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Yagpo presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Yagpo presentation

  1. 1. YAGPOTo Build To Create To Develop The Next Phase
  2. 2. YAGPO progress so far  The YAGPO launch at KICC on 29th June  5 full page press mentions on the dailies.  A collection of 3000 business applicants.  14,000 hits on our website.  15 very dedicated young entrepreneurs volunteers.
  3. 3. Some FactsYoung people are The government offers The is an information unemployed them an opportunity disconnect to change that. YAGPO will change this
  4. 4. There is a Need 40 Government Ministries200 Government Parastatalsand Agencies
  5. 5. There is a YAGPO Opportunity The biggest pool of graduate and vocational Trainees in programs The largest Pool of Young Professionals In the region. Aggressive and Driven young entrepreneurs
  6. 6. There are Fund Opportunities
  7. 7. What is missing?
  8. 8. The Gap is an entry point!Poverty Self Employment
  9. 9. YAGPO will fill that gapPoverty Self Employment
  10. 10. YAGPO will fill that gap
  11. 11. What it is this PORTAL? It is an  Online (WEB) and mobile phone (SMS) alert system that posts all tenders available for young people online and on phone  Gives the government offices a platform to host and post tenders.
  12. 12. The Portal: What it is Supports a  User database for businesses and organizations /companies that have been registered and vetted.  Includes many added value applications such as meeting venues and surveys
  13. 13. The Portal: What it does.  Shows graphically, the locations youth companies have work.  The locations the government agencies posting tenders are in.  Can show the position of the tendering staff and use sms to verify the tendering staff.
  14. 14. The Portal: What it will include  An evaluation program  An e-procurement platform could be included  A previous and future tenders portal  A Continuous Assessment Test system  A staff development monitoring platform
  15. 15. The Portal: It is inclusive  It is digital and thus non- discriminatory.  Allows users to interact with each other.  Offers added value opportunities such as training and accounting.  Hosts best practice and additional information.
  16. 16. The Portal: It is User Friendly  Mobile phone-friendly  Looks like any other site  Has online tutorials  We will train users  Will have consistent monitoring and customer- care  Will be in English and Swahili  Will have a mobile phone Application
  17. 17. The Portal: It is track-able
  18. 18. The Budget We have a portal built – Ksh 1.250,000 We have documentation digitization – Ksh 1,500,000 User training and capacity building – Ksh 2,100,000 Ksh 4,800,000Out comes: Expandable platform to an excess of 50,million users Content Management System (CMS) Website
  19. 19. Conclusion  We have the Need  We have the Opportunity  We have the KnowledgeLet’s connect them all!