20130103 actual bss - how we can facilitate you


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Overview of the Business Services School ambitions and portfolio

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20130103 actual bss - how we can facilitate you

  1. 1. Business Services SchoolOpen Innovation in learningand development of peopleAn initiative of Document Services Valley Supporting your performance improvement! Our portfolio
  2. 2. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Are you being Servitized? How we can facilitate you! Ton Wilders | Océ delegate – Document Services Valley – Business Services School January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ Copyright 2012 Document Services Valley. All rights reserved. © How we can facilitate you! 1 .. Just some quotes to start with….. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a life time Confucius Catch a man a fish and you can sell it to him.  Teach a man to fish and you ruin a wonderful business opportunity Karl Marx K lM January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 2 1
  3. 3. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Agenda   Business challenges & opportunities  A brief introduction to Océ – a Cannon group g p  Document Services Valley  The ambitions and goals of the Business Services School  The available portfolio  A d i Academic  Vocational  Business –to‐Business January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 3 Business challenges January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 4 2
  4. 4. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Today’s world January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 5 Situation Workforce roadmap Source: Wim Groenendaal, Logica IT Impact 2010 Social Media will be The digital native will integrated in the represent 48% of the workplace workforce Professional Bring your own certification for Organisations will have to manage Technology information i f ti five generations of workers For every new management For every new employee, employee, three One-third of World’s six others will retire others will retire Workforce will be mobile workers The digital natives will drive 60% of engineering significant change in the approach professionals will work 75% of enterprises will to technology, business processes on a contingent, or invest in end-user and organizational structure contract basis monitoring tools Start of the IT services and products are likely 40% of IT people will have knowledge drain to be regulated as a result of substantial business and non-IT experience Collective intelligence increased concerns over safety, technology will be soundly security and reliability, embedded in the enterprise HR (BPO) vision January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 6 3
  5. 5. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Horizon 2020 – Challenges & Changes  Societal Challenges and Drivers of Change  Technological Challenges and Drivers of Change Technological Challenges and Drivers of Change  Commercial Challenges and Drivers of Changes January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 7 Societal Challenges  “About 70% of all healthcare costs are related to chronic diseases. In 2050 50% of the population in the developed world  will become chronic sick and the other 50% will have to bear the  will become chronic sick and the other 50% will have to bear the costs”  “The worldwide energy need until 2030 will increase around 40%  and simultaneously the oil price will more than double”  Organisations will have to manage five generations of  workers  g g e ge e a o s Sources: BP 2011, NCHS 2006, McKinsey 2011 January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 8 4
  6. 6. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Technological Challenges & Drivers of Change  “40% projected growth in global data generated per year vs. 5% growth in global IT spending”  IT Miniaturization and IT Mobility  Social Media will be integrated in the workplace & daily life Sources: BP 2011, NCHS 2006, McKinsey 2011 July 2, 2012 January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! Master Class "The Soul of Business Services" 9 Commercial Challenges & Drivers of Change  From specification engineering to user experience engineering  From single product to solution provider to value network  From transaction management to relationship management to  value chain management  Increasing role of Customer Intimacy Strategies Increasing role of Customer Intimacy Strategies July 2, 2012 January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! Master Class "The Soul of Business Services" 10 5
  7. 7. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 The related Business Opportunities “€240 Billion potential annual value to Europe’s public sector  administration” “60% potential in retailers’ operating margins possible with big  data handling & analysis” “$300 Billion potential annual value to US healthcare ”  $300 Billion potential annual value to US healthcare Sources: McKinsey 2011 January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 11 Challenges for the manufacturing industries  The manufacturing industry is moving into Knowledge Intensive  Business Services (KIBS)  It is a paradigm shift: from selling boxes with product related  services towards delivering services adding value to the  customer’s value chain  In the mean time ensuring capturing and retaining of knowledge  & experience in workforce Horizon 2020 – Objectives and structure Europe 2020 priorities European Research Area International cooperation Shared objectives and principles Tackling Societal Challenges Creating Industrial Leadership and  Health, demographic change and wellbeing Competitive Frameworks  Food security and the bio-based economy  Leadership in enabling and industrial  Secure, clean and efficient energy technologies  Smart, green and integrated transport  Supply of raw materials, resource  Access to risk finance efficiency and climate action  Innovation in SMEs  Inclusive, innovative and secure societies EIT will contribute to addressing these challenges Excellence in the Science Base  Frontier research (ERC)  Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)  Skills and career development (Marie Curie)  Research infrastructures Simplified access Coherent with other EU and MS actions Common rules, toolkit of funding schemes January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 12 6
