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Gess 2018 items


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Items on Simple Present Tense vs. Simple Past Tense

Published in: Education
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Gess 2018 items

  1. 1. A1: I was sick B1: When was that? A2: I am sick B2: You don’t look sick to me A3: I came late B3: Why did you? A4: I come late B4: Always? That’s a bad habit A5: I watch movies B5: That’s an interesting hobby A6: I watched movies B6: In your teenaged life? That was fascinating A7: I fell B7: When? Where? What happened? A8: I fall B8: Poor you. I wouldn’t want that to happen to me all the time A9: I study B9: Course. You’re a student; that’s what you do A10: I studied B10: That’s what you did there? I thought you(‘d) worked A11: I see elephants B11: But you’re not a zookeeper; I find it hard to believe A12: I saw elephants B12: You went to the zoo? A13: I had bad dreams B13: It was then, right? I take it you don’t anymore. Or you still do? A14: I have bad dreams B14: It must be hard for you; you should see someone to help you A15: We broke up B15: Are you thinking of getting yourself a new (boy/girl)friend? A16: We break up B16: Every time you guys want to go steady? That’s sad A17: I am cool B17: You are A18: I was cool B18: You’ve changed a lot, I see
  2. 2. A19: I cheat B19: That’s a bad habit; you should stop it A20: I cheated B20: No wonder she dumped you then A21: I saw aliens B21: It could’ve been anything A22: I see aliens B22: Where are you? In an alien nation? A23: I didn’t come late B23: That was good for you A24: I don’t come late B24: That’s a good habit A25: I don’t watch movies B25: That’s too bad’; movies are good these days A26: I didn’t watch movies B26: But you went to operas; that’s high class A27: I don’t see elephants B27: Well, it’s obvious; you’re not a zookeeper A28: I didn’t see elephants B28: Course not; you went to the bird park A29: I didn’t have bad dreams B29: Good for you; I did in my childhood A30: I don’t have bad dreams B30: Well, don’t hope for them to come to your sleep