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Employee Engagement & Development Conference


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Employee Engagement is a new business science that is rapidly becoming critical knowledge for leaders across the enterprise. Today, organizations are in a highly competitive global, board band business world. Therefore, they can no longer afford slow, incremental improvement. Organizations must value past their competitors with new ideas, innovative new products, and the agility to enter and markets on a dime.

Many organisations are facing the realities of managing and leading their business through the
toughest situation they have ever experienced. The current crisis has clearly shown that responsible business practice is critical to an organisation’s sustainability. One of the most important assets any organisation needs to see it through is good leadership supported by an engaged workforce.

The business case for employee engagement is clear, whether in challenging times or not – leaders and managers who inspire and engage their employees are more likely to realise the full potential of their workforce, unlocking hidden talent and maximising business performance.

Many market leaders are moving away from the industrial-era HR model that manages people as one more ‘resource’ in the supply chain. In fact, the traditional administrative HR activities to support this model are already being commoditized, outsourced, and off-shored, along with other command and control management practices.

By attending the Employee Engagement & Development Conference, HR professionals from across the Asia Pacific will discover the inside secrets of today's best performing and most highly valued human resources professionals. This conference will give you the opportunity to explore with us the key behavioural drivers of employee engagement, the role of the leader, organisational culture, as well as the barriers to employee engagement and how to overcome them. We will look at how to develop effective engagement strategies that will help you to create and sustain a highly engaged workforce within your organisation. You'll learn how to maximize HR's strategic value within an
organization, transforming it from an administrative function to a dynamic, bottom-line-enhancing business asset. The highly topical issues that will be discussed coupled with the appropriately senior speakers ensure that delegates will gain the practical edge and nurture the connections to get ahead.

This conference will provide HR professionals a unique opportunity to get an understanding on the most current pressing HR issues.

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Employee Engagement & Development Conference