  8. 8. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Servitization ? ! Servitization is a transformation process wherein product  companies embrace a service orientation and / or develop more  and better services, with the aim to:  Satisfy customer’s needs  Enhance the firm’s performance  Achieve competitive advantages Source: White paper – Atos Consulting – “Servitization in product  companies. Creating business value beyond products” January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 13 Business needs Having the right people to lead the challenges, able to make the  move from products to Services:  Servitization: Companies focus on creating & delivering Knowledge Intensive  Business Services (KIBS). These services are complex, multi‐ disciplinary and require an open‐innovation approach to be  designed, productized and delivered successfully.   Knowledge workers: Companies are confronted with the need to retain the available  Companies are confronted with the need to retain the available knowledge from an aging workforce AND attract the generation Y  to ensure continuity and growth. January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 14 7
  9. 9. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Educational challenges January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 15 Continuous people development is key to success  Ensure the ‘technology & services readiness” of the workforce Employees must be ready to use effectively the available tooling  to work anywhere, anytime and anyplace  Educate & develop towards the “T‐profile” A thorough and excellent knowledge in a specific professional area  in combination with above average general knowledge and skills  to successfully cooperate and communicate with other disciplines.   Align business needs & education programs Align business needs & education programs Develop and deliver learning together with the business  and continuously aligned with dynamic business needs  January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 16 8
  10. 10. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Increasing requirements for skilled workforce A T‐shaped profile Communalities Legal, Marketing, Communication, Leadership, Finance, Cultures, .... Specialism January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 17 Performance support based on Learning Trends  Just in time learning Deliver knowledge just in time, accurate and not “pre‐ cooked”. Provide knowledge bases & tooling to search for  and retrieve quickly. and retrieve quickly  Virtual Action Learning Simulate or use the actual daily work environment as learning  environment   Real Time Coaching Coach people during a work situation on the spot, not only  during a simulation or in a role play or classroom session. d i i l ti i l l l i  Techno‐driven Social Media / Community approach / Team intervention  techniques. Use ICT tooling to share experiences, discuss  problems and discuss progress of learning January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 18 9
  11. 11. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Current educational situation – a need to act  A mismatch in the perception of the required education for  business services area  Insufficient alignment between education offer and actual Insufficient alignment between education offer and actual  (dynamic) needs  Lack of consistent and frequent cooperation between business  services practice and education partners  Slow reaction on business educational needs  No (not yet) adequate education route for business services  specific themes specific themes  Not enough focus on the practical application January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 19 Agenda   Business challenges & opportunities  A brief introduction to Océ – a Cannon group g p  Document Services Valley  The ambitions and goals of the Business Services School  The available portfolio  A d i Academic  Vocational  Business –to‐Business January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 20 10
  12. 12. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Océ ‐ Organized for Business  Wide Format Océ Document Printing Production Printing  Business Services Printing Systems Technical Document Systems Office Systems Graphic Arts Systems Display Graphics Systems Printroom Systems TransPromo Systems Imaging Supplies Revenues: € 1.5B Revenues: € 0.7B Revenues: € 0.5B January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 21 Océ Research & Development  Original vision, unique technologies  135 years of innovation y  1.500 R&D professionals worldwide   Broad technology portfolio:   Software  Electronics  Mechatronics   Physics  Chemistry & Materials January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 22 11
  13. 13. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Canon activities Optical and other products Business machines Semiconductor Office imaging Prod. Equipment products Digital X-ray Cameras Systems 9% 29% 65% 26% Copiers and Multi Functional Printers Digital Cameras g 2% Computer 34% peripherals Video Camcorders Business info. SLR Camera Lenses products Inkjet Printers Laser Beam Printers January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 23 Canon/Océ commitment  Canon objective: achieve no 1 position in core Canon objective: achieve no.1 position in core  businesses  Develop new business through globalized  diversification  Océ leads in wide format printing, commercial Océ leads in wide format printing, commercial  printing and document services January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 24 12
