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20110929 cc japan

  1. 1. CC Japan – recent activities, future priorities Lunch & Learn at Creative Commons Sep 29, 2011 Tomoaki Watanabe
  2. 2. About
  3. 3. Who we areA Non-Profit Organization (“Creative Commons Japan”)Started as a project at a University,Then became independentHave a board of directors & a board of advisors
  4. 4. CC in Japan: High Profile Adoption Cases- Museums – ongoing, some notable- Academics & thought leaders (copyright, cyberlaw, digital culture)- Musicians- Universities (OCW)- Platforms (photo, video)
  5. 5. Adoption Missed- NHK, the public broadcasting company- NicoNico Video , popular video platform- PiaPro, remix& collaboration site for Vocaloid- Some others
  6. 6. CC Awareness- Academics- IT journalists- Librarians, Academic Publishers- IT professionals- Government- Database interoprability people- Music- Fine Art
  7. 7. ActivitiesMonthly meeting (required): information sharing, assignment/ team formation, task articulation, discussion, etc.Mailinglist for internal communicationPR: twitter, blog, email newslettersSupport: mainly email-requests, some involves f2f meetingProjects: coming from volunteers & stakeholders
  8. 8. Organizational GrowthAbout 1-2 new volunteer members / month.Less academics & students, more professionals (law, photography, publishing, fine art)Started internal study sessions, drinking get-togethersTransition from Board-driven to Staff-driven?Funding still small
  9. 9. Accomplishments
  10. 10. Art Museum x CCVisitors can take photosThey can share photos under a CC licenseAi Wei Wei   Yoko Ono   many other artists(The art works are not themselves licensed, only the photos)
  11. 11. Into Infinity, DubLab, etc.- Many live music events: using CC-licensed works offering panels of artists, academics iPhone App more musicians understand CC licenses
  12. 12. Science Commons Translation Project- Small team of volunteers. (Yuko is involved; a separate group from CC Japan)- Most of the Sci. Comm. materials are now in Japanese.
  13. 13. Resolution of basic issues- Translation for the license engine- Website renewal- Email newsletter troubleshooting- Organizational reform/ capacity building (interview guideline; mentorship; study session, etc.)
  14. 14. Priorities
  15. 15. Basic Issues- CC Zero translation; CC-3.0 Porting- FAQ renewal/ expansion/ restructuring- Meeting reform (monthly, advisory, member)- MOU renewal- Socializing, knowledge& resource pooling- Fundraising
  16. 16. Some Challenges/ Opportunities- Reporting/ Case Studies/ Effect Measurement- Open Government / PSI licensing opportunities- Take advantage of high profile partners in … video sharing, academic publishing, museums
  17. 17. License In order to provide slide set (and individual slides) under two licenses that users can choose from, here are license notices:- This work is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported- This work is licensed under CC-BY 3.0 UnportedJust to clarify, there is no copyright notice, no URI associated with the work. The original author is Tomoaki Watanabe, and the title of the work is “CC Japan – recent activities, future priorities”