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Gilgamesh English


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Bible of the transmedia project "Gilgamesh"

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Gilgamesh English

  1. 1. _ ‘ _‘ A d , -—. _ _ - , ~.. _/ 'd"‘. ./. . _. _/ _X _ . ‘~é’-F)‘: r» , I / / g % INiC? AA DVCKMCVE LA """»‘¥i§i’. }ffi5§IR?3.‘1§fl“
  2. 2. GILGAW’-SH Feature film Duration: 90 minutes. Audiences: PG Producer: Hook Up Animation is one of the most prestigious Animation and ifisual Effects Studios of Latin America. Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a long international career, offers traditional animation, 2D digital, 3D and visual effects services since 2001. Hook Up has developed a lot H O O K U P of animated pieces ranging fromTV series to feature films, commercials, series pilots, interstitials, IDs and spots. its clients are Cartoon Net- A N ‘ M A V H M work, Disney, Fox, MTV, Nat Geo, Universal Channel, among others. . web: www. hookupanimation. com Contact: José. jose@hookupanimation. com Founded by Tomas Lipgot. Director, Produce, Camera, Script Writer, Photographer, Executive Producer, Sound Engineer and work in Montage. DVCIAIVILA Dirigié y produjo varias peliculas, entre ellasz El érbol de la muralla (2012) Moacir (201 1) Fortalezas (2010) Caja Fuerte, (2005). Web : www. duermeve| ar Contact: Toma's tomas. lipgot@duermevela. com. ar
  3. 3. .rt. F’ : L ; . ;1Lc, Ame3 , _ Synopsis King Gilgamesh, tyrannizes his subjects who ask the Gods for help, they create Enkidu an equal who be- comes his friend and then gets killed to show him the limits of power and mortality. Gilgamesh goes on a journey searching for eternal life.
  4. 4. A. .. . (:i11_qAme3:E= :§. Extended Synopsis The myth tells the story of Gilgamesh, king of Uruk, the fabulous walled city that he sent to build. This powerful monarch, son of a king and a Goddess, tyrannizes his subjects until they, tired if his abuses, beg to the Gods to stop him. In response to the demands, the deities create Enkidu, a being just as powerful as Gilgamesh, his”doub| e”, to show him the limits of his power. The heroes confront each other, Enkidu wins the battle and, that way, gains the respect of the supreme king of Uruk, who choses him as brother and counselor. The possibility of being vanquished shows Gilgamesh that he can only achieve true fame and glory embarking on su- perior adventures. Because of this, they fight together and defeat Jumbaba, the monster that guards the Forest of Cedars and the Bull of Heavens. These provocations enrage the Gods who, as a punishment, decide to kill Enkidu. Here begins the dramatic process of desperate humanization ofGi| gamesh. With Enkidu’s death, his double and equal, the main character sees in him the unbearable possibility of death. Then he decides to search for immortality. With that end, he embarks on a titanic journey to the limits of the world, trying to access the secret of eternal life, granted by the Gods to only Utnapishtim, witness and survivor of the mythical Flood. And this will be the greatest of his adventures. : ,§_j , _
  5. 5. C11-C5ACl7€§: ;5.: .i‘f Characters GILGAMESH P. Gilgamesh is the sovereign of the fabulous city of Uruk, son of King Lugalbanda and Goddess Ninsun. The strength of his body frightens the bravest and _, makes him invincible. I He's beautiful, proud and arrogant. He has an enormous power and his army is feared by all the nations. But he's a tyrant who scares his subjects, until he discovers that he will only find fame and glory fighting next to his friend Enkidu, against really superior enemies. ‘ ’’If we are going to die, let's do it as heroes”, he reflects.
  6. 6. _1-i11.q / Q7€5jf§j Hunting Wardrobe