  14. 14. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 The Document Outsourcing Services Market  Document Outsourcing Delegation to a supplier of the creation, production, processing,  printing, mailing, electronic transmission or fulfillment of any type  of printed or electronic document  Market size:  2011: € 25,2 bio  2014: € 28,7 bio (estimate)  Top 4 countries = 60% of market  UK, France, Germany & Italy UK France Germany & Italy  Strongest growth in:  On site services  Document Process outsourcing January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 25 Enforce our customer’s performance! Co-Innovation Customer Customer g MAKE decision BUY decision Streamline Information Value based delivery Boost Productivity Taking over full responsibility  Optimize of a customer document  Reduce process and value based  Cost delivery Optimization of document  Connect & Integrate handling processes by process  redesign and streamlining Connecting traditional services  Or by digitizing document  Control to customer processes functions Technology Digitization of document  Increasing process efficiency by  Taking over control of existing  handling processes more than 30% document functions Open innovation Hardware Increasing digital document  Increasing digital document Increasing the level of services  availability and reduce time  Software quality and efficiency Partnering Applications spend by customer employees  Professional Services on document handling (internal – customer departments) Secondment MPS Strategic Partners Preferred Suppliers (external ‐ suppliers) Target suppliers:  # devices /licences January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 26 13
  15. 15. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Agenda   Business challenges & opportunities  A brief introduction to Océ – a Cannon group g p  Document Services Valley  The ambitions and goals of the Business Services School  The available portfolio  A d i Academic  Vocational  Business –to‐Business January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 27 Mission Statement ‐ DSV The Document Services Valley is a strategic initiative committed to understanding and extending document services, through open innovation and education. January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 28 14
  16. 16. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Ambition ‐ DSV  A leading hot spot in Western Europe regarding solution and service  development within the document‐ and information processing p p g  An excellent and inspiring first‐rate open innovation environment  A platform to share high level knowledge  An inspiring accommodation of new start‐ups  Internationally recognized business services education programs ll db d January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 29 Mission Statement – Open Innovation Center The Document Services Valley Open Innovation Center inspires and connects people, international markets and knowledge institutes to develop innovative document services into successful business January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 30 15
  17. 17. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Ambitions and approach of OIC  To create a people centric knowledge network of  document related partners  To help companies to innovate and to start open To help companies to innovate and to start open  innovation collaboration projects  To serve as a kick start from idea to market  Inside‐out: open up our skills to the world  Outside‐in: leverage the skills of the world  Program for Acceleration of Document  Services Innovation (finance & expertise) Services Innovation (finance & expertise)  Services and facilities January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 31 Agenda   Business challenges & opportunities  A brief introduction to Océ – a Cannon group g p  Document Services Valley  The ambitions and goals of the Business Services School  The available portfolio  A d i Academic  Vocational  Business –to‐Business January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 32 16
  18. 18. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Servitization is .... Having the right people to lead the challenges The old adage  “people are your most important asset”  is wrong! The RIGHT people are! Start getting the right people on the bus,  the wrong people off the bus,  and the right people in the right seats Good to great ‐ Jim Collins a Business Services School to provide the required education! January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 34 17
  19. 19. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Business Services School ‐ Main Goals Mission Statement: To educate people to design, implement and deliver great business services  To establish an open, innovative environment where students and employees  p p y exchange & learn and explore knowledge & skills related to Business Services  areas  To realize an educational offer based on a permanent dialogue between  education and business representatives  To align education programs with the research of the endowed chair “`Business  Services Innovation” (Prof. Jos Lemmink, Maastricht University) Academic A d i Academic A d i  To create a thematic Business Services  Programs HBO + teaching line in the regular education  programs (both academic and vocational) HBO Vocational Programs MBO + January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 35 We help you to adapt to the ‘new way of learning’  Skilled trainers, facilitators Skilled people, able to use state‐of‐the‐art technologies to communicate  effectively and facilitate the learning and knowledge exchange.   Infrastructure People need to learn on the job. The infrastructure must support 24/7 access to  knowledge and learning & communication tools  Acceptance of ‘new’  working & learning New techniques need to be introduced carefully and the workforce &  New techniques need to be introduced carefully and the workforce & management has to accept the new approach.  January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 36 18