  1. 1. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Earl Bird Ofy Save upfer & DEVELOPMENT to $400! CONFERENCE 23rd - 25th November 2009 | Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay Featuring Presentations and 10 case studies from over 20 Industry Experts Including: Pete Baker Christopher Goh Eugene Tan Hung Cheok Mei Ing Robert Yeo Gyan Nagpal Richard Yeo Johan Van Vuuren Senior HR Director, Global Liang Head, Corporate CEO and Executive Regional Head of Senior Consultant, Director-HR Manager-Asia Learning & Area Director of Consulting Services Director Talent & Human Capital Datacraft-Asia Procter & Gamble Leadership Human Resources Ipac Financial Singapore Training & Development - Asia Group Prestige and Development Shangri-La Hotel Planning Development Pacific Watson Wyatt Female Beauty Agilent Technologies Singapore Association Human Resources Singapore Deutsche Bank AG - Asia Pacific Head Theng Soo Ting Dr. Brent Ruge Don Yeo CS Yue Sung Hae Kim Dr. Mano Cheryl Liew Grace Burton Senior VP- Human Group Leader Deputy Chief Vice President, Head of HR Ramakrishnan CEO Head of Human Capital TowersPerrin Executive Officer Human Resources, Hewlett-Packard Regional Head of Lifeworkz Resources Shatec Institutes Singapore (Policy & Corporate Asia Pacific Southeast Asia Leadership Seadrill Development Owens Corning Assessment Management Group) Hewitt Associates CPF Board Key Highlights: POST-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS 25th November 2009 • Learning to hear the new employee voice • Keeping employees’ promises • Build engagement between managers and employees • Link your brand with specific engagement objectives • Energise and involve senior leaders in your engagement efforts • Steering employees through organisational change Workshop A: The Power of Workshop B: Inspiring • Balancing and internal and external risks to engagement Positive Politics Employee Engagement • Consolidating and streamlining HR processes Workshop Leader: Workshop Leader: Jane Horan, Consultant, Frank Kuijsters, Director of • Improving loyalty through flexibility and culture The Horan Group Digne Consult Asia Pacific Organised by: Premier Partner: Event Endorser: Supporting Media Partners: REGISTRATION HOTLINE: +65 6832 5102
  2. 2. Day 1 Monday, 23rd November 2009 8:15 Registration 12:30 Networking Luncheon 8:45 Chairperson’s opening remarks 13:30 Putting People at the Heart of Your Engagement Strategy • Creating an engagement culture tailored to employees and customers Frank Kuijsters Director Digne Consult • Developing cultural transformation plans • Assessing the journey so far-approaches, results and future plans Opening Keynote • Measuring employees’ responses 9:00 Effective Talent Management Strategies to Engaging your Talent • Watson Wyatt's market studies report that the acquisition of high Eugene Tan Hung Liang Area Director of Human Resources performing or critically skilled talents remains a major challenge despite the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore current economic situation. To be successful in the war for talent, companies need to differentiate the way they engage their talent internally Case Study as well as to attract new talent from the "limited" pool in market. 14:15 Establishing the Elements of Great Managing • Talent Engagement is different from Employee Engagement; companies • How do managers inspire top performance in employees? need to understand that the drivers of engagement of these talent • Generating enthusiasm and uniting disparate personalities employees are different from other employees. • Focusing on a common mission • Engaging talents involve an end-to-end strategy involving the • Motivating teams to achieve ever-higher goals identification, development, reward and management of talent. Companies must also differentiate their talent strategies and interventions for their Theng Soo Ting Senior VP- Human Capital Shatec Institutes different talent groups. • Watson Wyatt's Integrated Talent Management and Strategic Rewards 15:00 Afternoon Tea and Networking Break approach facilitates effective talent management and engagement which ensures that companies have the talent edge over their competitors and be Expert Knowledge successful. 15:30 Working with Senior Leaders to Engage Front-Line Employees • How to convince your senior leaders that employees want to hear directly Richard Yeo Senior Consultant, Human Capital Group Watson Wyatt Singapore from them • Setting and communicating clear actions taken by leaders following Case Study engagement surveys 9:45 Employee Engagement in Complex Global Systems • Learn what keeps Generation X, Generation Y and Baby Boomers in your workforce so your organisation keeps valuable skills, knowledge and Changing employee demographics and rapidly evolving business models relationships demonstrate a clear correlation to the way employees view their value, • Find out why an undifferentiated retention strategy, that doesn't cater for contribution and career opportunities within their organisation. In particular, employee gender and generation, is less effective than an approach that an organisations ability to attract and retain the best staff, depends on its segments your employee groups ability to keep management's ear close to the ground on the needs and • Gain tips for building an irrefutable business case and winning the budget motivation of its talent. What can HR do clarify and amplify the to increase retention organisation's internal voice? Cheryl Liew CEO Lifeworkz Gyan Nagpal Regional Head of Talent & Development - Asia Pacific Human Resources Deutsche Bank AG - Asia Pacific Head Case Study 16:15 Engaging your Leaders as Partners in Facilitating Learning and Development” 10:30 Morning Coffee and Networking Break • Establishing the business case for manager/leader led development. • Involving your managers as partners in employee and leadership 11:00 Case Study development. Using Company Brand to Engage Employees • Ensuring manager accountability in developing their employees in the • Measuring and demonstrating the value of internal branding in business terms organization. • Setting goals and work towards achieving them • Building a culture of leaders developing leaders • Understanding what your customer wants via testing the success of campaigns • Measure the effectiveness of internal branding and engagement efforts Christopher Goh Director, Global Learning & Leadership Development Agilent Technologies, Inc Pete Baker Senior HR Manager-Asia Procter & Gamble Prestige and Female Beauty 17:00 Chairperson’s Closing Remarks 11:45 Case Study Frank Kuijsters Director Digne Consult First-Line Leaders as Key Employee Engagement Agents • The “business case” for focusing on Employee Engagement 17:15 End of Day 1 • The role of first-line leaders in Employee Engagement • Developing Employee Engagement capability at first-line leader level – A Datacraft case study • Communications and Awareness • Learning and Development • Systems and Processes • Accountability Johan Van Vuuren Director-HR Datacraft-Asia Day 2 Tuesday, 24th November 2009 8:45 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks 10:30 Morning Coffee and Networking Break Frank Kuijsters Director Digne Consult Case Study 11:00 Translating the Drivers of Engagement to Meaningful Actions Keynote session • Implementing strategies to rapidly embrace chance and engage staff 9:00 Employee Engagement in Difficult Times • What makes a great manager and what HR can do to act on this • How has the financial downturn affected employee engagement? information? • Recent trends in employee engagement: What's improving and what's • Developing an integrated approach to replicate “great manager” declining. behaviours • Global vs. Asia key drivers of employee engagement • Designing internal communication initiatives that build engagement • Practical tips for managing employee engagement in difficult times between managers and employees Dr. Brent Ruge Group Leader Towers Perrin Singapore Don Yeo Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Policy & Corporate Development Group) CPF Board Expert Knowledge 9:45 Achieving Work-Life Success through Financial Empowerment Case Study • The impact of financial stress on employees’ productivity 11:45 Engaging Employees through Career Growth • How employees’ financial well being are in the best interests of both • HP's Career Development Framework employer and the employee • The role of career development in building a talent pipeline • How to make financial empowerment part of your employee engagement • Individual career profiles and hpFirst process • The role of the employee, manager, and HR in career development Cheok Mei Ing Head, Corporate Consulting Services Ipac Financial Planning Sung Hae Kim Head of HR Hewlett-Packard Southeast Asia Greg Campbell Country Manager Ipac Financial Planning REGISTER TODAY! TEL: +65 6832 5102 FAX: +65 6408 3953 EMAIL:merlion@TonkinCorporation.com Website: www.tonkincorporation.com
  3. 3. Day 2 Tuesday, 24th November 2009 12:30 Networking Luncheon 16:15 Roundtable Discussion Turning Points in HR Case Study • How to achieve higher level of commitment and lower staff turnover? 13:30 Total Employee Engagement • How to retain top talents using career management strategies? • Employee engagement has to be absolute, comprehensive and complete. • What employees want Vs what you can afford? The HRoffering needs to address all the needs of employees - right from • How the future will differ from the past for HR leaders? security to self - actualisation. The Maslow model is still relevant. • It is about looking at all unconventional sources of engaging and Moderators: connecting up with employees; much beyond money and compensation Frank Kuijsters Bee Ong • There is a great need to develop an emotional connect and bond with not Director Founder just the employee but also his/her family; it’s about building affiliation Digne Consult Hapitalist and closeness on all the fronts • Most importantly, the key to drawing employee engagement lies in HR and people managers demonstrating genuineness and sincerity in its approach Panelists: and attitude ; championing human values. “People join companies and leave managers” still holds true in many situations today. Grace Burton Brenda Leong Head of Human HR Director CS Yue Vice President, Human Resources, Asia Pacific Owens Corning Resources Avaya Singapore Seadrill Management Expert Knowledge Nadeem Ashraf 14:15 Building Leaders that can Drive Employee Engagement Jane Horan HR Senior Manager • More so than ever before, employee engagement is a critical factor in Consultant Cargill determining the success of organizations. The Horan Group • Time and time again, leadership effectiveness emerges a key driver in Ng Lee Keng Senior enhancing employee engagement Rosa Goh Manager, Talent • The value of individual leader depends not so much on their own Regional Director Management & contribution, but rather their ability to energize and inspire their team RossJuliaRoss Employee • Find out how Top Companies consistently build leaders that drive Communications employee engagement SMRT Corporation Ltd • Learn the specific behaviors that individual leaders can undertake to improve the level of engagement in their team 17:00 Chairman’s closing remarks Dr. Mano Ramakrishnan Regional Head of Leadership Assessment Frank Kuijsters Director Digne Consult Hewitt Associates 17:15 End of Conference 15:00 Afternoon Tea and Networking Break Expert Knowledge 15:30 Learning Without Boundaries • Understanding the changing business landscape • Role of leadership development • Leadership development approach and solutions • Case studies Robert Yeo CEO and Executive Director Singapore Training & Development Association Post Conference Workshop Day: Wednesday, 25th November 2009 Workshop A: 9am to 12.30pm Workshop B: 1.30pm-5pm The Power of Positive Politics INSPIRING EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT “A curious feature of organizational life is that although many people are In this workshop we will provide you with a unique and hopefully inspiring surrounded by organizational politics, the rarely come out and say so.” learning experience designed to enhance your ability to become an inspiring (G. Morgan)” leader. We will focus on being Present, Empathetic, Encouraging and Rigorous (PEER). This model will help to build your leadership engagement capabilities. A This half-day workshop will provide participants with a