on number of pages 2) System applies rule >10 pages redirect 1) User prints 50-page job to low volume IP device 3) USER receives notification Desktop Mid Volume Centralized Repro Equitrac Notification X Jobs of more than 10 pages may not be printed on desktop devices. Your job has been re-directed to the departmental printer. OK i
  14. 14. Print Rules and Routing Convert from Color to B/W* 2) System applies rule to convert 1) User prints job in color 3) USER receives notification Desktop Mid Volume Centralized Repro Equitrac Notification X You have exceeded your Color quota and your job will be printed in Black and White. OK i *This feature is subject to driver compatibility.
  15. 15. Print Rules and Routing Auto Conversion to Two Sided Printing 2) System applies rule and automatically converts to two sided 1) User prints 10-page job one sided 3) USER receives notification Desktop Mid Volume Centralized Repro Equitrac Notification X Jobs of more than 10 pages must be printed two sided to help preserve the environment. Your job has been converted to a two sided print. OK i *This feature is subject to driver compatibility.
  16. 16. What it does: • Holds documents in a secure print queue until users authenticate themselves • Will delete jobs abandoned in the queue • Enables users to print on the go, even in multiple office locations • Greatly reduces the need to support multiple print drivers for each user Follow-You Printing
  17. 17. How it benefits your customer: • Dramatically diminishes risk of exposing sensitive information at the output device • Eliminates unclaimed pages meaning a savings in cost and a reduction in waste • Simplifies IT management of print drivers giving them more time for other initiatives Follow-You Benefits
  18. 18. Users and Groups Authentication & Follow You Printing Print Server Deleted Jobs 3) Users swipe ID card or enter PIN to release job 5) Unreleased job is deleted after time-out 4) Authorized job is released to printer 2) Jobs are held in secure queue 1) Users print as usual
  19. 19. Embedded Software What it does: • Ability to embed Tracking into the MFP device How it benefits your customers: • No additional hardware required, network drops & IP addresses • Reduces total cost of ownership • Integrated reporting for all digital technologies
  20. 20. Embedded Device View: Equitrac PCC (print and copy control) Multiple Methods to Log In: • Proximity Card • PIN code entry • Network user credentials (user name + password)
  21. 21. Three weeks of wasted paper from Vanderbilt University – School of Business
  22. 22. Questions To Ask Business • How do you charge print and copy costs back to individual departments or users? • How do you prevent sensitive documents from being left in an output tray? • Do you have audit trails for confidential documents? • How do you ensure that employees do not overuse color printing? Schools • Are students or staff abusing “free” printing? • Do you know how much you are spending on printing? • Would you like to provide mobile printing? • Do you use, or plan to use, a campus card system? • Do you see a lot of print waste around campus?
  23. 23. Questions To Ask Legal (Professional) • Would you like to control which client-related costs you recover? • Are you concerned about environmental sustainability? • Would you like to put an end to overuse of expensive color devices? • Are you losing revenue as you print more documents and make fewer copies?
  24. 24. Resources • RWorld Services Portfolio • Product Brochures – Double Click the icon
  25. 25. Thank you.
  26. 26. End