The Pardoner's Tale Script


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Female Version of the Pardoner's Tale
Script written by: Ms Cristina Panganoran
Based on the original story of Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales"

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The Pardoner's Tale Script

  1. 1. The Pardoner’s Tale: Female VersionNarrator: In the town of Mexico, there lived three sisters who are guilty of folly, over-indulgence, & notbeing trustworthy, for they swore oaths worse than anyone can. One day, the three sisters werechatting about how Death is cruel and how scary it is for taking many lives. The sisters set for theirjourney and looked for their adversary.Cris: According to the map, we should go ahead, straight ahead.Jane: Okay! Let’s go!(Walked further)Jane:Blasted Death! Where is he?April: Maybe he got scared?Cris: Hahaha! He might have heard that I shall slay him!Jane: No my sister, he just got frightened for he think I’m mighty!April: Or maybe just hiding to attack us three?Cris: Whatever it is we must continue on our journey and be famous after this.(The sisters see a man)Cris: How weird, this kind of man should not be here.Jane: Hmm. Really suspicious.April: Let us ask him where Death is!Cris: Great Idea!Jane: Let me ask him!April: Be careful sister.(Jane & the others approaches man)Jane: Good day sir!Man: Good day woman.Jane: May I ask if you know where Death is?Man: Of course I know! But I have one condition before I tell you.Jane: What might that be?
  2. 2. April: I’m sure it will be easy.Cris: Anything! We can do it!Man: You have to entertain me!Cris: Where’s the music coming from?(Music suddenly plays and the sister’s dance)Man: Go to the tree where there are shiny things. There death, you will find or he might find you three!(the man disappeared)April: Huh? Where did the man go?Jane: I didn’t even get his number.Cris: What?Jane: I said, “I didn’t even thank him.”Cris: No time for courtesy! We have to go on our journey! Let’s go!Narrator: The sisters once again continued on their journey. They walked, walked and walked. Theywalked for hours looking for a tree where there are shiny things.Narrator: Soon the sisters found themselves lost and started arguing with each other.Jane: I think were lost.Cris: We should go check the map. (opens map) According to sign, yes I think we’re lost! This is no longerin the map! I cannot find it anywhere! Maybe the man cursed us because we didn’t dance well. It’s yourfault!Jane: Yes! It’s because of you!April: No! It’s not my fault! It’s your fault.Cris: Why? Why my fault?April: Because you’re laughing.Cris: No!April: He said that to Jane.Cris: oh.. Jane so it’s your fault!Jane: No! No! It’s not me.
  3. 3. Cris: We are right team.Jane: Stop this nonsense! Let’s go to the trees. Look!Narrator: After the argument has been settled between the sisters, they decided once again to continueon their journey: to find death.Narrator: No one ever thought that they will find something that will make them forget about findingDeath or maybe what the man has said is that Death will find the three of them instead.Cris: I think this is it! This is what the man said!Jane: Truly! But where Death is?(April walks further)April: Sisters! I found treasure!Cris: Really?Jane: Where?April: There!(opens treasure chest)Cris: This is our chance to be rich!Jane: But we cannot carry all this!April: We can carry it on a cart!Cris: (giggles) We don’t have a cart, silly!Jane: We don’t need a cart sister.April: What do we do?Cris: Hmm. For now, we should celebrate. You know we’re going to be rich. But we need snacks who’sgoing to buy them?Jane: Let’s draw. For the one who gets the shortest one she will buy the snacks.April: Okay.Cris: And the two left they will guard the treasure. Is that okay?
  4. 4. (Sisters draw)Cris: You got the shortest one! You will buy the snacks! Hahahaha!(April leaves)Cris: Now that she has left, we have to guard this treasure!Jane: I have a better idea!Cris: What is it?Jane: When she comes back I’ll stab her!Cris: Hmm. Now, why didn’t I think of that? I never liked our stepsister anyway.Jane: Yes! I hate her too! She took my dolly away!Cris: Huh?Jane: Nothing.(meanwhile back in town)April: Hmp! Those two always bossing me around! I will poison them and keep the treasure!(When April got back she handed the stuff to her sister then Jane stabbed her.)Cris: Come on! Let’s celebrate!Jane: We’re rich!Cris: Later tonight we will bring the goods to the town so that no one will see us.Jane: Great plan sister!Cris: Cheers!Jane: To us!(both drinks soda and dies) -The End-
  5. 5. Submitted By:Ma. Cristina D. PanganoranJane A. GatbontonApril G. LuceroSubmitted to:Dr. Remedios D. de Guzman