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OKF Japan initiative


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a brief description of OKFJ, presented at OKF's Winter Summit in Cambridge

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OKF Japan initiative

  1. 1. OKF Japan Initiative overviewOpen Knowledge Foundation Winter Summit Cambridge, UK, Feb 1-2, 2013 (prep. by Tomoaki Watanabe)
  2. 2. How JP Initiative is like- Started 2012- 25-30 members (not everyone is active)- Strong in open gov data policy area- Weaker in technology/ open science
  3. 3. Connected with …- OpenStreetMap/ OSM Japan Foundation- Hack for Japan- LOD Challenge- policy advocacy groups- National and local governments- IT firms and IT-aware civic organizations- CC Japan- CKAN localization group- Data Journalism Handbook trans. group
  4. 4. Achievements so far- Helped a number of hack-a-thons- Worked as a network of experts/ advocates/ practitioners/ all who are interested- Launch Party (attended by about 80 – technologists, academics, govt officials, media, ICT companies, etc.
  5. 5. Coming up…- International Open Data Day Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba (others may join)*OKFJ is serving as an easy-to-find focal point/ contact point for those interested in open data- Incorporation
  6. 6. Questions yet to be solved- How to fund/ grow- “Membership” issues (how open?)- How to carry projects beyond hack-a-thons?- How to evaluate /measure effects? (economic/ transparency/ etc.)- How to integrate domestic/ intl activities
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