  20. 20. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Business Services School ‐ Aimed Effects  A “fit for today and the future” workforce in line with business  requirements and individual development needs  An education platform ensuring a continuous innovation of  learning environments and required business content for  students and employees in the business services areas  A cooperative (international) consortium of companies and  educational organizations  An attractive work & life environment for new An attractive work & life environment for new  and existing employees and their companies January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 37 Business Services School ‐ Océ point of view Objectives Realization of a professional ands sustainable education offer, covering  all Business Services aspects and aimed at employees and students from  all Business Services aspects and aimed at employees and students from Vocational and Academic level. Results & Revenue  Adequate educated employees (performance development)  To strengthen the interaction between innovation  & research,  education and business to support the paradigm shift (from selling  boxes to services delivery)  To market and deliver the generic  Océ – ITC education offer to students  and employees of non‐Océ  companies January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 38 19
  21. 21. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 The Business Services School Partners  Business partners:  Andarr, Ardens group, Philips Lighting, Philips Health Care, (Founding Partners) Vanderlande Industries  Academic partners:  Maastricht University & Rotterdam School of Management  Vocational partner:  Fontys Hogescholen Venlo  And last but not least  the Océ International Training Center The experts of the Océ International Training Center January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 39 D o c u m e n t S e r v ic e s V a lle y Fontys Océ Vander‐ SM E lande Open Ardens Vocational Partners Business SM E Innovation Services Founding Philips  Océ Partners Lighting ITC Center Academic School Partners Philips  Heath Care M a a strich t U n iv ersity DRAKA Exser Connected RSM ASML FEI January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 40 20
  22. 22. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Agenda   Business challenges & opportunities  A brief introduction to Océ – a Cannon group g p  Document Services Valley  The ambitions and goals of the Business Services School  The available portfolio  A d i Academic  Vocational  Business –to‐Business January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 41 The Business Services School programs  Post Academic workshops and master classes  Focus on services in regular academic education programs Focus on services in regular academic education programs  Post vocational workshop and master classes  Focus on services in regular vocational programs Academic Academic Programs HBO + HBO Vocational Programs MBO + January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 42 21
  23. 23. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 The solution – offering Academic education services January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 43 Business Services education ‐ Academic partners  Msc Executive Master in Business Services  To provide world‐class postgraduate and post‐ experience services management education p g  To provide an environment in which executives can  learn from each other, exchange ideas, views, and  experiences and to “teach one another”  To provide latest insight in services research  To disseminate knowledge and allow managers and  leaders to improve their personal competencies  To create a high return on investment for the  participant(s) in a stimulating and challenging  participant(s) in a stimulating and challenging international environment January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 44 22
  24. 24. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Business Services education themes:  The Soul of Business Services  Managing Innovation and Business Modeling  Service Operations S i O i  Information Management  Strategic Leadership and Change  Service Marketing, Sales and Account Management  Finance Themes are defined through brainstorm/workshop sessions  with business & academic partners January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 45 Actual status  Co‐creation master class sessions conducted  Design of Msc program “Executive Master in Business Services”   p presented to Founding Fathers on September 28, 2012 g p  Activities scheduled to pilot & test the drafted content of the Msc  Aimed start of program in spring 2013  Registration and intake procedure started  Brochure and website available January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 46 23
  25. 25. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 The solution – offering Vocational education services January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 47 Master Class  “The Soul of Business Services”  To create awareness regarding ‘servitization’   To offer insight in all the complex process steps, required to  deliver successful business services deliver successful business services  To assess the participants on the most important required  competencies (a mixture of knowledge, skills and behavior).  After participation in this master class, one is aware of  his/her own ‘servitization – level ‘  and is able to decide  which further development is required to become a  p q successful business services professional.  January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 48 24
