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Tong Xu's Report on Arduino.

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Report On Arduino

  1. 1. Report on Arduino ---Tong Xu . Introduction and Relation to Dissertation The process of making Arduino was an exciting experience as we were not only working on computers, but also going to the lab to make the shield to the Arduino by hand. When browsing useful links about Arduino, a project called “Wanderlust” drew my great attention. That was because the research of Wanderlust was closely related to my dissertation proposal. Wanderlust was a mobile service, using identities and needs (in terms of time and distance) to explore new or unexplored spaces as well to meet people with similar interests. Though I wouldn’t study mobile devices, I benefited a lot from its research methods and the way to connect and gather people together. 1
  2. 2. . The Process to Run Arduino in the Lab 1. In the ECE Lab we were given the equipment to make the shield for Arduino. The parts consisted of two resistors (10k and 1000hm respectively), one LED, three wires for connections, and three strips (4pin, 6pin and 8pin), just like what was displayed in figure (a), in which the red circle represented the model of stripboard. At the same time, suitable stripboard was offered to us as well, and Arduino board has given us before. 2. Then I placed all components on the stripboard according to the schematic diagram of a LED circuit. As the stripboard was small, carefulness was required to consider the location of components to realize a proper layout of stripboard. 2
  3. 3. 3. Then I cut off tracks on the stripboard to prevent cross circuiting through the board. Generally speaking, tracks on stripboard were all connected, so I drilled and cut holes to break connections. 4. Then I took a long time to soldering them on the stripboard. As the components were difficult to be hold at one time, I thought it would be better if it was a group project. The whole process should be taken seriously and carefully because soldering could be dangerous. I worn safety glasses at all times during working to prevent the lead solders and its toxic fumes. 3
  4. 4. 5. Until now the shield for the Arduino was finished, then I fitted it on top of Arduino. 6. Then we needed to write a sketch to control the LED based on potentiometer. Viewing that the code was provided on the tutorial, we just needed to copy it and operate the Arduino board on Mac. It worked and the LED was lit! Now, the final board to control the light of LED from the computer has finished! 4