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Future CMO Commercial offering & pricing H2 2017 & H1 2018


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This is Toni Keskinen's introduction to Behavioral Economics, Future CMO's services and pricing. In case you are interested in giving an assignment, please contact Mr. Keskinen.

These are some examples of typical assignments or outcomes of projects:

Customer Journey Mapping, Analytics, Research and Design – Customer Experience design with full customer behaviour view to the market place. Strategic approach to actionable customer insights and topsight

Customer interface design and channel strategy > Holistic approach to customer interfaces based on thorough customer journey mapping and analysis. Service blueprinting main customer journeys for superb customer experience as effectively as possible

Social Media Strategy and Implementation > Technical solutions, operations & organisation, focus and goals for branding, customer service, -experience and sales

Inbound marketing strategies and implementation – Content marketing, publishing, social media engagements and translating the impact to leads and customer acquisition

Innovation ignite – customer interface driven innovation, open innovation opportunities and employee innovation generation

Lean Business Process design – Designing customer centric operations across touchpoints, enabling selfservice for improved customer experience and operationalizing the customer experience with lean processes

Corporate structure and organisation design – Often companies have organized their operations in to silos that effectively kill collaboration and shared learning, hinder change for better and strangle innovation. Unleashing the corporate capacity starts with structural change for better customer experience, continuous learning and improvement. The goal is to help create a workplace culture that supports trust, transparency and cross-functional collaboration.

Customer Value optimization – Unleashing the company’s full potential to deliver customer value and designing Symbiosis Strategy

IT infrastructure design for lean processes and optimal customer experience – Choosing and implementing right and sustainable technical solutions for efficiency and operational efficiency improvement

Inspiring employees and help them grow outside their current comfort zone - Inspirator and Catalyst for corporate culture change for sustainable growth and competitive advantage

RATIO: You need to develope the know how inside your company, outsourcing doesn’t grow your competitive advantage in sustainable way. This is why it is wise to hire an accelerator for change, who can train your team to deliver excellent performance and innovative development.

CORE SERVICE: EaaS-Executives as a Service

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  • Google, Amazon, Twitter, multiple telco's, retailers, travel companies and variety of others, you are all getting to know me and my offering. I've never come across case in which I couldn't have helped and I'm not a regular concultant giving big promises. I have crafted theory from practice, written three books and have a great trackrecord with multiple companies in variety of business areas. I all about practice and do how and getting thing done. In case you do have a challenge, let's look at it together and see if I can help you. I'm just one man working as a catalyst with your own team, which means that my value for money proposition is an exceptional one. In case you need more convincing, please take a look at my recommendations and endorsements in my LinkedIn profile. I just might be the one thing that could help you brake status quo in your business and help you find your path to growth, digitalisation and disruption in your business. My LInkedIn Profile is at
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Future CMO Commercial offering & pricing H2 2017 & H1 2018

