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Making Open Data Work - Ministerial eGov conference Poznan


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EU Ministerial eGovernment conference presentation on making the internal case for open government data for a public sector body.

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Making Open Data Work - Ministerial eGov conference Poznan

  1. 1. Making Open Data Work for government bodies Ton Zijlstra Community Steward ePSIplatform
  2. 2. Community steward
  3. 3. Untapped abundance
  4. 4. SharePSI workshop: barriersSee
  5. 5. Costs too much; Whatʼs the business case; Has commercial value; Possibleprivacy issues; Confidential info; Itʼs not ours, and we donʼt know who owns it; Itʼsnot ours and supplier wonʼt allow it; The quality isnʼt very good; We donʼt know whereit is; Not our job; Itʼs in a useless format anyway; I donʼt have the authority; Peoplewill misuse the data; People will use it wrongly; Only we understand our data; Weʼllget sued; Files are just too big; Too little bandwith; It starts with this, but whereʼs theend? Itʼs there, but canʼt be opened; Data is dated/too old; Itʼs not in digital format; Networked life, networkedIs this even legal?; Our Minister says no; We never have done this before, why startnow?; I donʼt see the use; Nobody will be interested; No time; No resources; Justdo FOIA requests; Weʼll publish it redacted; Itʼs not complete; It contains errors; work, networked learningItʼs commercially sensitive; Combining this with other data is dangerous; People willcome to wrong conclusions; People will get lost and confused; It will trigger endlessdiscussions; We canʼt confirm or deny we have that data; Weʼll get feedback, andcanʼt handle that; Our IT supplier says itʼs not possible; Our IT supplier will chargetoo much; Our site will crash; Itʼs already online! (but in unfindable PDFs); If peopledownload it and use it later it will be outdated; I canʼt take responsibility for all thereuse; People will get angry; Our data is in contradiction to the data of thedepartment that is in charge of the topic; Only we truly understand.....statistics/meteo/geo/laws; Weʼll disrupt the market; It will only be used to attack us. Excuses or reasonable questions
  6. 6. What is open data?• public data• available digitally and on-line• in open standards and machine-readable• usable for all, for anything
  7. 7. PSI Re-useinchingtowardsOpen Data definition
  8. 8. mass, creating gravity pull
  9. 9. Access ~ Re-useTransparency ~ (Comm) Re-useNon-commercial ~ CommercialPSI ~ Open Data Distinctions blurring
  10. 10. EC VP Neelie Kroes
  11. 11. “I have said it before, and I say itagain: yes to open data!” Networked life, networked“We are going to openlearning work, networked up thepublic sector in Europe.” EC VP Neelie Kroes
  12. 12. “Expensive data is not open data” Networked life, networked“Getting out the data underreasonable conditions learning work, networked should beroutine” EC VP Neelie Kroes
  13. 13. Impact Assessment • MEPSIR 2006: 27 billion • 7% annual growth • bigger direct economic footprint • 40 billion social returns (without obstacles) • 1.7% GDP • 140 billion - 200 billion • max. 1.4 billion (<<1%)
  14. 14. Making it work for PSB’s
  15. 15. Compliance Trap
  16. 16. Budget cuts, the classic way1.stop doing it Networked life, networked2.make another pay work, networked learning3.relabel itnone of this reduces costs (whilemaintaining value)!
  17. 17. Work differently? networked Networked life,(lower budgets, more efficient, more effective) work, networked learningUse different instruments!(open data)
  18. 18. Networked life, networked work, networked learningMaking #opendata a governmentinstrument
  19. 19. Networked life, networked work, networked learningMaking #opendata a social object
  20. 20. Budget gap for maintenance
  21. 21. More efficient government
  22. 22. More effective government
  23. 23. Changing government services
  24. 24. source: David Osimo content/collaborative-e-gov-services-get-better- more-people-use-themChanging government services
  25. 25. Patient opinions (UK)
  26. 26. Networked life, networkedwork, networked learning Finger exercises before piano playing
  27. 27. 1) your issue 2) connected data 3) new ways
  28. 28. Thank youMaking Open Data Work for government bodies Slides and photos: Ton Zijlstra, by nc sa. Except where mentioned on the photo. Slides: Blog: Ton Zijlstra Community Steward ePSIplatform