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Gess 2018 presentation


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Powerpoint slides on the presentation on innovations in the teaching of Simple Present Tense and Simple Past Tense combined at GESS Indonesia Expo and Conference 2018 Jakarta

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Gess 2018 presentation

  1. 1. Simple Present Tense and Simple Past Tense Combined GESS Indonesia 2018/JCC/Sept. 2018/Ferry Antoni
  2. 2. - Simple Present Tense (Present) - Simple Past Tense (Past) - Results observed so far E.g. T: Why late? S: Sorry Sir, I have to take my mother to the hospital (Antoni 2010).
  3. 3.  Usually, what’s not Present is Past; what’s not Past is Present  List of the most frequently used irregular and regular verbs  S P; no need of O/C if not deemed necessary to supply, e.g., Humans breathe; they live; they eat; they drink; they move. Dinosaurs vanished; they went extinct (‘violating’ the Grice’s (1975) Quantity Maxim; ‘Gap Maxim’  the supply of ideas so as to create an information gap that would cause the hearer to ask more and thus keep the conversation going): E.g. A: Humans breathe. B: What do they breathe? A: Air; they breathe air. B: Why do they need to breathe air? A: They breathe air to live.
  4. 4. - Adverbs of time and frequency should be avoided; may be misleading: everyday, twice a week, 3 times a month, often, always, never, etc. E.g. I go to school everyday. I went to the beach everyday. I always swim in the pool. I always visited my grandma.
  5. 5.  If sth. is considered a routine, it’s Present; if a non- routine, it’s Past. Whether that sth. is a routine or a non-routine and, therefore, Present or Past, students decide it by themselves informedly.  Some examples: items-2 (Possible answers and more examples cont. on the next slide)
  6. 6.  items
  7. 7.  The teaching of Present and Past should be combined.