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Open Data for Citizen Science at Koppelting Conference


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A brief intro on open data and how it can be used for citizen science projects.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Open Data for Citizen Science at Koppelting Conference

  1. 1. Use Open Data for your own citizen science projects Ton Zijlstra
  2. 2. what it is public data pro-actively published no legal constraints no financial barriers no technical barriers
  3. 3. open license open standard machine readable
  4. 4. by whom? anyone could academics do companies do people do but mostly governments
  5. 5. by gov we have a democratic right all paid by the public a wide variety of tasks a wide variety of data long term, and quality
  6. 6. legal framework Public, unless: WOB Re-use of data: WHgO (EU PSI Directive) Actively public, unless: WOO legal framework
  7. 7. legal framework Aarhus Convention INSPIRE New PSI Directive: utilities, research, mandatory for free Dutch Policy: N(O)DA, OGP legal framework
  8. 8. new agency the same information position for all allows people to act, creates new movement why it’s important
  9. 9. En
  10. 10. Land Rover, Blue / White Metal Top Stolen: no Checked: 29-3-2018 5th owner Since: 28-10-2017
  11. 11. meaningful new uses
  12. 12. as context core registers as infrastructure as context for your work as reference for your analysis as source data
  13. 13. TOP10NL, BAG, provincial geodata and much more
  14. 14. detailed heights data
  15. 15. etc. etc. spending by (local) government
 traffic densities, public transport
 permits, subsidies, statistics education, cultural heritage environment decision making
  16. 16. 24
  17. 17. where to find?
  18. 18.
  19. 19. if it’s not public yet request it use WHgO send to gov get in touch
  20. 20. your data needs? which data would help you? does it exist, is it public? can we request it together? the Koppelting data team?
  21. 21. @ton_zylstra