Logistics and Expectations for Student Speaker Series Events


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This presentation gives a general overview of our expectations for students, teachers, and chaperones during our Student Speaker Series Events. Also, it has information on logistics for lunch.

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Logistics and Expectations for Student Speaker Series Events

  1. 1. Speaker Series for StudentsLogistics Information and Expectationsfor Teachers, Chaperones, and Students
  2. 2. 1) Each student should label his/her lunch with FIRST and LAST NAME2) Please place all of your group’s lunches in a box that has: a. SCHOOL b. TEACHER LAST NAME3) When you arrive at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, please designate two students to help load lunches onto carts. Carts will be stored until designated lunch time.4) Please work with your chaperones to ensure all waste is disposed of following lunch.
  3. 3. Think Business Boys Casual Girls We ask that they wear We ask that boys wear skirts, dresses or slacks slacks or nice jeans and below the knee, and a a shirt with a collar blouse or collared shirt equivalentState of Civics Today
  4. 4. 1) Please position your chaperones so that they are evenly distributed throughout your student population.2) During the panel, students are allowed to text or tweet their questions, comments, and reactions to the discussion, but they should not do so in such a way that it becomes distracting.3) Students should sit quietly and give their full attention to the panelist(s) and the discussion taking place.4) All texts, tweets, or questions should be respectful in nature.5) Students should remain with their group. State of Civics Today
  5. 5. 1) There is no food, drink, or gum allowed in the museum.2) Photography is permitted (except for on Air Force One), but there is no flash photography allowed.3) Students should remain with their group.4) There are many exhibits that are hands on and interactive, feel free to touch and utilize these. However, please do not touch exhibits that are not designed to be interactive.5) Students and chaperones should listen to the docents (they are extremely knowledgeable). State of Civics Today