  7. 7. ‘(£114/-‘»me5%'>fi: Characters *7; » is l. » . _ "V l :3 . , , _ :1’ Enkidu €’ , _,}v’¢*'3"“§-’ R’ K]. —€ Enkidu, loyal friend to Gilgamesh, is his double and , counterpart, physically similar to him. He's a fantastic character and his evolution — from the purest animality to his civilization — allows the construction on screen of a character as rich in aspects as Gilgamesh. He's the representation of strength and prudence, and who shows Gilgamesh in action the limits of his physical power that is, at the same time the limit of his political power. It's a character that gathers the force of action and depth of thought. His death bursts drama: he's the hero that laments because he'll die in a bed, like normal people and not in battle, like heroes die.
  8. 8. aw 2 . . N 4 C _ .1 / . _/7 .1. . _ . .i_. .. . % I v C3 Lc; Ame5 1 Hunting Wardrobe
  9. 9. 'C511‘if07€5ii: Ei: Characters Humbaba Humbaba is a gigantic monster that throws fire through the mouth to burn down its enemies and whose roars deafen those who dare come close to it. The Gods have entrusted it to protect the Forest of Cedars. There it confronts Gilgamesh and Enkidu. , 'l
  10. 10. Ci1L9Ame5%: i+ Characters Ishtar Seduction, anger, revenge, the capacity to see beyond what is in front of our eyes is portrayed by the feminine world: the goddesses and the sorceress that defeats Enkidu. « ii:
  11. 11. URUK - Entrance l I vC: ?1L<; Ame5:? ?i+ Locations V / f . ; .l K / . / / , )// xi“ 2: ‘ L - 5-. ’ 4 / . / vs . , . .'&(n‘»-
  12. 12. G1l. C7ACO€5]-1» Locations URUK - ESC 25 - WEDDING TENT
  13. 13. C§11.c, Ame3 GILGAMESH EPALACE - THRONE ROOM. , , D. » cf -4 (pg, L 1 -
  14. 14. NISUN '5 TEMPLE C'1L9Ame5%%ir Locations ‘ for * if ', / .2./ P_; “, ‘ Wllilé («T37 / ._. T. I ““", ¢,, ,, w"”‘" 1 ‘__‘ w ; ~- V ——‘ . ; —_ 2,9 Ll’ U 7.9
  15. 15. G11ciAm€Si-it Locations ARMORY
  16. 16. ~’f§1LC; Ame353-‘€- L- 1- Locations ARURU’S TEMPLE
  17. 17. CAVERN ":51l~‘3iA(T? €S’.5?Tif Locations 1 '. -' : ' ’ . "C' srw‘ . ‘ll, r . .
  18. 18. G1l. c;Ame31-1 Locations THE CEDAR FOREST - COAST
  19. 19. G1l. qAme51-1 Locations THE CEDAR FOREST - COAST
  20. 20. G1tc, Ame31-1, Locations THE CEDAR FOREST - WATERFALL
  21. 21. G1LqAme5H Locations ' THE CEDAR FOREST - ROAD
  22. 22. C311-‘3aA€D€S‘f5f‘-f TWIN MOUNTAINS
  23. 23. C1LQAm€3‘.3. Transmedia Royal game of Ur: This game was created by the Sumerian culture in the royal tombs of Ur (2.600 B. C) the idea is to recreate it so it can be played on the Web or also there's the possibility of developing it as a real board game, similar to the Backgammon. Digital Comics: Gilgamesh character has great potential to be developed as a comic book character, and that way tell new adventures in a world full of mythological characters and fantastical settings. Games for consoles and cellphones: being an epic character, in fact the first epic character in history, he's perfect for the development of a game where he together with Enkidu confront different beings and mythological monsters. . ,'I_ . _ ‘<1 C , -;_ ' . , i*'T*” ’ T*— ‘T’ ‘T T _ Gamesforconsoles. v - _/ or-i"it’= i»* — W . - / ’
  24. 24. 4 C11LqAme3:; I;f: » ; . Transmedia Documentaries: there are a great amount of documentaries referred to Sumerian culture and Mesopotamia The release of a movie like Gilgamesh could power up the public’s interest to know more about this culture that gave origin to writing, the wheel, the state cities and so many other fundamental inventions of mankind Developments related to the creation of Cuneiform Writing _iTiTrErr<->ras<iT*zT «wfiifirt» r<r ‘fire I -.1-I1-VI-l-u—$lr L}l—1lV1~l'Vl~flv l— DARK) REY '>r: r»rerrs= «waifir<»r<i "lTi<t- «Mia . ' -u-r-la ll-~; lv. i-1-»: -eh . : REY —i—vz- -nz-: - U1-sh! ‘-l*)’l' DERIVES. REV iT<: <i<><fi: <ir‘r»rir~i«"it‘a<TEiviifirs¥<: t. d: ~l-. ,.. .—n2—1—m »—i—sl: —u—a—-. ~:~: —la ll . .-«l(| l~ D! HISTASPES p-u—tlIn lu~L. lu : ~vr: .I-n T. -1|». .. HlI0_ ELAQUEMENIDA. l l; r<»’rT»rMr s= rrrw»e1»irrifi<r<rr= <<rTtz V -MIT”! fI~(lIl~ll-7'7 I Ll-Yll'll ({UlfN {SH FALACIO CONSTRUYCI
  25. 25. G1Lc; Ame51-1 POSTERS _ — —§. V _ _, — A—§/ _ — —§/ ,. ._/ _, _. - / ,. _/¥/ «_. - / ,. .J, «-_ / _/ _, _, Duck-: c.vcL/ x [N C A A l>uckM%vccA Docs, -Xcvzcxx ‘Q
  26. 26. 0?. " DV‘“-<V€LA I/ jug ‘ll ‘ I‘ r , ,,. u._ :4 V . _;~, ‘ x ' S i" H g, I _ _ ( K. I I https: //www. facebook. com/ gilgameshpelicula