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Curriculum Guide

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Curriculum Guide Page7

  1. 1. Objectives Instructional Time Learning Multiple Values Evaluation Philosophy Materials Allotment Experiences IntelligencesApply the Better Pre-Activity:correct English 3rd 5 minutes Review the lesson Verbal Developingusage of Edition about Past Tense. Linguistics a study habitFuture tense Lesson 6:in writing The Future Activity:sentences Tense 25 minutes 1. Ask a series of Visual Cooperationand pp. 113-118 question on what Interpersonal & Group the Recons-conversing the students will Logical Participation students tructivismwith other 1. Textbook be doing this Verbal into 4 andpeople coming weekend. let them Pragma- 2. Power- Then show the make a tism point examples on the video Presentation board or via about how Existentia- or chart of projector. they see lism examples one of using the 10 minutes 2. Discuss uses of Verbal Fixation of their Essentia- future tense future tenses(as a Linguistics skills member’s lism form of recap) Future, with a 10 minutes 3. Let the students Logical Indepen- narrator & answer exercise E Verbal dence & script. on pp. 118 Linguistic Honesty (Project (seatwork) Method)