  1. 1. Toni Keskinen, Founder & CEO FutureCMO +358 50 5522276 @Toni_Keskinen OFFERING, PRICING & ENDORSEMENTS Customer experience and behavior driven management and operations for growth and efficiency
  2. 2. • Digitalisation is disrupting our business model – how can we take advantage of digitalisation? How should we organize for change? • We have a lot of data, research and other sources of information, how can we get more from them? How can we create customer insight driven management and business development? • We have a strong position in the market, but it is eroding/Our business growth has stopped, what should we do to regain our growth rate? • What should we do in our marketing/digital/product development/mediastrategy/brand position/etc. to boost sales • We are going to re-design our webservice/CRM/marketing automation, how should we do it? • We have low NPS or high service costs, what can we do in order to boost NPS and/or cut customer service costs? Typical questions my clients hired me to solve 1/20/2016 I’ve been solving these challenges for more than a decade now and I don’t have dissatisfied customers. I’ve been hired to solve single challenges or to transform entire businesses.
  3. 3. © ToinenPHD 2013 Extensive experience in FMCG, B2C, B2B SME and strategic client driven businesses like..
  4. 4. 1/20/2016 2000, Digital Business 2001, Mobile marketing handbook 2013, The Customer Journey – from Product Centricity to Symbiosis Strategy Founder and Chief editor of Future CMO Blog: And in finnish 1. MAPPING THE CONSUMER JOURNEY JAN/14 & WARC WEBINAR JUL/14 2. SAY HELLO TO NEW 7P’S OF MARKETING NOW/14 3. CUSTOMER LOYALTY IN DIGITAL AGE JAN/15 + FUTURE CMO LINKED IN GROUP & FCMO COMMERCIAL COMMUNITY Some outcomes..
  5. 5. First: Create understanding and insights Customer Journey & insights as the strategic platform for development 1/20/2016 Brand as a platform Choose & Buy Initiation Use (or deliver service) Brand health Prompt concious consideration (Non-commercial and commercial reasons) Context Frequency Volume Customer value Value-in-use Etc. New need Re-purchase Discontinuity Competitor actions Awareness TOM Liking Preference Image Cross-channel search, learning and consideration process. Purchase/ transaction Customer journey Loyalty 1 Who are our customers? What kind of segments are there? How does their value differ in short and long term? Do our customers differ from the market average/special groups? What are we missing? 2 Customer understanding and insights Their Journey across brand options in an omni-channel environment, motives, choices, channels and purposes. Does the brand meet customer expectations? What kind of conversions and phenomena can be found? What should be done? CATALYST ROLE: CREATION OF INSIGHTS AND BRIDGING ALL PARTS TOGETHER FROM DESIGN TO OPERATIONS
  6. 6. Then design an ideal path to purchase, customer relationship and loyalty You can not be the captain of your customer’s journey, merely a guide. At best your customer interfaces and communications act like a GPS to the desired outcome
  7. 7. INPUT: Catalyst = Learn faster and get’s the required things done faster and with less energy (=more cost efficiently) 1/20/2016© OUTPUT: Transformation = Permanent operational and cultural change for better 1 2 What is Catalyst’s influence impact to the adoption of Behavioral Economics?
  8. 8. The catalyst role is not about doing the necessary work as an outsourced solo consultant or designer. Catalyst is a team member helping internal organisation recognize actionable possibilities and implementing them efficiently and rapidly across corporate functions 1/20/2016 Co-creation and mentoring internal organisation has multiple advantages: • Shared view, language and understanding about everyone’s role in the big picture (extracting silos) • Commitment to unified and common goals • Inspiration and excitement due to shared innovation and implementation process • Much higher transformation success rate, stronger results and permanent impact
  9. 9. Catalyst-as-a-service (CaaS) - Temporary team lead, advisor or mentor role with internal organisation. These are typically longer term projects that require multiple areas to change simultaneously for overall operational and cultural transformation, eg. customer centric strategy creation and implementation - Fee is 1600€/day+vat - Process: Analysis, findings and improvement opportunities, lean UX workshops and implementation (scrum and sprint type of continuous work having several projects running simultaneously with different stakeholders) Destination workshop (or customer vision workshop) - In order to align development across corporation, all units must share the same vision. Destination workshop is about creation of one inspiring and shared goal for everybody. Typical cases include 3 days of interviews, data and research learning ½ day workshop, preparation for roadmap, goal chrystalisation and final workshop in which goal is approved, roadmap, roles and responsibilities defined. Fees depend on a case and are typically between 8-12.000€ (1600€+vat/day) Ignite Session - Catalyst role is about using extensive experience in order to help the team recognize what are the most likely challenges, hypothesis for solutions and provide tools and methods for team’s use. Typically such approach is especially valuable in case of new concept, product or solution development needs. Fee for such work is 400€/hour and typical assignments are apr. 2-4 hour engagements Management wake-up presentations & public speaking engagements - From existing materials 1250€/presentation. In case of a custom presentation +200€/hour for preparation Solutions to catalysis Not included in pricing: VAT & Travel costs, price list valid for H1 2016
  10. 10. TOPLINE GROWTH: • Best customer experience (Goals: loyalty, LTV, cross & upsell, high NPS) • Innovative solutions: Creation of competitive advantage, distinctive and special offering capable of delivering substantial value, high quality • Continuous and cost-efficient new business (Goals: brand recognition and image, demand generation and stronger new customer conversion) BOTTOMLINE PROFITABILITY: • Lean and effective operations and processes – strong bottomline (Goals: highly productive organisation capable of delivering superb customer experience at comparatively low expences by using new technologies, online environment and automation) ENERGIZING ORGANISATION AND PARTNERS: • Catalyst for winning corporate culture: Inspirational and very satisfying workplace capable of understanding and driving development and change. Recognition as very prominent employer for hungry and innovative new talent, Topline growth energize the company’s employees and focus their minds on opportunities, innovation and growth (while focusing on the bottomline challenges paralyzes the company’s innovation and growth capacity). • Typical goals and must win battles my work is related to 1/20/2016
  11. 11. Success requires every piece of the puzzle 1/20/2016
  12. 12. Some endorsements for Toni Keskinen 1/20/2016 Screenshot 2016-01-20 07.14.05
  13. 13. Some endorsements for Toni Keskinen 1/20/2016 Screenshot 2016-01-20 07.14.05
  14. 14. Some endorsements for Toni Keskinen 1/20/2016©
  15. 15. 1/20/2016© “You work like a doctor performing a balloon inflation surgery. You get your client’s corporate body’s blood and oxygen flow again.” Veli-Pekka Ääri, CMO, SOK SOK is the number one retail group in Finland, +12 Billion € in turnover
  16. 16. Thank you for your interest. Let’s work together! contact: +358 50 55222 76 Twitter @Toni_Keskinen 1/20/2016