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Teaching our very own english


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This presentation is on teaching our very own English incorporating our own local pragmatic norms and values

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Teaching our very own english

  1. 1. Ideas on Making It Not Look Foolish Paper presented at LIA Int’l Conference, April 28-30, 2010, Bali and the 19th MELTA Int’l Conference, June 7-8, 2010, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
  2. 2. Li (1999: 1) citing McArthur (1992); Li (1999: 2) Our very own English? ◦ Aziz (2001): grammar, lexis, and discourse
  3. 3. Antoni and Radiana (2001), Antoni and Gunawan (2005) and Antoni (2009) render examples that still persist to occur t estifying to Aziz’s (2001) belief; thus “our very own English” Problems with accent, intonation, and the likes have not yet been well-recorded; problems with localized syllabic stress and pronunciation Problems with collocation
  4. 4. Mistakes in grammar at the sentential level must constantly be corrected Mistakes at the discoursal level must also be equally tackled. Antoni and Radiana (2001) inspired by Alwasilah (1993: 78) proposes 3 steps Mistakes in syllabic stress and intonation should be handled using minimal pairs or groups of the words put also in context when trained to studsents
  5. 5. Mistakes in collocation should be handled by comparing English examples of collocation and their equivalents in Indonesian; students are to note the differences