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Spice Up Your City: Add OpenGov


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My talk at Cognitive Cities in Berlin, on using open government for improving cities.

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Spice Up Your City: Add OpenGov

  1. 1. tonzijlstra.euknowledge work, learning, social mediaSpice Up Your City: Just Add OpenGov Cognitive Cities, Berlin, 26 February 2011
  2. 2. Sensemaking Complexity Networked life, networked Networked Living work, networked learning Open Government DataFabLabs Community of Practice Informal learning
  3. 3. Cities
  4. 4. Complex Adaptive Systems
  5. 5. “Berlin is a pulsing, exciting city with so manyvaried and distinctive neighborhoods, iconichistory all around, great food at all levels andfrom every corner of the world ... an excellentplace to set up camp and make a greatrecord.” (R.E.M. in Rolling Stone, July 2010) Cities Are Serendipity Hubs
  6. 6. Networked life, networkedwork, networked learning Open Government
  7. 7. Min BZK For Sake of Transparency
  8. 8. Networked life, networked work, networked learning Digital Disruption Wave Disruption Wave
  9. 9. Networked life, networkedwork, networked learningParticipation + Open Data Open Government
  10. 10. Networked life, networked work, networked talking Participation as learning Participation As Talking
  11. 11. Networked life, networkedwork, networked= life Participation learning Participation As Life
  12. 12. Urban Farming
  13. 13. Networked life, networkedwork, networked learning Open Gov Data Open Gov Data
  14. 14. Untapped Abundance
  15. 15. Data = Different
  16. 16. PSI Directive
  17. 17. Open StandardsnetworkedNetworked life, / Machinework, networkedstrings Readable / No learning
  18. 18. Data is object of socialityNetworked life, networked forwork, networked learning Participation
  19. 19. Participationlife, networked Networked is path to Data use work, networked learning
  20. 20. Tim DaviesNetworked life, networked “It takes a socialwork, networked learning infrastructure”
  21. 21. Government as Platform what data from other dept. needed? what to offer? questions Politicians Civil Servants Networked life, networked what data do citizens need to work, networked learning(privacy, org interest, unfair help gov or take on tasks? info advantages to solve) what data, what form? what skills, literacy, attitude, E do citizens need? solutions Organisations Citizens what data makes relationship possible?
  22. 22. Data feeds Participation Networked life, networkedParticipation creates Data use work, networked learning
  23. 23. Most visible in our immediate enviro: our city, feed serendipity, intervene in Networked life, networked complex enviro work, networked learning Right Where You Live
  24. 24. Networked life, eat safe to networkedwork, networked learning Safe to Eat
  25. 25. Networked life, networked fix my streetwork, networked learning ‘Fix My Street’
  26. 26. Networked life, networked frankfurt gestaltenwork, networked learning Frankfurt Gestalten
  27. 27. Networked life, networked Don’t Do Flat Stuffwork, networked learning
  28. 28. simple gmap plot:Networked life, networked songfestivalwork, networked learning ‘Flat’ Mapping
  29. 29. Networked life, networked useless datavizwork, networked learning Meaningless Data Visualization
  30. 30.’s All Be Doctor Snow
  31. 31. Networked life, networked But why stop there?work, networked learning
  32. 32. Networked life, networkedwork, networked learning Add Your Data: Geluidsnet
  33. 33. Add Your Data:
  34. 34. Networked of t klopt Kijk life, networkedwork, networked learningYour and Corporate Data: Kijk of ‘t Klopt
  35. 35. Networked life, networked But why stop there?work, networked learning
  36. 36. Use data to activate, not just Networked life, networked to inform work, networked learning
  37. 37. Pollution Alert
  38. 38. Networked life, networked Findtoiletwork, networked learning Find A Toilet
  39. 39. Networked life, networked But why stop there?work, networked learning
  40. 40. Networked life, electronicsArduino smart networkedwork, networked learning Build Sensors And Actuators
  41. 41. Build Devices in FabLabs
  42. 42. Data as Probes Networked life, networkedMeasurement Is Intervention work, networked learning Towards Local Resilience
  43. 43. data in contex of action has Networked life, networked city as perfect platform work, networked learningData in Context of Participation: City Perfect Platform
  44. 44. Your Knowledge of the Problem LeadingNetworked life, networkedwork, networked learning Coding, Data Skills as Literacy
  45. 45. Actief uitnodigend Challenge and Invitation
  46. 46. Find Your Problem
  47. 47. what data is relevant / exists, Networked life, networked what to measure work, networked learning Find Your Data Needs
  48. 48. know the gov does not exist. Networkedcivil servant find 1 life, networked work, networked learning The Government: Find 1 Civil Servant
  49. 49. Networked life, networked, networked learning Build, In Context
  50. 50. Make it real, Make it count
  51. 51. knowledge work, learning, social media CreditsAll photos: Ton Zijlstra, by nc saExcept where mentioned on the photo.Slides: ton@tonzijlstra.euSkype: ton_zylstra