Social Media In Russia


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Social Media In Russia

  1. 1. Version 1.0 SOCIAL MEDIA IN RUSSIAMikhail Krechmer, Tomsk, RussiaSM expert, media trainer university teacher ,@Tomsky_blogger on Twitter
  2. 2. Facts, names, figures of modern Russian internet Version 1.0 November, 1st, 2011Mikhail Krechmer Tomsk, Russia ,@Tomsky_blogger on Twitter
  3. 3. Russian Federation Area: 17,075,400 km2 Population: 142,914,136 Time zones: 9Internet Users: Approximately 60 million.Moscow and Saint Petersburg combined make up1/4 to 1/5 of all Internet users.Mikhail Krechmer Tomsk, Russia ,@Tomsky_blogger on Twitter Source:
  4. 4. Russians enjoy using social media. They don’t call it “social media”; instead they call it “social network”. Russians rank first or second place for the amount of time spent online using social media tools.Mikhail Krechmer Tomsk, Russia ,@Tomsky_blogger on Twitter Sources: ,own information
  5. 5. Why is social media so popular here? It’s open for discussion, but a few of the following reasons are undeniable: • Desire to communicate. • Media file storages (audio, video and photo.) • Keeping up-to-date with news and social issues. • Cheap to communicate. • And long, long winter.Mikhail Krechmer Tomsk, Russia ,@Tomsky_blogger on Twitter Source: own information
  6. 6. are not the most popular social networks in Russia. The top three Russian sites are as follows: 1. Odnoklassniki, 2. VKontakte , 3. Мой Мир Krechmer Tomsk, Russia ,@Tomsky_blogger on Twitter Source: own information
  7. 7. pron. /adna’klasniki/ -“classmates” is a very popular Russian network. It was created in March, 2006. There are close to 100 million registered accounts. The second one is pron. /f kan’takte/ - “in touch”, “in contact”. Date of foundation: October, 10, 2006. Approximately, there are 100 million subscribers. vkontakte.ruMikhail Krechmer Tomsk, Russia ,@Tomsky_blogger on Twitter Source:
  8. 8. rounds out the “Top 3” list of the most popular Russian owned social networks. The long name includes an own name - pron. /moy mir/ - “My world”, @ and the name of a proprietor company “ Group”. This site was created on May, 17, 2007. my.mail.ruMikhail Krechmer Tomsk, Russia ,@Tomsky_blogger on Twitter Source:
  9. 9. is very popular in Russia. is Russia’s version of YouTube and although popular. But YouTube is still the leader for popularity and demand. is well-known blogging tool and publishing platform here. Russians call it /zhi’voy zhur’nal/, write “ЖЖ”. livejournal. comMikhail Krechmer Tomsk, Russia ,@Tomsky_blogger on Twitter Source: own information
  10. 10. is very interesting for experienced Russian i-users. Thousands have created new . accounts and are waiting now. They like Google Plus’s circles and group video chat, but many of them don’t find it so interesting to communicate and are wondering what will happen next.Mikhail Krechmer Tomsk, Russia ,@Tomsky_blogger on Twitter Source: own information
  11. 11. People in this country like to take photos and publish them on the Internet. For this purpose they use their own social networks: Odnoklassniki, VKonakte and Мой Мир is not widely used in Russia compared to other countries. But sometimes, this site is helpful to some companies and persons during mass events for best publicity.Mikhail Krechmer Tomsk, Russia ,@Tomsky_blogger on Twitter Source: own information
  12. 12. It is possible to continue the list of social media and to tell how Russians embraced its application and advantage. No doubt, Russia uses its own social networks a lot more now. Vkontakte, Mой Мир, Odnoklassniki have been leading in the country.Mikhail Krechmer Tomsk, Russia ,@Tomsky_blogger on Twitter Source: own information
  13. 13. Thanks a lot. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.Sources:,, own information. Special thanks to: Tobye Hillier (Ireland), Diane Kimberly Gevera (New Zealand), Terri Hall (United States).
  14. 14. Mikhail Krechmersocial media expert, media trainer, university teacher, Tomsk, Russia Twitter : @Tomsky_blogger E-mail: