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  1. 1. Magazine Masthead Ideas/DevelopmentModernPersonal Feedback: This first font was my initial idea,using a variety of different examples, to come to theconclusion about the type of font that suited a Filmmagazine.Feedback: Although the font may have some goodaspects for example the way in which the text is quitesquare, I could see this font being used on a magazinecover however not on the cover of a romance magazinecover.
  2. 2. •MODERN• Personal Response: This text could be the least successful for my masthead however, I would attempt to use this font in my magazine cover as a while.• Feedback: I believe that this particular font would not be effective as a masthead for a magazine, it could be used for the font for the name of the film, if the film were sci-fi or action/adventure however I don’t believe this font would be a good masthead for a magazine representing this particular genre.
  3. 3. • MODERN• Personal Response:This was the stage in masthead development where the idea was beginning to take shape, this suited the name of the magazine. However for a romance cover I believed it was too sharp.• Feedback: This font could potentially be a good font for a masthead, however the font is not actually bold enough to be used on a masthead and the characters themselves are a little sharp and edgy which the romance genre doesn’t tend to resemble.
  4. 4. MODERNPersonal Response: This font was the font that I finally chosen to use inmy masthead the idea of the font resembling the name of themagazine, and also incorporating the soft, rounded edges that Iwanted to have.Feedback: This font has all the elements in which to make a decentmasthead, the characters are soft and rounded whilst the charactersalso are bold giving the masthead the opportunity to be coloured andchanged, this font I could see being used on a magazine of this genre.
  5. 5. • After deciding the develop the final font further, I had to then develop the colour of the font, beginning with a plan normal font colour.• Personal Response: The colour black did not resemble the feeling that I wished to portray through my magazine, the black did not incorporate the soft yet stylish love feeling as well as I wished.• Feedback: The colouring of this font is too plain to be used on a masthead resembling this genre, the black you would particularly expect to be seen on a horror magazine or a magazine relating to darkness.
  6. 6. • Personal Response:As a common colour associated with the romance genre, I believed that red would be a good colour to use, however I realised that relating to the image I would want to use, that the red would not actually match the rest of the magazine cover.• Feedback- Again the colouring of the font here does not work in terms of the poster itself however it does resemble the romance genre, I can understand the use of the red colour however I don’t believe that the picture and other elements of the poster could match this. If the poster would be darker this could be effective.
  7. 7. • Personal Response: The gold was a good progression in terms of the colours for the masthead, however I did not believe that the colours were what I wanted just yet so I decided to use the gold colour elsewhere on the cover.• Feedback: If the font were to be gold rather than a browny colour I think it could be good, however the colour shown above isnt too effective.
  8. 8. • Personal Response: Finally I came to the colour that I believed suited the magazine the most and using the softer, silver colour, I think this and the gold colours on the poster would work sufficiently well.• Feedback: Although the colours may be quite plain, the colours actually would fit the expectations of the audience in terms of the masthead and the rest of the magazine cover.