firm understanding of leader, who inspires others, engages his team members, empowers people and what is needed for success within organizations, focusing on positive politics and establishes a positive climate. ethical, high integrity strategies. Delving into the unspoken areas of organiza- tional life with case studies, the participants learn the value and impact of; During the workshop we invite you to reflect on your experiences, to look at power, language and relationships. The primary objective of the Power of Positive specific ways in which you can begin to use your new skills and to impact your Politics is to create and maintain a high integrity organization where the right effectiveness as a leader in more fully engaging your employees. Through people with the right ideas develop and succeed. thought-starters, questions and other prompts we encourage you to look for the links that bridge the workshop experience with the real world of your everyday The workshop explores: work setting. • Defining Politics: Positive or Negative? • Understanding power, reputation management, and language • Being Present • Developing a plan for Positive Political Skills • Being Empathetic • Being Encouraging About Your Trainer: • Being Rigorous Jane Horan is the founder of the Horan Group, a strategic consulting practice focusing on the acceleration of women leaders, innovation and learning. Jane has published articles About Your Trainer: and is a frequent speaker on Transformational Women In 2007 Frank founded Digne Consult Asia Pacific in Leaders, Organizational Politics, Action Learning and Singapore. Frank has more than twenty five years of Innovation. Of late, Jane provides workshops and coaching to experience. He trained, coached and consulted (senior) executive women on organizational politics, ethical lobbying, executives and professionals at all levels in profit and and high integrity tactics for career and personal success. non-profit organisations in multiple countries in Asia and Leveraging on her business experience and research on Europe. He is a business coach to both entrepreneurs and women leaders, Jane now works with multiple Fortune 100 companies in the Asia executives of entrepreneurial firms. In previous consulting Pacific Region and across Europe. Jane holds a board position as 1st Vice roles, he worked extensively on leadership/management President with PrimeTime, a business and professional women's network in capability issues, outplacement programmes for multi- Singapore. Jane is frequently published on Women-omics, a global organization generation groups, and designed leadership development programs, has profiled focusing on gender balance work environments. (managing) directors of different organisations and facilitated several conferences. REGISTER TODAY! TEL: +65 6832 5102 FAX: +65 6408 3953 EMAIL:merlion@TonkinCorporation.com Website: www.tonkincorporation.com
  4. 4. VIP Code REGISTRATION FORM - HUM04 Employee Engagement & Development Conference 2009 (23rd – 25th November 2009) YES, please register me for the above conference Today’s date / / YOUR INVESTMENT MUST REGISTER AND PAY by 18th Sept by 2nd Oct by 16th Oct by 30th Oct From 30th Oct onwards 3 Day VIP Package (Conference + Workshop) SGD $2899 SGD $2999 SGD $3099 SGD $3199 SGD $3299 2 Day Conference Only SGD $2199 SGD $2299 SGD $2399 SGD $2499 SGD $2599 Workshop Only SGD $999 SGD $999 SGD $999 SGD $999 SGD $999 Pos Confer t e GROUP DISCOUNTS: REGISTER 3 DELEGATES AND RECEIVE $500 OFF THE GROUP PRICE worksh nce separa op booka tely REGISTER 4 DELEGATES AND THE 5TH COMES FREE at S$9ble 1 2 3 99 Name Name Name Job Title Job Title Job Title Telephone Telephone Telephone Email Email Email Facsimile Facsimile Facsimile Company Postal Suburb Address City Postcode Country REGISTER BY: RESEARCHED BY Phone: 65 6832 5102 Fax: 65 6408 3953 Email: merlion@TonkinCorporation.com Online: www.TonkinCorporation.com Mail: Tonkin Corporation Pte Limited. 1 Fullerton Road, #02-01 One Fullerton, Singapore 049219 DATES & VENUES: 23rd - 25th November 2009 Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay GROUP DISCOUNTS: Tonkin Corporation is a business information provider offering timely-conferences, workshops Tonkin Corporation understands the benefit of group learning experiences. and compact discs. Celebrated for its structured research benchmarks and for being produced by Save money with one of these group discounts: sector-specialists, Tonkin conferences guarantee • Register 3 delegates and receive $500 off the group price! you gain dependable, high-quality commercial • FREE ! Register 4 delegates and receive a 5th ticket FREE. knowledge at the vanguard of issues. Group discounts are only applicable for 3 Day VIP package and 2 Day Conference only. Tonkin Corporation has taken due care and Payment Methods: dilligence in selecting qualified professionals as its speakers.The information they offer, howsoever EfT: Transfer your money to Tonkin Corporation Pte Ltd (Registration Number: 200903688R) at provided, is not produced by Tonkin Corporation Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation Limited and should in no way be regarded as financial or 65 Chulia Street, OCBC Centre, Singapore 049513 legal advice. Tonkin Corporation accepts no Current Account: 591382924001 Swift Code: OCBCSGSG Bank’s Code: 7339 responsibility for reliance on such information and (Please quote HUM04 and your company name when making your transfer.) recommends that its clients seek independent, professional advice. Cheque: Please make cheque payable to Tonkin Corporation Pte Ltd Tonkin Corporation takes due care and diligence in at 1 Fullerton Road, #02-01 One Fullerton, Singapore 049219 producing its products. However, given (Please quote HUM04 and your company name on the back of your cheque.) circumstances beyond its control, Tonkin Cancellation Policy: Should you be unable to attend, a substitute delegate is always welcome at no extra charge. Alternatively a full refund, Corporation reserves the right to change any less a $200 service charge, will be made for cancellations received in writing up to 21 days prior to the event. Regrettably no refunds can be conference programme without notice. made less than 21 days prior to the event.