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Our staying in Vratsa- Bulgaria


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Our staying in Vratsa- Bulgaria

  1. 1. Comenius Bilateral Parterniship English and Science conquer the new Spaces
  2. 2. Bulgaria we are coming…
  3. 3. … finally arrived! We were a bit tired, but excited to meet our friends again, after a year!
  4. 4. Welcome to Joan Ekzarh Language School Hospitality, friendship and… good cooking are perfect ingredients for this kind of experience…
  5. 5. We found our twins!
  6. 6. DAY TWO: presentation of Vratsa city Then headmasters’ turn!
  7. 7. Just amazing…
  8. 8. Tournament for young school Scientists
  10. 10. The jury…
  11. 11. Bulgarian – Italian Lesson Studying a totally different language has been one of the most exciting experience.
  12. 12. DAY THREE: Sofia University Faculty of Physics
  13. 13. An instrument to prove the “movement” of electrons A spectroscope, which proves the structure of the atom A monitor to keep radioactivity under control A stone found in a radioactive zone
  14. 14. This University is one of the most important in Europe for projects about the use of laser
  15. 15. Visiting the capital city, Sophia…
  16. 16. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
  17. 17. What a fantastic group!
  18. 18. DAY FOUR: Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant This nuclear station is one of the main energy source for the whole country
  19. 19. The official welcome
  20. 20. A worker checking the correct working
  21. 21. A very accurate scale model of the station
  22. 22. DAY FIVE: Belogradchik Rocks
  23. 23. Time has made incredible sculptures…
  24. 24. Coming here gave us the feeling of coming back in time!
  25. 25. Baba Vida Fortress Built on the border with Hungary, this fortress was used as defensive installation
  26. 26. In the fortress…
  27. 27. Visiting a Medieval monastery…
  28. 28. The beautiful decorations…
  29. 29. DAY SIX: free day with host families We really felt at home…
  30. 30. DAY SEVEN: Museum of Natural Science-village of Cherni Osam Just… unbelievable! They seemed to be still alive!
  31. 31. Concert of the Vratitsa Ensemble for folk songs and dances
  32. 32. Full immersion into Bulgarian tradition
  33. 33. DAY NINE: Visiting the City Hall
  34. 34. Honoured to represent our school and our country abroad
  35. 35. Vratsa sightseeing  Etnographic and Revival Complex  Museum of History
  36. 36. A female skeleton found in the village Ancient weapons and tools
  37. 37. Tradizional Food- Italian and Bulgarian recipes Do you want to taste?
  38. 38. We can say everything was delicious!
  39. 39. Our recipe book published!
  40. 40. Farewell Party - Club Caramel
  41. 41. Thank you for these 10 unforgettable days!
  42. 42. Hope to see you again :D
  43. 43. We will never forget you…