  26. 26. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Modules & sessions of the Master Class  Module 1: Servitization? – Why, What, How  Module 2: Services Innovation & Business Modeling  Module 3: Services Operations  Sess o Session 1 ‐ Operational processes & models Ope a o a p ocesses & ode s  Session 2 ‐ Service costs – workload management  Module 4: Information Management in Services  Session 1 ‐ ICT buzz words and business services  Session 2 ‐ How do you manage your information  Module 5: Strategic Leadership & Change  Session 1 ‐ Strategic leadership & change models  Session 2 ‐ You as strategic leader /change agent  Module 6:  Services Marketing & Sales  Session 1 ‐ Marketing Services /preparing to sell /  Session 2 ‐ Managing a complex Services Sale  Module 7: Finance in Services  Session 1 ‐ Financial Basics for business services  Session 2 ‐ Running a financial healthy business   Module 8: Servitization! – My next steps! January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 49 Actual status  Design of HBO Master Class ready and approved   Marketing & promotion started Marketing & promotion started  Brochure and website available  Starting in March 2013 with first run January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 50 25
  27. 27. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 The solution – offering B2B education services January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 51 Business to Business ‐ education Education Programs for Sales & Service Management  Fundamentals of Commercial Behavior (FCB)  Fundamentals of Leadership Behavior (FLB)  Coaching for performance  Informal Leading The experts of the Océ International Training Center Corporate learning curriculum for trainers / facilitators  Trainer basics  Trainer – Advanced  Fundamentals Corporate Learning & Development  W kh El Workshop E‐learning didactics. i did i  Workshop – create your own e‐learning module with Adobe Captivate  Workshop – creating and deploying Virtual Classroom sessions January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 52 26
  28. 28. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Business to Business ‐ document service Documentation Services  Documentation Process analysis  Current situation/Bottlenecks/Future Situation  Documentation Study The experts of the Océ International Training Center  Findings + Advice  Process Support  Structuring  Templates  Workflow  Change Management Change Management  Briefing  Training  Controlled English January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 53 Actual status  Portfolio defined and approved  Processes to deal with external students in place Processes to deal with external students in place  Infrastructure & E‐learning support processes in place  Information regarding available portfolio available January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 54 27
  29. 29. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 The Business Services School Ready to support your performance improvement! Ton Wilders | Océ delegate – Document Services Valley – Business Services School January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ Copyright 2012 Document Services Valley. All rights reserved. © How we can facilitate you! 55 The Océ International Training Center January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 56 28
  30. 30. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Mission International Training Center The International Training Center facilitates  the timely transfer of knowledge and  the development of professional behaviors  to personnel, partners, and users world‐wide active in the strategic markets of Océ & Canon  to maximize Performance and Business results! January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 57 Organization International Training Center 9 22 22 27 25 January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 58 29
  31. 31. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Integral Approach: Training & Documentation Central Development and Global Delivery:  Training  Documentation Regions:  Worldwide – all regions via  ITC Hubs in Europe, Asia & USA Target groups:  Sales  Pre Sales Consultants  System Engineers System Engineers  Customer Trainers  After Sales Service  Management January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 59 Integrated Learning Concept Reference Materials ‐ Documentation  Pre Web Based Learning, Wiki s, Sharepoints Web Based Learning, Wiki’s, Sharepoints tegrated Learning (Virtual) Classroom ‐ Training & Coaching  Class Task, Case & Application Based Collaborative & Informal Learning Collaborative & Informal Learning Int Post Social Media – ITC is Facilitator Coaching & Management Support January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 60 30
  32. 32. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Innovative Performance Support ITC explores “innovative performance support” Formal  Learning Objective:  educate employees to become:  Knowledgeable  Able to find the right and latest information at the moment of  Moment performance of   Able to apply this on the job in a given situation.  Performance Informal  Learning January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 61 Training January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 62 31
  33. 33. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Period July 1st 2011 – June 30th 2012 January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 63 Documentation January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 64 32
  34. 34. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Documentation & Translation Create product documentation / reference material  for users (customers) and sales and service employees  for all Océ products for all Océ products  for all Competence Centers (R&D sites)  for requested platforms  in 22 languages  Examples:  User manuals (for customers)  Online Help  Panel Messages P lM  Quick Reference cards  Technical Service Manuals  Product Sales guide  Product brochures / Product portfolio  HTML Browser January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 65 Documentation & Translation Total Released Publications 2011 :2880 1500 1000 500 0 Manuals Helpfiles Brochures Total Released 1130 987 763 Publications January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 66 33
  35. 35. Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! January 3, 2013 Contact details January 3, 2013 Document Services Valley ‐ How we can facilitate you! 67 34